Cashless Bowl Game FAIL! Fans shun phony “health” rules at Tampa stadium.

2 01 2023

Today’s Big Ten bowl game in Tampa was missing something …. fans in the seats. Only about 1/3rd or less full –  the venue looked like marching band practice day.
We think we know the reason why …. they tried to go cashless.
All in the interest of protection.

Here’s the results:





5.4 Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone – Off N. Calif.

1 01 2023

USGS Report

NO tsunami warning.




6.4M Quake in N. CA followed by big (ongoing) quake swarm on Cascadia Subduction Zone area

20 12 2022



California’s Humboldt County Reports “Widespread Damage” After Powerful Earthquake





Down, Down, Down … Stocks crash over 900 points 📉

15 12 2022

Marketwatch –  Stocks have fallen to their lows of the day with the Dow now down more than 900 points





Breaking News! Dems LOSE Senate majority as AZ Sen. QUITS Democratic Party! 🤸‍♀️

9 12 2022

Daily Mail – [UK]

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema QUITS Democratic Party and registers as an independent – just days after her party won 51st Senate seat – in massive blow for Biden

“Firebrand senator Kyrsten Sinema has shocked Capitol Hill by switching her party affiliation to independent, just days after the Democrats secured a 51-seat majority in the upper chamber.”





7 attacks on electrical substations in US now ⚡

8 12 2022

Dec. 4 – Gunfire(?) attack on substations cuts power to NC county  

Daily Mail – [UK]

Portland officials say state-wide attacks on electrical substations were deliberate: SEVEN plants across America are sabotaged amid suspicion it’s a right-wing protest over drag events

  • Two Portland electrical substations were deliberately targeted last month, officials reveal amid several other states reporting attacks

“… the FBI is investigating if the two attacks in North Carolina were linked to an electrical substation were intended to kill the power at a drag queen event.






Gunfire(?) attack on substations cuts power to NC county

4 12 2022

Electrical Substations Attacked in Moore County, NC – LIVE Breaking News Coverage (Power Outage)


…Is it related to imminent DRAG SHOW? 


In 2020 – next door in Tennessee – AT&T Building in Nashville Bombed (car-bomb?)