The US Constitution Reserves To Congress The Right To Declare War Because History Showed That Executives May Go To War For Reasons Which Are Not In The National Interest

14 04 2018

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The British model gave the king the absolute power to make war. The American framers [of the Constitution] repudiated that form of government because their study of history convinced them that executives go to war not for the national interest but to satisfy personal desires of glory, ambition, and fame. The resulting military adventures were disastrous to their countries, both in lives lost and treasures squandered.” L. Fisher: (The Framers were those involved in deciding and writing what is in the US Constitution, not picture frame makers. The dictionary says authors but it is apparently more complex: )

People were alarmed to learn that many Americans don’t recall any names of Holocaust concentration-death camps, but how many can’t recall who has the right to declare war? Perhaps because the Constitution has been ignored so many times? How many thought it was the US President and that…

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Idaho Nuke Waste Accident – Mystery Over Details < solved by Nuke Pro

14 04 2018


“Federal officials early Thursday activated an Emergency Operations Center and sent crews to a reported incident at a nuclear site in eastern Idaho. The U.S. Department of Energy in a statement said it’s gathering information about the incident at the 890-square-mile (2,305-square-kilometer) site that includes the Idaho National Laboratory. Officials haven’t released details about the type of incident reported at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex…”

It’s an “incident” … move along, nothing to see here ….


Nuke Pro found out what it was … a “radioactive sludge barrel rupture” ….

DETAILS – (4-12) Another Radioactive Barrel Heading to WIPP Explodes

The Idaho Statesman Drum of radioactive sludge ruptures at INL waste complex

Mining Awareness – Smoldering Nuclear Waste Barrel Fire At Idaho National Nuclear Lab

” . . . According to the Idaho National Lab web site: “INL is the nation’s lead laboratory for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment…” In short, they are the lead lab for promoting more nuclear and creating more nuclear waste. But, Idaho managed to sue and get a sweetheart of a deal that says they don’t keep nuclear waste in their state! And, so the nuclear waste barrel which caught fire was to go to the crammed full of nuclear waste and collapsing salt bed mine called WIPP in New Mexico, which has already had a nuclear waste fire.


Aggg! Hanford AGAIN! Big RADIATION LEAK! PLUS: Dam above it is leaking

11 04 2018

Hanford nuke dump is in southeast Washington state.

The Big Wobble – 
Radiation is found 10 miles away from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation as demolition work is halted after contamination of workers

” . . . Dozens of workers demolishing a plutonium processing plant from the 1940s have inhaled or ingested radioactive particles in the past year, and even carried some of that radiation into their vehicles, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
The incidents have prompted the federal government, along with state regulators, to halt the demolition of the sprawling Plutonium Finishing Plant until a safety plan can be developed. . . . “

  • ” Radioactive particles are known to have contaminated 42 workers”
  • “Radioactive contamination was also found outside plant offices and inside two dozen vehicles”
  • “All the contamination was found on lands that are closed to the public.”
  • “The U.S. Department of Energy declared an emergency at the site at 8:26 a.m. Tuesday after a routine check found that a portion of a storage tunnel that contains radioactive waste had collapsed.




April 10 – Officials think they know why Priest Rapids Dam above Hanford is leaking

“In late March, Grant PUD declared a “non-failure emergency” out of what it described as an abundance of caution.
Checks were being done at the dam, following the detection and repair of a large crack at the Grant PUD’s Wanapum Dam upstream.”

NOTE – “abundance of caution” is legal terminology – FC

April 11 – Priest Rapids Dam Leaking In Several Sections


California was rattled Thursday by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake

5 04 2018

L.A. Times Largest earthquake in several years shakes Southern California, causing landslides on Santa Cruz Island

Southern California was rattled Thursday by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake that struck near the Channel Islands.

The quake was the strongest in Southern California in several years, jangling some nerves but causing no major damage because it occurred offshore in the Pacific Ocean and not on land.”

SputnikEarthquake Rattles Los Angeles Area in Southern California – USGS


5 04 2018

Lots of rain in California recently – –




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from Oroville dam.


Keiser Report: Battle for Paradise in Puerto Rico

2 04 2018

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Penn. State II – Michigan State University

31 03 2018