Biden talks up Covid omicron so-called variant as worldwide elite pedo-ring trial starts in New York

29 11 2021



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6 11 2021

Journalism on trial in London

28 10 2021

Thomas Scripps – The horrific persecution of Julian Assange continues

“The attempted US extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange resumed yesterday with the opening of a hearing into a US government appeal. It is a legal abomination in pursuit of a heinous crime.

Assange is being targeted for his and WikiLeaks’s exposure of war crimes, torture and other human rights abuses, mass surveillance, coup plots, and state corruption. The architects of these crimes, the US and other imperialist governments, are determined to extract a blood price, either through Assange’s life imprisonment and the destruction of his physical and mental health, or his murder. . . . ” 


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Frightening future of chimera research tests moral, ethical boundaries of science — Christian Research Network

5 10 2021

Truth2Freedom's Blog

“In 2003, Chinese scientists fused human cells with rabbit eggs to produce the first human-animal hybrid. Several years later, Mayo Clinic researchers created pigs with human blood running through their veins, and University of Nevada scientists created sheep whose livers and hearts were largely human.”

(Denise George – The Alabama Baptist) Earlier this year, Congress failed to pass a U.S. ban on chimera research, a form of experimentation few Americans know about but one that could test the moral and ethical boundaries of science.

On May 26, the Senate failed to pass an amendment introduced by Republican Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma, Steve Daines of Montana and Mike Braun of Indiana. That amendment would have banned chimera research in the U.S. — experiments to create certain types of human-animal hybrids (chimera), thus allowing the nation’s scientists to compete with Chinese innovation, according to a Fox News report.

In his argument…

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That Viral Letter Going Around

28 09 2021

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Australia – Sky News will expose Fauci’s Wuhan Lab Funding Op Tomorrow

19 09 2021

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Maybe Lancet got wind of it and is trying to do damage control – Now the Lancet U-turns over Covid lab leak theory and publishes ‘alternative view’ calling for a ‘transparent debate’ on the origins of the virus


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The Kabul Airport ✈- Owned by Joe

17 08 2021

Daily Mail [UK] –
Armed Taliban fighters surround Kabul airport and take control of ALL access points leaving US and UK troops to negotiate who gets in – as desperate ex-Marine commando blasts British Army after his wife go missing in the scrum


Brits ‘crushed in stampede’ in race against time to flee Afghanistan before Taliban seizes Kabul airport