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 Climate IMC

Article on uranium-packed molecules called buckyballs and how they are a shore hazard (they travel in sea mist)

Tsunami debris arriving in North America is demanding clean up efforts from California to British Columbia. What you should know about tsunami debris.  The biggest organization for cleaning up on the list is The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up – F.C.

Tsunami Clean Up

Volunteer groups, sail trips etc.

A Pacific Ocean research robot will be sent out soon.  The PacX data is available free to anyone.

French Sirocco system has  maps of radioactive particulates from Japan entering the Pacific.

Our page about the Japan tsunami debris news updates is here, and the resources for tracking it are here. Info on North Pacific contamination from Fukushima is here.

New updates will get added here – F.C.


Bike New York

Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

MIDWAY : trailer : a film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.


[USA] Find out if you are downwind from a nuke plant -( map shows stats)

VIDEO in how to make a rain barrel