Florida Panhandle Hit with 300 Mile Wide Tornado – Dana Durnford

13 10 2018

He says it was not a hurricane that did the damage –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/8g6adZ0GTTc


Hillary’s Health – Hacking Cough is Back – just in time for 13 city speaking tour

13 10 2018

LINK – https://youtu.be/IpZvAIidCCo

LINK – https://youtu.be/JhFktg82J_E

Zero Hedge Shunned By Democrats, Clintons Plan Post-Midterms Speaking Tour; Tickets Priced Up To $750


VA Nuke Plant Suffers Transformer Trip From Hurricane Michael

12 10 2018

Appropriately it is a stone’s throw from the NRC in Surry, VA. (MAP)



On 10/11/18 at 2304, with both Surry Units at 100% power, the ‘A’ Reserve Station Service Transformer (RSST) tripped on a pilot wire lockout. This resulted in electrical isolation of the ‘A’ RSST, the ‘D’ Transfer Bus and the Unit 1 ‘J’ Emergency Bus. The #3 Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) started and loaded on the Emergency Bus, as designed. Operations entered the appropriate Abnormal Procedures and stabilized the unit. All equipment operated as expected during the event.

A report of a flash at the ‘A’ RSST was received (at approximately the time of the initiating event) but there were no reports of visible damage, smoke or fire from the RSST or any associated breakers on subsequent investigation. The #3 EDG is running with normal parameters.

“There was heavy wind/rain in the area associated with Tropical Storm Michael.” (more)

Surry Power Station – archived webpage

Virginia power outage map

Dominion energy company has almost half a million customers out of power today from the storm.

AP – Tropical Storm Michael has sped off toward the Atlantic Ocean, but there will be nothing quick about Florida’s recovery from the hurricane. The storm also  brought flash flooding and damage to hurricane-weary parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. [PHOTOS]

See alsoBungling Gov. Agencies Respond to Hurricane Florence – UPDATED … everything in that post applies to Virginia as well.




Drying out from Hurricane Florence US South East Braces for Tropical Storm Rains

8 10 2018


NHC Report – Hurricane Matthew set to make landfall in mid-week. Any delay in that increases the storm strength as it picks up more Gulf water.

The Charlotte ObserverTropical Storm Michael expected to become a hurricane, may aim for Carolinas, experts say

“The track as of 5 p.m. Sunday reflected more of an eastward turn, to include areas still recovering from devastating flooding from Hurricane Florence. It shows Michael becoming a hurricane in the Gulf by 1 a.m. Tuesday, reaching Florida about 1 p.m. Wednesday and moving across Georgia and into the Carolinas by 1 p.m. Thursday.

The flooding across the Carolinas is ending . . .

. . . but the ground and farms have to be pretty soggy. Mosquito reports indicate there’s probably lots of ponding still around too.

The Charlotte ObserverEvacuated and evicted, many of Hurricane Florence’s victims have nowhere to go

Shelters are giving washed-out homeless people the boot now. So how can they offer “help” in the event of new floods? How can useless FEMA direct an evacuation (to where?) in the event one of the many nuke plants in the storm path suffers flooding or nuclear accident from loss of power?

NC DOT road outage map



When Brunswick nuke plant town, Southport, got cut off by flooding on roads and bridges FEMA should have announced their Plan B for emergency evacuation. They didn’t announce it because THEY DON’T HAVE IT.


Sudden drop in the reactor water level shuts down Pilgrim Nuke Plant in Plymouth, MA

7 10 2018

RSOE Report


“The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station experienced an unplanned shutdown, known as a “scram,” at 12:09 p.m. Friday, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The shutdown occurred when a feedwater regulating valve unexpectedly closed, resulting in a drop in the reactor’s water level. That initiated the protection system and shutdown, which involves the insertion of all control rods into the nuclear core to halt the fissioning process . . . “

PA nuke plant shut down last week after reactor coolant system leak – Peach Bottom 3

29 09 2018

We just found out from Strontium Milks. Bing.com has erased “Peach Bottom” from their search engine as have most others.

Peach Bottom is Mark 1, Fukushima-type, Boiling Water Reactor near Lancaster, PA.
NRC page on them.



“”On 09/22/18 at 0955 EDT, RCS [Reactor Coolant System] pressure boundary leakage was identified as the cause of the HPCI high steam flow indication issue. Technical Specification 3.4.4 was entered which will require the initiation of a nuclear plant shutdown. This indicates a degradation of a principal safety barrier. Current Unit 3 reactor power is 35%.” . . . (more)

Peach Bottom 3 is at 68%
Peach Bottom 2 is at 90%

A nice diagram of emergency plans –

Hurricane Florence – We are watching FEMA head, Brock Long

26 09 2018

Reuters –  FEMA chief Brock Long omitted from wreck

WASHINGTON/HICKORY, N.C. (Reuters) – The chief of the U.S. disaster response agency FEMA was riding in a government vehicle last year when it was involved in a collision, but his name was excluded from an official report on the crash, according to people familiar with the matter.

The omission of the name of the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, Brock Long, was examined by the internal watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees FEMA, as part of a wider probe of Long’s travel habits.

According to sources, the probe examined Long’s use of government vehicles without authorization, including large SUVs, to commute for months on the weekends between Washington, D.C., and his family home in Hickory, North Carolina, at a cost to the government of about $151,000. . . . (more)


“The report also lays out evidence in which Long and his family were transported in government cars without authorization, including during a trip to Hawaii that was not for official business.