On the Rottenness of the Workplace – George Tsakraklides talks to Lord Hugh

11 02 2020


LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8hZL_ArLtk


Edward Curtin – The USA’s Doll House: A Vast Tapestry of Lies and Illusions

“While truth-tellers Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning sit inside jail cells and Edward Snowden lives in exile in Russia, the American people hole up in an illusionary dwelling constructed to reduce them to children afraid of the truth. Or is it the dark?

This is not new; it has been so for a very long time, but it has become a more sophisticated haunted doll’s house, an electronic one with many bells and whistles and images that move faster than the eye can see. We now inhabit a digital technological nightmare controlled by government and corporate forces intent on dominating every aspect of people’s lives.”


Our Privacy is Toast – Photo I.D. matching computer technology runs amok

19 01 2020

NY Times The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

A little-known start-up helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their online images — and “might lead to a dystopian future or something,” a backer says.

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“You take a picture of a person, upload it and get to see public photos of that person, along with links to where those photos appeared. The system — whose backbone is a database of more than three billion images that Clearview claims to have scraped from Facebook, YouTube, Venmo and millions of other websites — goes far beyond anything ever constructed by the United States government or Silicon Valley giants.”

Discussing the dream that humanity is unable to wake up from

15 01 2020



The Dream that humanity is unable to wake up from – George Tsakraklides




James Howard Kunstler’s Forecast 2020 — Whirlin’ and Swirlin’

2 01 2020

“The big question for the year 2020 is simple: can America get its mind right?

If the answer is no, we may not have much chance of continuing as a peaceful, functioning country. The era of the long emergency, as I call it, is of a piece with Strauss and Howe’s figurative winter in their Fourth Turning view of history playing out in generational cycles analogous to seasons of the year. Whatever you call it, the current disposition of things has had a harsh effect on our collective psychology. It has made an unusually large cohort of Americans functionally insane, believing in demons, hobgoblins, and phantoms, subscribing to theories that, in previous eras, children would laugh at, while contesting obvious realities and provoking grave political hazard.

The madness is distributed over many realms of American life, with the common denominator of a thinking class fallen into disordered thinking. The disorder is led by the information media and higher education with their crypto-Gnostic agendas for transforming human nature to heal the world (in theory). It includes a grab-bag of delusions and deliberate mind-fucks ranging from the morbid obsession with Russian interference in our affairs, to the crusade against free speech on campus, to the worship of sexual perversity (e.g. the Transsexual Reading Hour), to the campaigns against whiteness and maleness, to the incursions of woke-ness in the corporate workplace, to the cynical machinations of economists, bankers, and politicians in manipulating financial appearances, to the effort to divorce reality from truth as a general proposition.

These diseases of mind and culture are synergized by an aroused political ethos that says the ends justify the means, so that bad faith and knowing dishonesty become the main tools of political endeavor. Hence, a venerable institution such as The New York Times can turn from its mission of strictly pursuing news and be enlisted as the public relations service for rogue government agencies seeking to overthrow a president under false pretenses. The overall effect is of a march into a new totalitarianism, garnished with epic mendacity and malevolence. Since when in the USA was it okay for political “radicals” to team up with government surveillance jocks to persecute their political enemies?  . . . (more)





Bush and Biden party-hardy kids, cocaine and 9-11 … From Crazy Days and Nights

1 01 2020

“It wasn’t long before all three of our party goers were wasted on coke and booze and, did I tell you they were all underage too? Yeah. The night ended and nothing was done by the people who controlled the House [on Charles Street] . Things just proceeded and they filed that little nugget away in case they needed it. Now, these obviously were not all the nuggets they had, but for the purposes of this blind, they are certainly the most interesting. It took a whole lot of nuggets to make the exchange happen. An exchange makes it seem like a prisoner exchange. It was not really that. Fast forward nine or ten months after the party night. Something horrific happened inside the country (September 11, 2001 attacks). Everyone knew who was responsible and almost immediately the richest of the rich from that country (Saudi Arabia) who were inside the US were put under protection so nothing would happen to them and then over the course of 48 hours managed to make use of their nuggets to ensure 140+ people could leave the country (Bin Laden), and not only leave, but leave with the blessing of the only person in the country who could allow it to happen (U.S. President George W. Bush). A person who was confronted with some party nuggets. Someone on the opposite side was also confronted with a party nugget and more, but this is about the party nugget. There were so many pieces of information collected about so many people in power, that no one raised a fuss. No one questioned the decision. The thing is though, none of these nuggets are only used once. They are used as often as it takes to accomplish what is needed.”

PART 48 http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/2019/DEC.html

An Exchange – House On St. Charles Blind Item

CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations | LawFirms.com

30 12 2019

AGR Daily News

CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations | LawFirms.com

The CDC Immunization Safety Office is  responsible for investigating  the safety and effectiveness of all new vaccinations; once an investigation is considered complete, a recommendation is then made to the  CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) who then  determines whether the new vaccine will be added to the current  vaccination schedule. Members of the  ACIP  committee include physicians such as Dr. Paul  Offit, who also serves as the  chief of infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Offit  and other  CDC members  own  numerous patents associated with vaccinations and regularly receive funding for their research work  from the very same  pharmaceutical companies who  manufacturer  vaccinations which are ultimately sold to the public. This situation creates an obvious conflict of interest, as  members of the  ACIP  committee  benefit financially every time a new vaccination is released to…

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Merry Christmas While You Can 🎄 – the danger of streaming “services”

25 12 2019

LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HfPF1CskY8


ABC, Australia – We are at the mercy of streaming services like Netflix. It’s time to rekindle our relationship with the DVD

“. . . The scarcity of classics

Netflix are releasing the latest films from filmmakers like Martin Scorsese (The Irishman), Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story) and Alfonso Cuaron (Roma), but it’s slim pickings for any film made prior to the 1980s.

In 2017, it was reported Netflix had only 30 films made in the 1970s in their film library, and it’s patchier the further you push back in time.”

They are killing film (like the Lucas Star Wars series) to kill the culture of a free society. – FC