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4 09 2017




Dallas! – not the mini-series

16 10 2014

Just when Dallas thought the world would forget about that JFK thing …

James Howard Kunstler on the dread disease in Dallas –

Real Life is Not Spin Art

The authorities keep emphasizing that the nurse who caught ebola from Thomas Eric Duncan was sealed in her haz-mat suit the whole time she cared for the poor fellow and blah blah nobody knows how she could possibly catch the darn thing…. But the newspapers and cable news networks are not asking: What about all the people, ordinary civilians, that this nurse was consorting with off-work, after she took off her haz-mat suit and, let’s say, at some point stopped by the Kroger Store’s fabulous steam table display of take-out goodies behind the helpful and reassuring sneeze-guard on her way back home? It sounds like a new Netflix drama – The Fatal Mac and Cheese.

If one more person in that chain of circumstance falls ill, Rick Perry will have to ring-fence Dallas faster than you can say Guadalupe Hidalgo and then we’ll be off to the quarantine races in America. It will be interesting to see who’s shorting the airline stocks a few hours from now. . . . (more)

Note:  Zero Hedge and POTR blog are covering Elboa well.

European Investment Bank Gets Fake “Award” from The Yes Men

3 03 2013

EU’s bank awarded by activists, denies coal divestment

Dreams of European Investment Bank Quitting Coal Go Up in Smoke – For Now

Climate activists take responsibility for fake press release, bizarre award ceremony . . . .


ALSO – on the financial front –

James Howard Kunstler writes a scathing critique of the Fed in his blog post, “Cattle Drive

How hilarious is the Federal Reserve’s cattle drive of cash money (i.e. “liquidity”) into the stock markets? I’ll tell you: if that cash is outflow from bonds that pay ZIRP interest rates, then this attempt to stampede investment into the stock market is only going to succeed in ravaging the bond market and by extension the credibility of the dollar, the US banking cartel, and then the world financial system as a whole. . .  (more)