Tool to Combat WordPress Spam in Comments

19 05 2014

If you have a WordPress Blog running off your own server here’s something to know about:

WORDPRESS Virus Alert!

31 03 2012

Agggg —

Malware-flingers are taking advantage of vulnerable WordPress sites as part of an attack ultimately designed to spread an information-stealing botnet agent.

SORRY! WordPress is BLOCKING all Comments on this blog!

14 09 2011

Sorry, everybody! It’s isn’t us!

WordPress is error prone (oddly since 9-11 anniversary and war-porn media blitz).

So when we can, we will restore comments.
This stinks.
They erase edits, formatting, all youtube embedding etc.
They screw up text entry, erase most and generally hack themselves.
We will try to wait them out.
Were trying to post this vid recently – movie preview of “If a Tree Falls” about ELF.

Alaska Tsunami Warning CANCELED + WordPress is down

2 09 2011

USGS canceled the warning –


…. no updates until they are normal again ….

They erase editing, links and updates. Save draft feature running twice a minute etc. etc.

The Flying Cuttlefish will take a nap until they get their act together.
Check NEWS using our sidebar.

Social Media’s Clumsy Client Engineering

29 08 2011


[Skype screenshot] . . . THE “NEW” SKYPE INTERFACE ON MY MACHINE!

Note: First of all, the statement at the bottom: “Your contacts have not been very active recently…” Really? What business is it of Skype? Maybe they haven’t been active just with me? Maybe they’re calling me on the phone, we’re meeting for lunch? This isn’t funny – it’s a hideous invasion of privacy.

It’s also telling me: MY CONTACTS SHOULD BE ACTIVE AND SHOULD BE ACTIVE WITH ME. It’s social engineering at it’s worst. Look at the chummy slot above: “Tell your friends what you’ve been up to” – again, what business is it of theirs? And so many of us use these applications as if they’re neutral or helpful, whatever.

Skype started off like a lot of these things as bare-bones (think of Fb, MySpace, etc.), and slowly began to take over our lives. And all of us good little theorists (included) just use these things as if we’re REALLY saying something. (Don’t worry, I’m not theorizing here, I’m fucking RANTING!)

On a personal level, I can’t stand this presumed chumminess; I’m using the phone or IM outside of Skype when I can. But this stuff goes on and on. We can’t communicate without consulting our goddamn Iphones, we can’t listen to music without ITunes maximum-prophet interface, we buy into Fb’s “friends” or +’s “circles” – and since when in the past million years have we quantified or classified our friends (well maybe in grade school).

Go back and read Sartre on seriality and authenticity – my complaint is nothing new here, but what surprises me is how we accept all of this along with Wired mag’s hyperbole, etc. etc.


NOTE: WordPress has begun the same overatures on their start page. Chatty copy with witless ‘statistics’ about your use or non-use of their software with idiotic ‘suggestions’ for topics churned out by an array.

It’s manipulative . -F.C.  

Today WORDPRESS is blocking all searches for “Fukushima” + they removed the WordPress blog-search bar from their sites

19 08 2011

sad, sad to see the clumsy censorship . . . F.C.


It is all up to US to talk about the 4-6 consecutive MELTDOWNS at Fukushima, Japan. And the unknown threat of melting down MOX fuel poisoning the air and sea uncontrolled.

 Blab on, bloggers! 

WORDPRESS Blocking Search Terms: Ft. Calhoun, Fort Calhoun and Calhoun

27 06 2011


2:53 pm EST. They report NO headlines on blogs!

We already have a slew up right here!!!!