Q: Why is Limerick Nuke Plant in PA so Scrupulous about Handing Out Potassium Pills?

14 07 2018

Feb. 2017 – People in Limerick nuclear power plant threat zone urged to re-up on anti-radiation pills

July 2018 – County officials giving away potassium iodide tablets

Limerick nuke plant was intentionally built on a FAULT

Nuke Officials Knew Of Fault Upon Licensing PlantThree faults were documented when the Limerick nuclear plant was planned over 30 years ago.

LINK – https://youtu.be/71HJsNEMfrk



If Hurricane Rain Hits Hawaii Volcano Lava . . . .

26 06 2018

We see when Hawaii’s volcano lava hits the sea/water it forms deadly clouds of  poisonous steam.

We are watching tropical storm Daniel – SE from Hawaii – 5 days out or so. It may diminish – but hurricane season has just started.


POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE DANIEL – Interactive Map (has Hawaii very hard to see!)

When a hurricane or tropical storm forms huge amounts of sea water are picked up into the air. 

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Hawaii volcano speculation on Hilina Slump danger

23 06 2018

In case you missed it – the volcano is hotting up in Hawaii. The lava is flowing wider and much faster.
The crater is having all kinds of activity and lava ejection is going really high in the air.

LINK – https://youtu.be/p0JpB5ai_JA

LINK – https://youtu.be/hrsBpL9zn0U

LINK – https://youtu.be/tM7LpFilrwQ

Volcanic Smoke, Clouds & Summit Anomalies Collection

LINK – https://youtu.be/78MQIRa3n6Y

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Hawaii — Underwater Debris Field Destabilized — No Support For Land Structure — And Now More Weight and Lubrication

7 06 2018

Nuke Pro: Hawaii — Underwater Debris Field Destabilized —
No Support For Land Structure — And Now More Weight and Lubrication

Watch out Hawaii . . . and California!

Mini-fact . . . many near the unstoppable lava have not bothered to at least move their cars to safe ground. Car after car consumed by lava on YouTube videos. It seems unfathomable that people wouldn’t at least get something of value out of the way.
The inevitable destruction of the SE corner of the big island should warrant some common sense by the locals.

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More Than You Want to Know About LBJ

5 06 2018

Nuke Pro – LBJ, The Deep State, and the Assassination of JFK —
Severe Personality Defects

“As a sidenote, Ray Hill, a gay activist from Houston, read Lyndon Johnson’s secret sexual history at the Kinsey Institute in the 1960s. He said it described LBJ’s massive promiscuity, bisexuality and that Lyndon Johnson had had sex with his GRANDMOTHER. So LBJ was not your regular motherfucker. Lyndon Johnson was grandmother fucker. Ray Hill also told this anecdote to author Phil Nelson.- Robert Morrow”

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Besides Watching Hawaii, We Have to Watch Washington, Rattlesnake Ridge

2 06 2018

LINK –  https://youtu.be/JcPma_7-EzA


MAP LINK –  https://goo.gl/maps/bSkDQLMDJL92

Earlier report + lots in comments – Watching Mount St Helens

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Danger Looms for Stay-Behinds in Hawaii

31 05 2018

Emergency crews say it’s becoming too dangerous to help those who refuse to evacuate.

The flow of lava from the Kilauea volcano is speeding up and in some places moving the length of a football field every ten minutes.

(more)  http://www.9and10news.com/2018/05/31/kilauea-volcano-evacuations-becoming-too-dangerous-for-hawaii-residents/

UPDATE– (June 3)

There is a blockage at the crater and many think it will cause a big explosion of backed up steam etc, See COMMENTS 


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