Wherever You Go, Wherever You Speak, Bill & Hillary . . .

5 05 2019

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Media blackout, of course, except for The New York Post.

The Propaganda Multiplier

4 05 2019

How Global News Agencies and Western Media Report on Geopolitics

Source: off-guardian.org/2019/03/08/the-propaganda-multiplier/


WikiLeaks Mega-File Dump

29 04 2019


Alt. Link  –  http://archive.is/MT8H9


The National Security State – Gore Vidal

14 04 2019

No escape from the fun-house  . . .

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So it begins… the arrest of Free Speech in London today…

11 04 2019

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LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeJ3DZXGs24


livestream roundtable

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Download this before they stop you forever –

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Cynthia McKinney Tells All

5 04 2019

Iraq War etc.

LINK –  https://youtu.be/g-ArrdU2wf8

Yes, Let’s talk more about Dirty Joe Biden

3 04 2019

Since he’s running for president . . .
Besides being a hideous pedo, he has neck deep swamp mud on him.

His son, Beau was Delaware Attorney General and he was in a pickle over the assassination of John Wheeler III.

The story goes to that the murder of the al-Hilli family at that campground in France in 2012 –
From Trowbridge H. Ford

“. . . the murder of the al-Hillis started apparently with the murder of American whistle-blower John P. Wheeler, III, made to look like the Iranian secret service, SAVAK, did it. The only trouble with the conspiracy was his body accidentally fell out of the dumpster where it was placed after his ambush, drugging, torture and murder on its way to the Wilmington, Delaware landfill, making it impossible to contend that he had mysteriously gone missing, thanks to the handiwork by Tehran.”

Beau and dad, Joe both knew exactly what happened to Wheeler and candidate-for-president-in-2020, Joe, never gets asked about it by the press.



What Beau Biden Knew – by Trowbridge H. Ford

on Wheeler –

How the Pentagon Broke the Deadlock over the START Treaty & Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions at John Wheeler’s Expense

Why the Massacre in France 4 Years Ago Simply Self-Destructed.

How the Pentagon Broke the Deadlock over the START Treaty & Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions at John Wheeler’s Expense


#Joe Biden 2020