Did US space weapon cause earthquakes in Iran, China?

26 07 2009

Space weapon, the Misty satelite, is a true WMD let loose by USA

The Flying Cuttlefish is exploring Crytome again and found this interesting series of articles on the Cold War and secret weapons, spooks and space weapons.  we always thought there was something fishy about that train explosion in Korea a few years back and the earthquake in China right at the start  of the big Olympics there. It turns out our paranoia was only half of it. This series by Trowbridge Ford has all the scary info.

RE: The earthquake in Bam, Iran  on December 26, 2003:

….Chinese chemist and earthquake investigator Professor Zhonghao Shou, who the American government had coopted to California, and made an American citizen in order to limit his alarming activities, had used his Earthquake Vapor Theory – based upon what had happened in Izmit in 1999 – to predict the Bam disaster the day before it happened.  He based his prediction upon the vapor cloud which was rising from Bam, thanks to the heat that the Misty beams were causing to its underground reservoirs.  To minimize his potential impact upon the Iranian authorities, Washington offered generous aid to Tehran in return for its allowing inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its continuing, controversial atomic development.

When the mullahs reneged on their promises about letting the IAEA inspectors do their work – apparently thanks in part to Shou’s disturbing claims about what might have caused the earthquake in a region not known for either earth plates rubbing together or volcanoes erupting to cause the necessary heat – the Pentagon, it seems, attacked Iran again two months later to punish this player of the alleged ‘axis of evil’.  At the other end of the country, more Misty beams caused another slight earthquake at 4 a.m. local time in Neyshabur, causing 17 train cars loaded with sulphur, petrol and ferilisizer to break loose from its station, and derail 12 miles down the line, resulting in terrible fires and explosions which killed about 300 people.

Two months later, it was North Korea’s turn to get similar treatment, though this time it had included a plot to kill its leader Kim Jong-ii – who was returning from Beijing after a discussion with the Chinese leadership about its nuclear ambitions – which had been scrubbed at the last minute because of another devastating attack early in the moring of April 23rd would have been just too coincidental for comfort. Instead the NRO, it seems, settled nine hours later – or six revolutions later of the earth by the satellite – upon a train carrying explosives directly or, according to official sources, exposed electrical lines along the tracks somehow causing two train cars of dynamite to explode. The disaster killed several hundred North Koreans, injured 1,200, and destroyed or damaged more than 8,000 homes…. (more)