On Line Vigil for Julian Assange

28 03 2018

LINK – https://youtu.be/p2GEYS7Xvec







Viral Essay: Being Julian Assange

18 03 2018

March 8th Suzie Dawson‘s truth bomb about the deep state’s relentless war against WikiLeaks and NSA whistle-blowers hit the web and went viral. The propaganda campaign against Julian Assange is brilliantly summarized and the state’s fear of free communication is exposed.


On how the media covered the 2016 US presidential election – “This industrialised historical revisionism requires the excoriating of the public reputation of the virtuous, the sanitising of the compromised, and the constant manipulation of the living memory of both.

These are the core tenets of manufacturing consent. They aren’t just lying to us; they are already preparing the lies they will tell our unborn great-grandchildren.

It is some of those layers of contrived, mainstream bullshit that this article intends to peel back.”

And peel back it does fabulously.

LINK – https://youtu.be/yaJNRCeuNR4

After an epic seven year fight Chelsea Manning will be free TOMORROW.

15 05 2017

WikiLeaks File Dump Tomorrow (Tues.) 9 A.M. – RE: Vault 7

6 03 2017

The KEY is

SEE  – The World Attention on “Vault 7” VIA WikiLeaks

The World Attention on “Vault 7” VIA WikiLeaks

6 02 2017

We wait with the world for the other shoe to drop from WikiLeaks’ twitter news – – –

This story is going around chat rooms and blogs today: Is Wikileaks Threatening to Release 9/11 Files Unless The FBI Carries Through With Pizzagate Arrests

It has this intriguing posthttp://i.magaimg.net/img/1k5.png

You get to see this interesting picture –


Vault 7 of the HRC files. Proof they were selling blueprints / military secrets to foreign governments?

Stay tuned . . . updates will go into COMMENTS here . . .

Game for privacy is gone, mass surveillance is here to stay – Assange

10 12 2015

Humanity has lost its battle for privacy and must now learn to live in a world where mass surveillance is becoming cheaper for governments to implement, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said during a panel dedicated to RT’s 10th anniversary…


LINK –  http://youtu.be/k3rFNQ8ytnE

LINK –  http://youtu.be/eR4maIZdyus


Wikileaks cables confirm the Ukrainian President has been working for US since 2006

14 07 2014


Follow The Money



There’s not much point in staging a coup if you don’t influence who is placed in power in the aftermath. Of course in order for a puppet government to be effective, they can’t be perceived as such. You wouldn’t want the natives to get restless would you?

The evidence that the U.S. was behind the toppling of the Ukrainian government early this year is so overwhelming at this point that the subject really isn’t up for debate, however initially it was unclear how the election of Petro Poroshenko fit in. The ecstatic response by Washington when he was declared the winner, and their unbending support in spite of his ongoing military assault against civilians in the east, made it clear that he was the chosen one, but the paper trail wasn’t immediately obvious.

As it turns out, the evidence that Poroshenko is in the pocket of the U.S…

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