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12 06 2013
Trowbridge h. Ford

Finally waking from my slumber, thanks to the alleged spying and disappearance of CIA/NSA agent Edward Snowden.

Seems he went missing with a lot of information that his handlers thought would interest the Chinese Ministry of State Security, not only its mass data mining of the messages of Americans but also its hacking of Chinese sites.

It was believed that Beijing would be happy to take the spy/leaker in, like Sweden was happy to take in leaker/spy David Hemler before the Palme assassination, and the Chinese were most happy to take in leaker/spy Gareth Williams after he learned of the Manhattan 11 fiasco.

While Hemler’s spying led nowhere, resulting in his languishing away in Sweden for all these years, Wlliams was discovered to be a massive problem, and was cruelly murdered by CIA and NSA.

Snowden seems to have been a leaker like Hemler, a leaker whose revelations did nothing to help Sweden while his feedback to NSA apparently let Washington know that Stockholm was not prepared for the Palme shooting – the surprise which was planned to result in a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold WAr, and would have if it had not been for the spying that the Agency’s Rick Ames, the Bureau’s Robert Hanssen, et al. did for Moscow, and the counter measures it took to prevent what it would have won if it had gone ahead.

Snowden seems to be a replacement for Williams, but he is only interested in making Beijing look like a plotting Yellow Peril – what a Chinese mainland newspaper, the Global News as I recall, has completely scuttled by announcing that its Ministry of State Security recruited Snowden as a spy, probably through some kind of honey trap.

The Denver Post got onto the story, even posting it on its web site, thanks to the prodding of its Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Steven R. Nickerson. Nickerson must have read my articles about what happened to Williams et al., and thought that Snowden’s disappearance was something similar.

Where I was brought into the picture was about two weeks ago when persons claiming to be from the Bureau asked by repeated phone calls on my international landline if I was Steven Nickerson or knew him or had been dealing with him.

While the callers may well have been from some other agency, most likely the CIA and NSA, and hoping by acting like the FBI would scare me into making damaging admissions, I ignored the questions until, in utter disgust, I denied everything.

Clearly the callers not only hoped to connect me to Nickerson’s revelations but also to make it look like I am a deep Chinese agent.

The CIA has never gotten over its failed attempts to kill me, and the Bureau still hasn’t gotten over its failed attempts to set me up as ‘Jihad Jane’s lover/assassin of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.


12 06 2013

Good to have you back –
Probably the Denver Post piece was this –
Why Edward Snowden’s flight to Hong Kong might be brilliant


12 06 2013
Trowbridge h. Ford


That’s the link, alright.

And I forgot to say that Steven Nickerson died yesterday, apparently from his growing muscular disease.

Just amazing how Mother Nature in these covert wars!


15 06 2013
Trowbridge h. Ford

Seems Snowden’s helping British spook Gareth Williams hack the lap top computers of the Manhattan 11 – what resulted in his being killed when he threatened to tell China’s Ministry of State Security all about it – is what caused Snowden to look for other work in 2009.

By that time Williams colleague at GCHQ, Gudrun Loftus, had also been killed because she was preparing to take up his mission of exposing how Anglo-American data-miners had been abusing their powers.

When the CIA/NSA decided to set Snowden up as another victim of an apparent Chinese honey-trap, he too decided to go on the warpath, fearing that he too might be murdered because of what he had done, and knew, as he alluded in an interview with the Washington Post’s Barton Gelman.

By going public with all the information he had hurriedly gathered, he stopped any plans to kill him, and made attempts to extradite him more difficult.

He has lerned a lot about being his own spy/whistleblower in order to survive.


15 06 2013

I’ll put this into a post.
Publicity can prevent assassination in my opinion.


12 03 2016

Joseph P Farrell Cosmic War in Humanity’s Past

… his sources for this talk are in his books –


9 08 2016

This is interesting UFO doc – it has many hand written military reports of UFO activities (including crashing an RAF plane) —

Click to access defe-24-2044-1-1.pdf

p.20 has a lot of science stuff.
And look at the MAP on p.89 for all the UFO sightings over England in 2001! Wow!


21 11 2016

Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras


22 02 2018
7 07 2019


1 04 2020

Sent in –

” . . . to recap, we have a brilliant doctor and research scientist drafted into the US intelligence network for which he would continue an on again, off again relationship with till at least the 1970s. Much of his working during this time revolved around psychic ability and drugs and that would help unlock this ability. In the same time he was also channelling entities that claimed to be both the gods of ancient Egypt as well as space aliens, with the backing of wealthy and powerful patrons with deep ties to the military-industrial complex.”


10 08 2020
26 01 2021

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