Joe Biden, Bill Barr Ties to 9-11

14 06 2021

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NIST Fantasy Report on WTC 7 Demolished by Common Sense

5 09 2019

Jason Bermas reports –



Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth commissioned their own report –


On a side note – I attended a preliminary, laughable NIST presentation of WTC falling down in 2004.

2004, NIST press releaseNIST to Hold Public Meeting on WTC Investigation in NYC on February 12

Recall that 2004 was a year of great 9-11 truth activity because the GOP had selected NYC as the location for their presidential convention. Many New Yorkers saw the move as cheap exploitation of a massive tragedy. GW Bush planned to hype his nomination plans by using the mass grave site for a political speech. He was forced to back out of that idea because the FBI etc. figured out such a move would prompt a massive confrontation by New Yorkers.

So when this NIST meeting happened all the truth people knew about it and showed up in force. Most of the audience was us plus invited, compliant press who dutifully reported only on what NIST said, not what went on in the room. In the middle of the conference room was a raised tv camera platform. MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network, indy cable channel for NYC then) was there and filmed the whole fiasco.
Almost every point made by the weasely NIST guy was met with all kinds of objections and cat calls.
The scene was much like the reception Giuliani got when the 9-11 commission roadshow hit New York.
[SEE – Rudy Giuliani’s testimony disrupted at 9/11 Commission Hearing [5.19.2004]] – [opps! Looks like Google is busy sweeping all 9-11 truth videos from the web!]

What is most memorable was the Q & A at the end where activists asked the moron from NIST what was the time-frame for the fall of WTC 7? All the truthers in the room knew the answer – it was at freefall (2.5 seconds at the speed of gravity and then the remaining bits piled up).
The speaker hemmed and hawed and bumbled about and the whole crowd yelled at him “you don’t even know how long it took to fall!” at him.
This was the ass-hat they sent to explain what happened to the building.
A total circus. – FC


They are yelling at him about the two-bit crap radios he purchased for NYFD that failed and killed over 300 firemen.



All About WTC 7 Being Wired for Demolition

8 08 2016

STG Report with Rachael McIntosh –


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Re-Think 9-11 Billboard is now in Times Square

5 09 2013

From the ReThink911 website:

ReThink911 Billboard Towers Over Times Square: Forward the Image Far and Wide

NYC’s committed supporters came ready on September 3rd to hand out brochures and educate the public immediately upon the heralded installation of the gigantic billboard overlooking Times Square (47th Street and 7th Avenue). At least one million people will see this 54’ x 46’ billboard each day throughout the month of September, bringing unprecedented attention to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. We in the ReThink911 campaign would like to thank everyone who donated and worked so hard to bring this billboard to Times Square.


Press TV: The Axis of Evil: USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia

17 08 2013

“For cruelty, deception, viciousness, egregious hypocrisy and world-scale destructiveness, the Axis will soon be beating anything else in history.

The Axis consists of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is now right out there, in the open, for all to see, and their evil intent, and the evil they are doing, cannot be denied.

In your mind, go back twelve years when every sane person knows that the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Center was helped along by the CIA and Mossad to become something on the grand scale. There are about ninety evidential aspects which confirm this but most people know that just one – the sudden collapse into powder of a building, Tower Number Seven, which was NOT struck by an airplane – is the tell-tale evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. “

Richard Gage KPFK radio debate on WTC collapse on 9-11 2001

15 09 2011

MP3 Download from KPFK radio

BBC Foreknowledge of Collapse of WTC 7?

20 08 2011

9/11: “Honest Mistake” or BBC Foreknowledge of Collapse of WTC 7? Jane Standley Breaks Her Silence

by James Higham

. . . .  She was filmed by the BBC at 5:00 p.m. on 911 in NY, reporting that the Solomon building had collapsed, while it actually remained standing in the live shot behind her head. The BBC cut the feed and the building promptly collapsed twenty minutes later, at 5:20 p.m.  . . . .