US News – Police Get Radiation Detectors

3 01 2012

From Illinois –

Radiation detectors to go in DeWitt police vehicles

CLINTON — The potential unsafe release of radiation will be easier to identify in DeWitt County after radiation detectors are installed in police and sheriff’s vehicles.

The Farmer City, Clinton and DeWitt County Sheriff’s Departments will install personal radiation detectors in their squad cars as part of a statewide effort to outfit first responders with the devices. The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System purchased 6,200 of the cell phone-sized detectors for police and fire units. About 2,000 of the devices were sent to Japan to help responders to the March earthquake and tsunami.

DeWitt County’s Chief Deputy Mike Walker said the benefit of having the devices extends beyond the Clinton Power Station, a single-unit nuclear plant located six miles east of Clinton. . .  (more)



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