Ukraine’s NUKENADO






About the April 28, 2014 Fire at Chernobyl – Still Raging


Khmelnitsky NPP Accident (7-16)


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22 06 2015
2 08 2015

This topic causes blogs to ‘malfunction’ –
Not All Alleged Is Apparent…
“Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !

14 09 2015

16 09 2015

item on brain damaged Ukrainians used as mercenaries in Africa —

24 09 2015
30 09 2015

At 10:05 mark on this video it talks about Kerry’s ties to oil co. in Ukraine etc.

8 10 2015

Vietnam 2.0 and California Dreamin’ in Ukraine
by John Stanton
On the California-Ukraine “partnership”.

9 10 2015

The Politicization of Chernobyl in Belarus

“When the reactor at Unit 4 of the V. I. Lenin Atomic Power Station, Chernobyl, exploded twenty-five years ago, the people of Belarus were sacrificed by a secretive political system. Pilots such as Major Aleksei Grushin were sent into the air above Belarus to seed clouds with silver iodine so they would rain down what had spewed from the inner core of the reactor onto the fields below. That political decision kept Muscovites safe—but as a result, 60 percent of the disaster’s radiation fell on the hapless people of Belarus.

17 10 2015

25 11 2015

Nov. 23 – Ukraine nuclear power plants ‘dangerously’ without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up

8 03 2016
European Rad Monitors Show Spike | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Ukraine’s NUKENADO […]

15 07 2016

On this video, Dr. Leuren Moret says,

“I watched all the body language. The sneer on the White House press officer confirmed it for me. Kerry is going to try to use nuclear blackmail on Putin/Russia like he did in the Ukraine, but it is not going to work this time.

small url for this comment:

After 2-3 nuclear releases in the past 1.5 years in Ukraine that mimicked Chernobyl AND WERE PREDICTED BY RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS DURING THE CIA COUP IN UKRAINE, plus the nuclear fires (HUGE) at Chernobyl exclusion zone following the nuclear releases (MOX fuel was put in Soviet Era Russian nuc plants) – I just don’t think Putin is going to go for a replay.

Russia may take over the Ukraine nuc plants (ONLY) militarily to prevent that, and then explain to Europe why they had to do it… to save EU once again. Russia will take possession of the nuc plants but not the country, to prevent this threat from happening.

The US is digging holes deeper and deeper that no one even has to push them into – they jump in voluntarily.

Russia knew this would be put on the table by the losers, and they are prepared ahead of time. The fierce (and fury) in the look on Lavrov’s face sitting at Putin’s side as he opened the discussion with Kerry, indicates that I am right. Putin’s presence in the room with Kerry and Lavrov speaks very loudly… he is definitely concerned and is signalling that he is.”

15 07 2016

Kremlin Says Putin, Kerry Did Not Discuss Syria Military Cooperation

22 07 2016
Serious Nuclear Accident with leakage of nuclear fuel was recorded at Khmelnytsky Nuke Plant | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] problems at the bottom nuke plant, ZNPP, are on the NUKNADO […]

12 08 2016

Reports from Donbass by Russell Bentley
[podcast page]

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