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Mar.31, 2012 – Washington – Tsunami debris nears U.S, [Senator]Cantwell urges action

Califorinia – Did Rio del Mar jogger find Japanese tsunami debris?

Canada – Secrets of lost ghost ship revealed

Mar.29, 2012 – Oregon coast should expect Japan tsunami debris sooner rather than later

Alaska – Debris from the Japan tsunami is beginning to wash up on shorelines around Prince of Wales Island

U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Mark Begich (D-AK) will call for a clear federal action plan to address the tsunami debris off the Pacific Coast, following the discovery last week of a tsunami-swept Japanese fishing vessel off the coast of Canada.

Canada – Rather than wait for the tsunami debris floating across the Pacific from Japan, a Haida First Nation band leader is suggesting that an international team be marshaled to go out and meet it.

Tsunami debris starting to turn up near B.C. coast

Mar.27, 2012 – Watching the beach for debris from Japan

Tsunami debris arrives off Canada

More suspected tsunami debris on Washington coast

‘Ghost ship’ spurs B.C. officials to prepare for influx of tsunami debris

Mar.25, 2012 – No plans to stop ‘ghost ship’ headed for B.C. coast

Mar.24, 2012 – British Columbia – Suspected tsunami debris washes up on Long Beach Peninsula

Mar.23, 2012 – PHOTO: 150-foot boat lost in tsunami now just miles from North America — First confirmed large piece of debris to cross ocean

Mar.22, 2012 – Blame The Tsunami For This Warm Midwest Spring

Mar.21, 2012 – Hawaii – Tsunami debris contingency plan to be voted on (Honolulu) < with VIDEO of the debris

Mar.15, 2012 – West Coast governments unite to deal with objects washed ashore

Mar.13, 2012 – NOAA sticks with 1-5% debris projection – Little Japanese tsunami debris expected to reach West Coast

Bulk of tsunami debris expected to strike Vancouver Island next year

On West Coast, Looking for Flotsam of a Disaster

NBC: Tracking Tsunami Debris

Mar.11, 2012 – WATCH: Tsunami debris spreading across the Pacific towards Hawaii (has video)

Canada – B.C. braces for debris likely to begin arriving in 2013

Debris, Degrading Into Tiny Bits Of Plastic, Could Pose Health Risk

A year after the devastating tsunami off Japan, – PHOTOS

South Oregon Mail Tribune photo

Mar.10, 2012 – The plastic legacy of Great East Japan tsunami debris > Has info on debris observation group 5 Gyres. They study plastic that entered the North Pacific Gyre from the debris field

Mar.9, 2012 – PBS: Tracking Japan’s Tsunami Debris (with map in video form)

Japanese Debris Plume From Tsunami Migrating Across Pacific Ocean

Mar.8, 2012 – One Year after Tsunami, [US Senator] Cantwell Pushes NOAA to Track Tsunami Debris

California – Heal the Bay Answers Your Questions About Tsunami Debris From Japan Washing Ashore

Mar.7, 2012 – Industry Vessels Urged to Report Tsunami Marine Debris

Mar.2, 2012 – Japanese tsunami trash still crossing Pacific, headed toward Alaska

“The arrival of these buoys is unprecedented,” Ebbesmeyer told Alaska Dispatch in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “Yes, they’ve washed up over the years, here and there, but never in these numbers. The arrival rate is 167 times the historical arrival rate.

Prof. Ebbesmeyer’s book is “Flotsametrics” – F.C.

Feb.29, 2012 – Tsunami debris floating across Pacific toward US

Japanese tsunami debris ‘to reach Hawaii in next few days’

Feb.28, 2012 – Scientists discuss tsunami debris as tens of thousands of tons drift toward US

Tons of Japanese tsunami debris could reach California

“… Much of the 4 million to 8 million tons of debris that washed out to sea, including entire homes, appliances and vehicles, sank off Japan’s coast, experts believe….”

Japan tsunami debris spreading across Pacific

1-5% of tsunami debris could reach N. America (says the guy who said it wouldn’t reach Hawaii til 2013)

Feb.24, 2012 – [Hawaii] Community meeting on TSUNAMI DEBRIS CONTINGENCY PLAN

Japan Quake Debris All over the Pacific Ocean

Feb.23, 2012 – Radiation risk from Japan’s nuclear disaster debris not a worry, but other aspects might be

[oh? see next…]

Radiation Detected in Pacific Ocean Far off Japan :

” U.S.-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said Tuesday it detected radioactive substances in waters more than 600-kilometers off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean.
Water samples taken by the research facility showed readings of radioactive contamination up to 1-thousand times HIGHER than prior levels. “

Feb.22, 2012 – Path of tsunami debris mapped out

Study: Tsunami debris not radioactive risk

Feb.21, 2012 – [Japan] Debris disposal test gives low cesium level

” the concentration of radioactive cesium in the ash was 64 becquerels per kilogram

25 Million Tons of Tsunami Debris Headed Our Way: Is This the End of Beach Volleyball in California?

Feb.20, 2012 – [Northern California] Officials prepare for Japan tsunami debris; float found on Mad River Beach spurs questions

[Alaska] Panel finds little danger from tsunami debris

[Washington] Japanese tsunami debris found on Coast (PHOTOS)

Feb.16, 2012 – Traveling to Hawaii: quake ruins

Japan tsunami debris – including human remains − predicted to wash up in California in 2014

Japan tsunami wreckage on collision course with US coast

Feb.14, 2012 – U.S. waits for impending arrival of debris

[Oregon] Tsunami debris slowly makes way to coast

Giant Mass Of Tsunami Debris Headed For The US

Many PHOTOS: Map that shows how 25 MILLION tons of Japan Tsunami wreckage will hit North America by 2014

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2100784/Map-25million-tons-tsunami-debris-hit-California.html#ixzz1mSqjIGeO

Japan Tsunami Debris May Soon Hit California Coast

” At this very moment, up to 25 million tons of debris–occupying an area roughly the size of California–is a on a collision course for the North American west coast.”

Model Shows Tsunami Debris to Hit California: Video

Feb.13, 2012 – Has debris from 2011 Japan earthquake reached Midway Atoll?

Feb.11, 2012 – Debris from Japanese tsunami headed for Calif. coast

Feb.9, 2012 – Gov’t testing for radioactive material on Hawaii beaches

Feb.8, 2012 – Debris PHOTOS from Japan: Nearly One Year After Deadly Tsunami

[Seattle]Debris from Japanese tsunami washing up onto local shores

Feb.7, 2012 – Researchers Use Buoys To Track Tsunami Debris

Feb.6, 2012 – Currents carrying Japanese tsunami debris to U.S. West Coast

Feb.5, 2012 – New dates set for Pacific County [Washington] tsunami debris presentations

Feb.4, 2012 – [Vancouver] Regional District braces for tsunami debris

[Washington] Surf’s up: Group keeps lookout for tsunami debris on area beaches

Feb.3, 2012 – [South Bend, Washington] Tsunami Debris Meeting For Pacific County

Feb.2, 2012 – Scientific American wonders if the debris that washed up on B.C. shores is from after the tsunami or regular Japan fishing fleet trash from before: Tsunami Debris and North America: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

[Hawaii] State Health Dept. Monitoring Shoreline For Radioactive Waste

Feb.1, 2012 – Scientists prepare for tsunami debris on Oregon Coast

Japan tsunami debris continues drift across Pacific

Oregon bracing for tsunami debris

Tracking Marine Debris from the Japanese Tsunami

Jan.31, 2012 – Japanese check for tsunami debris in US

Jan.30, 2012 –Tsunami Debris Survey Launched Northwest of Midway the report in PDF file – “The trash from Japan’s quake and tsunami is still headed for the main Hawaiian Islands” and “Moreover, systematic examination of these samples (including water samples) with the Geiger counter has not revealed any significant radiation.”

Jan.27, 2012 – [Alaska] Tsunami debris issues addressed by state

Survey Keeping Close Tabs on Japan Tsunami Debris

Jan.26, 2012 – Tsunami debris survey launched northwest of Midway

Jan.23, 2012 – Tsunami debris drifting in radioactive water will radiate the debris says this scientist. California getting blasted by Fukushima too. Jeff Rense interview with Michael Collins – audio file [MP3]

Jan.22, 2012 – Alaska braces for approaching Japanese tsunami trash

Jan.21, 2012 – NOAA expert to talk about marine tsunami debris in Port Angeles

California: Tsunami debris threatens Monterey Bay shores

Jan.17, 2012 Bulk of tsunami debris from Japan expected in 2013; multiple fields of wreckage reported in Pacific Ocean

Jan. 16 Evidently Health Canada doesn’t even know there is a massive tsunami debris field on the way.

Article includes this bombshell –

“radioactive cesium has consistently been found in 60 to 80 per cent of Japanese fishing catches” [!!!]

Jan.13, 2012 Possible Tsunami Debris Showing Up On Northwestern Shores (US)

Tsunami debris on way to U.S.

“NOAA officials say no debris islands are currently visible in the North Pacific Ocean from their satellite images — though passing ships have reported seeing some concentrations of tsunami-related flotsam.”

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says a plan needs to be created now to deal with debris from Japan’s tsunami, hitting Oregon’s coast.


Wyden: Japan Tsunami Debris Threatens Ore. Coast

Jan.12, 2012 Lost at sea: Japan’s tsunami debris is scattering [has CONTACT to report debris sighting]

Jan.11, 2012 Approaching debris from Japanese tsunami may contain hazardous materials

Jan.8, 2012 (B.C. Canada) Beach discoveries fuel concern over arrival of Japanese tsunami debris

Jan.6, 2012 Alerts for cellphones – Tsunami detritus – Guard chief

Jan.6, 2012 (US) Interior Department Creates Science Group for Disaster Preparedness

The testing on dead seals won’t be finished for weeks says News 24 article

The dead seals have hair loss and lesionsPHOTO in this article from Dec. 20: Deaths of Ringed Seals in Alaska an Unusual Mortality Event

Jan. 5, 2012 South Bend, WA – Pacific County Meetings to Discuss Japan Quake Debris (time & dates) – IT IS POSTPONED

http://kbkw.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3595 SEE Feb. 3 post

Jan. 5, 2012 Canada – They are going to sail a boat out to the debris field to examine it says this article –
Floating West Coast Tsunami Debris

Jan. 5, 2012 NOAA warns beachcombers against handling the (radioactive) debris –

“Beachcombers should handle any suspected items with care, advises the NOAA National Ocean Service through its Marine Debris Program”

FROM: Tsunami debris may hit Homer
Talks now address how to handle possible radioactive jetsome
By Naomi Klouda, Homer [Alaska] Tribune


Jan.5, 2012 – NOAA Admits:

About 25 million tons of Japanese tsunami debris – boats, pieces of smashed buildings, appliances, and plastic, metal, and rubber objects of all shapes and sizes – may end in the U. S. shores . . .


Jan. 3, 2012 – Seals, walruses… now “unprecedented” number of sea turtle deaths in Vancouver Island

Tsunami debris spotted along West Coast


“Ten months after a tsunami devastated parts of Japan, some of the island nation’s debris has washed up on North American shores, according to news reports.”

Tsunami trash begins washing ashore as far north as Kodiak (ALASKA)


Debris from Japan tsunami washes up on B.C. shores

“Beachcombers in Tofino have noticed a significant uptick in debris of Japanese origin on their shores, a sign that items swept out to sea by the tsunami in Japan may have found their way to B.C. earlier than expected.”

Japanese tsunami debris showing in Canada

“Personal belongings and debris from the March tsunami in Japan have begun washing ashore in Canada on the west coast of Vancouver Island, officials said.”

CNN VIDEO – Physicist Michio Kaku says the ‘debris field from this Japanese tragedy is the size of the state of California.’

Will Fukushima ocean trash washing up on U.S. beaches be a campaign issue in 2012?


Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Could See Tsunami Debris In Early 2012

Japan tsunami debris a concern for years

This article explains why the break up of the debris field makes it harder to see from space:
Still a threat, but tsunami debris ‘invisible’
“For over two weeks NASA satellites were used to track the debris as it moved throughout the coast of Japan, but now Hafner says the debris has dispersed and is only visible up close.”

Hawaii worries a lot of debris will get stuck in their area

PHOTOS of the floating debris field (Nov. 2011)

“The massive sea-going debris field is said to measure 350 miles wide by 1,300 miles long, and to travel at ten miles per day.”

Tsunami Alarm System Newsletter updates the debris news

A Map & Graphic of projected path of the trash

The sail training ship STS Pallada is tracking the trash at sea.

Dec. 27, 2011
Article & video + more links:
Scientists: “We are not prepared for this, nobody is prepared”

Dec. 25, 2011
B.C. launches task force to manage coming tsunami debris

Dec. 16, 2011
First debris from Japan’s tsunami hits US West Coast

Dec.26, 2011
Massive floating rubbish islands from Japan tsunami spotted on Pacific

Oct. 24, 2011
Japan tsunami debris spotted, on course to hit US
“Debris from the devastating tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has turned up exactly where scientists predicted it would after months of floating across the Pacific Ocean. Finding and confirming where the debris ended up gives them a better idea of where it’s headed next.”

Oct. 21, 2011
Japanese tsunami debris tracked, drifting very slowly our way
“The most recent sighting came from a Russian tall ship last month. It sailed for days through a vast debris field northwest of Midway Island in the western Pacific. A mate on board scanned the debris with a Geiger counter and detected no unusual radiation.”


West Coast Targeted by 20 Million Tons of Hazardous Debris – Or is It?


On the topic of radiation in the seawater or debris:

The cesium deception: Why the mainstream media is mostly reporting iodine levels, not radioactive cesium


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