Fracking Connection to Hawaii Volcano Getting Hard to Ignore

26 06 2018

In recent posts and added comments we came across some very odd items about the Hawaii volcano.

For clarity we’re reposting them here. We are joining others who think this fracking operation at the so-called power plant is the crux of the problem.
The volcano may not be Pele’s wrath but a deliberate attempt to wreck Hawaii (or get rid of the people there) and maybe the US west coast too.

Earlier we had the fracking info (discovered by Dr. Michael Salla, not us) on The Bugle
Hawaii volcano, fracking at that geothermal plant and did it cause the volcano to erupt?

So they can quit denying they are doing fracking or worse at the site.
These two items are worth more attention –


VIDEO – Volcanic Smoke, Clouds & Summit Anomalies Collection


Logic Before Authority made a big discovery  –

His video

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London Fire Brigade Waited 2 HOURS to Evacuate Grenfell Towers – UPDATED

1 06 2018

Errors that meant fire brigade took TWO HOURS to evacuate Grenfell residents, revealed
The London Fire Brigade’s response to Grenfell Tower fire had ‘several blunders’

  • Biggest error was failure to order full evacuation for hours after the blaze started
  • Expose found emergency calls were diverted to Stratford, Kent and Newcastle

“The London fire brigade, cladding firms and Tony Blair are responsible for the Grenfell tragedy, the expose claimed” – London Review of Books: The Tower
By Andrew O’Hagan



See Also –

Censored Video: Where were the helicopters? etc. – scrapped Sky News interview

Our Question for the London Fire Brigade about No Roof Rescue

UPDATE – (6-23)

We might be in the wrong highlighting the London Review of Books article.

Grenfell activist Delaney against London Review of Books smears


KIDS INC – The Business of Child Exploitation – documentary

15 05 2018


The Ford Foundation long ago planned centralized distribution

11 05 2018

– 50:35 min. mark … interview by Ed Opperman


51:08: “Dr. Carrol was the directory president of George Washington University in the early sixties before that he was a director at the Ford Foundation when he was at the Ford Foundation – his nickname was the fifth liar of the Apocalypse” … “they basically planned all of American society… you know, the plan of centralized distribution systems. They’re the ones that planned for the destruction of Main Street. It wasn’t just competition. this was all planned. They planned to have a society where everybody’s lives depended on that centralized distribution system and because they had to be able to control them and the best way to control people is to control their access food… now they’re doing it with water…”

Ray McGovern Arrested at CIA Torturerer, Gina Haspel’s Hearing – VIDEO

10 05 2018


RT Former CIA analyst dragged from Haspel hearing by Capitol Police after anti-torture protest

“McGovern was dragged from the room by Capitol Police after demanding that Haspel answer questions put to her about the waterboarding of terror suspects at a CIA “black site” in Thailand.”

SEE ALSO – A Torturer at the Top: Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture at All Levels

U.S. Continues to Use Sympathy-Card, 9-11, to Pursue Enemies of Big Oil

6 05 2018

Tehran has strongly condemned the decision made by the US court, which had ruled that Iranian authorities have to pay compensations to the relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks, according to a statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Bahram Kasemi.

Looking in every direction except Dick Cheney’s bunker or Langley, Virginia seems disingenuous to us.

These days it seems when oil invasion war is proposed, all K-Street has to do is sap its fingers.

John Bolton was Dick Cheney’s thug/enforcer on run-up to Iraq Invasion

3 04 2018


” . . . He visited Bustani in his capacity as a top U.S. State Department official, yet his behavior was more thuggish. How on earth can a senior diplomat, representing a democratic government, justify implicitly threatening the children of an international official in order to win a political argument? How is such a person now fit to hold the office of national security adviser — the most senior position in the U.S. government that doesn’t require an election win or Senate confirmation?”