A Dutch Banker Recounts Horror at the Top Levels of Banking

23 04 2017


Very convincing testimony:

LINK –  https://youtu.be/nEpcY5JU120
Has ENGLISH subtitles – use full screen view

Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party

“Describing his experiences in the banking Illuminati in an gut-wrenching TV interview, Ronald shared details about the way the cabal uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members.

“I was warned off when I got into this – don’t do this unless you can put your conscience 100% in the freezer. I heard myself laugh at it back then, but it wasn’t a joke at all.” . . . “

What G00gle Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Oroville Dam Disaster

10 04 2017

HINT – They HIDE this important channel, The Perth Observer, reporting on the dam, the screw ups and the ODD BEHAVIOR of the repair crews.

They CHANGED THE URLS to these 2 videos to keep the public from seeing them after they were posted here (next post) and widely all over the world.


LINK – http://youtu.be/u2XmTnK3G3U

LINK – http://youtu.be/C81EekSPv5g

These facts we hold to be self-evident: they built the thing wrong or not to spec and they are covering it up and the “repairs” are anything but.

LINK – https://youtu.be/hZOSfI0l990

  KQED – A geological study reported that the Oroville dam spillway was not anchored on rock when built.

Like we aren’t all looking at this clusterf*ck and seeing Jesuit Brown all over it.



Michael Trimm Exposes the Real Deal

29 03 2017

Vault7 + Cicada 3301 Analysis with Joseph Fraunhofer and The New Deal

LINK – http://youtu.be/3vkjJiIZJBo

THE ONGOING NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST THE US: the rain factory making our weather

24 02 2017

By  Leuren Moret

Feb 24, 2017

Please see this video –

Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade

LINK –  http://youtu.be/SpLullFAD4k

Here is a video that shows the moisture, that is pounding CA and falling as snow further east (February storms), as having its source in Hawaii from generators on the Hawaiian islands.

As I watched this video I realized that most of the footage is over the ocean, and it also shows the weather front passing over CA and continuing across the US, dropping its payload as rain and snow. There aren’t any generators between the Hawaiian islands and the west coast of the US, because it’s all ocean – yet there was lots of footage on the vid of “wild boiling off” of moisture, from sea level, into the air masses moving east overhead the ocean and the land. I slept on it because I knew the vid is a disinfo piece. But what was it hiding?

Figure 4    The distribution of the impact strength of Cesium-137 at year 1.5 (a), year 3.5 (b) and year 4 (c). The impact strength of a nuclear pollutant is computed by combining the relative number concentration of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers with the decaying rate of the related radioactive element. The relative number concentration is the change rate of the numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in a unit area relative to the initial numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in the originating region of nuclear pollutants.                                       Source: An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
HAN, G. et al., Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg August 2013, Vol.56, No.8: 1447–1451.
Read it here:

This morning I realized that it’s HAARP beams boiling off seawater in the Fukushima debris field (image above – Fig. 4) that stretches from the coast of China to the west coast of N. America.  Bob Nichols reported a large increase in rad for the Bay Area in his last two field reports, and I kept wondering where that was suddenly coming from.

GAMMA RADIATION REPORT: YRTW SOL No 3 and 4  By Bob Nichols on February 11, 2017                            http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/02/11/gamma-radiation-report-yrtw-sol-no-3-and-4/

Well, there were over 10 million garbage bags of highly contaminated debris etc. that the Fukushima workers bagged up and piled on the beach of the lagoon in front of the plant.

‘City’ of Waste — Fukushima Cleanup Now Up to 10.7 Million 1-ton Bags of Radioactive Waste                                                  http://thefreethoughtproject.com/city-waste-fukushima-cleanup-10-7-million-1-ton-bags-radioactive-waste/

Months later in September 2015, Typhoon Etau – a powerful typhoon (created for the job) – swept Fukushima garbage bags into the ocean, and that “plastic island of death” started moving east across the Pacific headed for our west coast.  The bags and their radioactive cargo are somewhere between Hawaii and the west coast.

Fukushima Leaks Hundreds of Tons of Radioactive Water – 240 Contaminated Waste Bags After Typhoon Etau Hits Japan     http://alexanderhiggins.com/fukushima-leaks-hundreds-of-tons-of-radioactive-water-82-contaminated-waste-bags-after-typhoon-etau-hits-japan/

My conclusion is that the US military is using HAARP beams on the ocean surface, from Hawaii to the west coast, to boil off moisture from the ocean in the most contaminated part of the Fukushima debris field (east of Hawaii – see Fig. 4), and directing it as unprecedented and offscale rain and snowstorms across America, to genocide the continent, and at times including Canada. 

The food bowl of America and the population of California are being completely contaminated permanently with fission products from Fukushima.

In the center of this EARTH map on Feb. 20, 2017, two intersecting weather fronts are visible.  One is traveling NE across Calif., and has a moisture trail behind it over the Pacific, indicating its origin was Hawaii.  As it traveled over the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley of Calif. on Feb. 20, it intersected a stronger weather front covering the Central Valley and traveling NW.  Where these two fronts intersected, the multiplier effect increased the amount of rainfall and wind velocity – right over the Oroville Dam watershed, as indicated by consistent daily rainfall maps.  This is now irrefutable evidence that the weird storms and destruction of Calif. agriculture and the winter crops (sugar beets, wheat, alfalfa etc.), is artificially generated and targeting the food bowl of America with flooding and pernicious radiation poisoning of the crops and environment of California.

An identical operation is going on in the Caribbean where DU rad contaminated ocean moisture (from wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen) is being HAARP uploaded into air masses, that are seen traveling (the “weather front “rope” in the EARTH image above) N of New Orleans/Louisiana.  There have been tornadoes reported hitting New Orleans and Louisiana – not a normal weather pattern for that region.  In fact, that tornado “axis” from the southern states extending to Maine, has been a trajectory of tornado storms for a number of years – if people remember the southern states flattened and thousands of poor people homeless. 

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle                   https://lasinkhole.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/weather-mod/      



I would like to thank FlyingCuttlefish and Laurans Battis for their contributions to our group effort to inform the public about the Oroville dam situation, and the larger picture as a context for the ARTIFICIAL flooding of California and the winter crops. – L.M.

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See Also:



FOUND! The Man-Made Source of California “River-of-Rain”!

22 02 2017


The plant making the so-called “pineapple express” causing so much havoc in Northern California is . . .

E X P O S E D!


Jump to 5 minute mark of this video – and share it widely –
WeatherWar101: Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade





Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir

19 02 2017

From Dr. Leuren Moret

PART 2 of Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California

We are looking at this video today –

LINK – http://youtu.be/kla-RADG26Q



NOAA: “The Shasta: Sacramento Valley Observed Precipitation Map


Downstream at Oroville (the town), the same storm dumped 0.14″, but at the Oroville dam itself only 0.08″ so there is definitely artificial loading of the watershed to flood the reservoir.  Weather modification artificially moved the storm over the lake, with a knife edge perimeter across the north end of the lake and heavy cloud loading over the watershed N. of the lake, for maximum rainfall and snow melt flooding the reservoir to overflow.

The rainfall over the watershed north of the reservoir is more than DOUBLE the rainfall anywhere else on that map, and it is 22.25 times higher than at the dam on the south end of the lake.  That proves weather modification can be extremely granular and “cookie cutter” precisely shaped geometrically to the target area.

I have seen this across Eurasia with Russia and China putting high pressure areas over their countries to protect their cities from radioactive contaminated Fukushima air masses moving across Eurasia.  I have also seen the entire former Hapsburg Empire from Portugal through Europe, Austria, and Italy also protected – with “cookie cutter” precision at the borders – with a high pressure area over the Hapsburg regions, keeping denser colder air loaded with Fukushima radiation out of the protected regions.

Leuren Moret.info



Monday the big rainfall is expected . . . hours from now.

Flood fears renewed as another storm aims for California

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Residents returning to homes damaged by flooding should be prepared to evacuate again as yet another powerful Pacific storm takes aim at Northern California, officials warned Sunday. . . . (more)

Due to traffic jams and mudslides blocking routes, The Flying Cuttlefish recommends leaving NOW.

By the time they order an evacuation the roads will be too busy.





At 11 AM Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017, the accumulated rain for 24 hours, was 0.05 in. at the town of Oroville, and 0.04 in. at the Oroville dam.  North of the lake, near the shoreline in the Oroville primary watershed, the reading at Brush Creek was 0.94 in., upslope and further to the north at Four Trees it was 1.50 in., and at Bucks Creek just beyond the crest, and in a neighboring watershed, the reading was 0.69 in.

The precipitation at Brush Creek on the shore of the lake was 23.5 times higher than at the dam, 40 times higher at Four Trees, and 14.3 times higher at Bucks Creek.  Since the dam and Brush Creek are at the same altitude, the increase in precipitation by 23.5 times, and 40 times upslope at Four Trees indicates the clouds were loaded over the Oroville watershed.  Bucks Creek was only 14.3 times higher than at the dam – yet at a similar altitude as the Oroville crest, but in a neighboring watershed – it demonstrated a 70% reduction in precipitation.  Again the large multiplication factor in the distribution of precipitation indicates targeted weather engineering of the primary Oroville watershed in order to increase runoff into the lake by many times.

It is very clear from the data on the two rainfall maps posted today, that weather modification now involves very serious and precise routing of the clouds and their discharge. 



Major Reservoir Current Conditions Graphs – CDEC – State of California



Additional items will go in COMMENTS – FC

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Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California

16 02 2017

We have been following the Oroville dam drama out in California an have been watching what happens with the rain today and expected in the next few days.

LINK – http://youtu.be/CgBW09wd5so

We had reported on strange things about this event. They did quarry blasting fairly near the dam that may have caused the spillway defect. Dr. Leuren Moret had said this may not be an ordinary accident but it may have had some “help” from California officials. That idea had lots of traction and many on the web were adding similar observations and crowd-sourcing a citizens’ investigation that continues.

Dr. Moret thinks that quick action and skepticism by the public on this possible false flag may have nipped a weather modification plan in the bud.

“There was supposed to be rain starting last night and for 3 days, then by yesterday afternoon (Wed.) it was only last night and tomorrow, then this morning there was none last night or today. Tomorrow? That phone call stopped it and since there was a greater panic in Sacramento Capitol to send all the people back yesterday, so the call MUST have come from the Gov’s office to stop the storm and get the people home.

They are planning to do these dam collapses all over Calif. but now too many people watched the TV and internet coverage and they will be very wary and scream out when the Capitol tries to pull another one – then that depopulation agenda becomes impossible to do, and its really to steal the farmland.

They are NOT going to blow the Oroville dam any time soon. That is a sure thing for Brown politically.


“These are two bulletins from the CA Water agency about weather modification experiments in CA out of UC Davis, one is 1957 under Gov. Goodwin Knight, ca_weathermodmapand the second in 1965 under Gov. Edmund Brown, and in 1965 UCD Chancellor Emil Mrak was working at a secret Navy facility in the White Mtns. where the Navy had a spiderweb of NWO programs going on (some underground) – so weather modif. in CA would have been one and Mrak was a founder of food science – so he was involved at that secret Navy facility – in processed/GMO food development and Monsanto linked as well. He was also setting up the World food security, and we now have a new huge World Food Institute on the UCD campus with other NWO buildings/projects in one corner of the campus.

Both of the bulletins are about weather modification experiments (had to be US Navy/HAARP) in Calif., where, how, when. This ties Edmund Brown to development of HAARP/Weather modification in Calif., and now Jerry Brown to the execution of those technologies to take down Calif. so Rothschilds/Getty’s could steal the agricultural land. Gavin Newsom, a Getty heir, is due to be the next Gov. of Calif, so they are lining up the NWO in the capitol.

Over 50% of the CA dams/reservoirs are in dangerous condition.

It all fits together.

We had no rain last night. A phone call made that storm disappear after the evacuation, and I think that evacuation wrecked Brown’s plan to destroy Oroville dam with HAARP weather. We also helped inform the public about the false flag, and so they had to step back… too many people were catching on.”


1957 REPORT – Weather Modification Operations in California by flyingcuttlefish on Scribd



1965 REPORT – Modification Operations in California by flyingcuttlefish on Scribd


[Documents contributed by Leuren Moret and D.H.]

Dr. Leuren Moret adds, “On page 4 of the 1957 weather modification bulletin, there is a list of the very first licensees – eye opener. Very very interesting to see who got in on it first – probably mostly CIA.

That is the beginning list of founding fathers of the “weather modification gold rush” in Calif.

1957 Calif. Gov. Goodwin Knight
(Born in Provo, Utah, Mormon-Jesuit link, father was wealthy mining engineer)

1965 Gov. Edwin “Pat” Brown
(Born San Francisco, Irish Catholic-Jesuit link/German, Gov. of California started California State Water Project and built Oroville Dam) “

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Brown   – 



20170205-1715hrs-bay-area-weather |  20170209-0930hrs-bay-area-weather |  20170213-more-rain-on-the-way-for-the-western-u-s-this-week-which-will-continue-to-cause-more-flooding-concerns-in-many-areas-c4jhejzxaaaoxlo |20170214-2145hrs-west-coast-weather


—   20170216-1445hrs-oroville-ca   |  20170216-1500hrs-oroville-ca20170216-prolific-winter-snow-pack