Dubai Torch Tower Fire Very Unlike Grenfell Towers Fire

7 08 2017

The Daily Mail Revealed: Wealthy residents of Dubai Torch Tower were texted, phoned AND emailed when blaze broke out… giving them time to pack and evacuate in just 10 minutes – unlike Grenfell victims who were told to stay put

“. . . the Torch ‘apparently has a similar type of cladding to Grenfell Tower but the response was very different.”

SEE ALSO – #SEVENGATE Crime ring and the Grenfell Fire – a human sacrifice for ultra rich crazies

A Tale of 2 Disasters


Outrage Upon Outrage – Looking at the Fire-Trap Owners, Kensington and Chelsea Council

20 06 2017

Kensington and Chelsea Council own the Grenfell Towers and were the brains behind the super-flammable cladding.

Council responsible for Grenfell Tower has built up £274 million in reserves

=   =   =   =

The leader of Kensington and Chelsea offered to resign after the council was heavily criticised for its response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Standard has been told.

QUIT? How about SURRENDER to police for MASS HOMICIDE, fire-trap author, Nicholas Paget-Brown??

Video: expert breaks down as he tells of warning of ‘totally avoidable’ #Grenfell fire




Dear Kitty blog – London Grenfell Tower, corporate-Conservative manslaughter

Lily Allen calls for updated London fire death toll in emotional TV interview

“Allen had said there was “a lot of anger” among residents toward the local council.
. . .The council tends to try and drive people apart here. So many community centres have been closed down, pubs have been closed down and made into housing for rich people. People are not encouraged to have a community spirit,” she said.”

NOTE: Today the main “news” sites are ignoring the serious questions about the preventable fire, banning coverage of the protests across the UK and turning up the P.R. machine for what this or that celebrity [sic] thinks or this or that celebrity [sic] hosting some no-accounting fundraiser gala. YouTube is highly censored on the topic and does not return search results. – F.C.

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Why Cricket is Better than Baseball

18 06 2017

INDIA Vs PAKISTAN, Final top Highlights


BBC – Champions Trophy: Inspired Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs

flying cuttlefish picayune

Fans of American baseball often have an idea that it is a faster sport, a more physically challenging sport than cricket.

With a TV blackout on even the condensed T-20 cricket games (where the game all takes place in the same day) in the USA baseball fans have never even seen a cricket game.

Here are some observations by a newly converted cricket fan:

Cricket is played from start to finish.

Baseball is played in fits and starts. The pace is constantly interrupted like a bad radio signal from Mars.

For the cricket fan you would typically see your player step up to bat to challenge the bowler’s best effort. In baseball the batter would trot to the position and use 1001 stunts to not engage the pitcher. The batter

adjusts his cap


waggles the bat

steps away from the regulated position for him to stand

steps back into…

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Seth Rich Murder and DNC Connections Heat Up – the COLORS Come out

26 05 2017

What is it with this Luciferian, Jesuit purple?

NOT a fashion trend now. It is a fashion signal (not a statement).

Forget what he says —- LOOK AT HIS TIE!


Hanford Nuke Waste Dump Holds Worker Death Records in Restricted Area

14 05 2017

Ahhh the things you find on the web these days . . .

We were looking for new items on Hanford rad waste and came across this page –

DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments: What’s New


 And on that page you can see they keep all the info on dead workers!

Hanford Environmental Health Foundation (HEHF) Death Certificate Retrieval Records, 1970-1974, 1983-1986, 1989, 1991-1994

Did the guys driving those big dump trucks and excavators at the collapsed nuke-train tunnel this week know about that?

Did they think about wearing a gas mask but were told not to? The videos show huge amounts of dust in the air and the workers just have hard hats for safety equipment.



What are they covering up (literally) at Fukushima? – 2014

3 05 2017

Strontium Milks


flying cuttlefish picayune



EX-SKF has this interesting post –
Fukushima I NPP on Google Maps

Google Maps finally updated the satellite photograph of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. It shows the more-or-less current plant condition in great details. . .

So we cranked up G00gle Earth and right away we found this –



What the heck? We saw lots of giant square MOUNDS. Are they burying rubble?  The fuel rod chunks? Also interestingly we saw around the grounds small excavators and cars nearby clearing up scattered junk. They do not look robotic at all. They look like some poor Schmuck was sent out to scoop up piles of old barrels and junk with the excavator. There are several around when you go looking.




The old ‘cover it up with sand’ trick!





We accidentally got shifted into…

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Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles, Epstein + Dershowitz Quagmire Gets Deeper | PAGE 3

3 05 2017

Our page on the Epstein Scandal got too long so here’s

Page 3 of
Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles, Epstein + Dershowitz Quagmire Gets Deeper | PAGE 3

The Daily Mail [UK] – Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts wins round in defamation lawsuit against British socialite and alleged ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell who ‘passed her around for sex’ and trained her to be ‘everything a man wanted’

  • Virginia Roberts, 33, persuaded a judge to throw out a motion preventing her from suing British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, 55, for defamation
  • The defamation suit alleges Maxwell instructed her spokesman to attack Roberts’  honesty and truthfulness and to accuse her of lying’
  • Roberts claimed Maxwell recruited her as a sex slave when she was  15 for convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and passed around to his friends
  • Maxwell, who was Epstein’s girlfriend at the time, is also accused of forcing her to have sex with Maxwell and other underage girls
  • The 55-year-old responded to the allegations with a damaging press release 
  • In February 2016, a judge denied Maxwell’s request to throw out Roberts’ lawsuit when she said she was just defending herself against allegations
  • Roberts also alleges she was involved in an 11-person orgy with Epstein’s friend Prince Andrew,  a claim the prince has vehemently denied

” . . . Judge Robert Sweet refused to accept that argument in a 76-page decision, saying that Roberts was arguing that Maxwell released the damaging statement out of ‘malice.’ “

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