Why 2019 film, “Midway” is awful

18 12 2019

LINK https://youtu.be/l9laReRAYFk


Here is the problem with Midway –

awful script
holes in historical story
bad, bad pacing
ruined iconic scene, Pearl Harbor attack, by not making it a sneak attack
horrible factual errors like pilots engaging in dogfights with canopy entirely open(!) and goggles not on and helmet chin straps not even fastened (at 200 mph).
Zero character development, bad script and no reason for interest in how the major characters fare
awful score
no character development
messed up pivotal tension point of Japan captain having to choose land-attack weapons (air strip bombing of Midway) or sea attack weapons (US carriers)
Horrible transitions between theater of war and DC with decision makers
Ignored heroic status of the Catalina spotter planes (US) when radar was iffy and the only similar plane shown was Japanese
no character development
no character development
no character development
Main characters behaved like jerks, drinking on duty, disobeying orders often, daring-do was just made up
Big, expensive CGI air combat scenes has NO INSIGNIA on the planes so when they did opening shot of mass attack you had no idea of what you were seeing
Sad scenes in hospital etc. were not sad at all due to …. no character development
The pilots at a mission briefings have rows of vinyl, movie theater-type seats … this in the 1940s(!) WTF???
Pilot resolve shown over and over by chewing gum (???)
Doolittle raid shown so chopped up if you didn’t know the story would make no sense at all
more and more and more …..

Maybe read the book

The Reason Disney is Killing Off Lucas’ Star Wars Characters is so they can make MORE MONEY from their Own Copyrighted Characters’ Toys 😨

6 11 2019

LINK –  https://youtu.be/ZzOJwNH_pu4



With Explosive Pedo Client Knowledge – We Ask Will Jeffrey Epstein Live to See a Trial?

10 07 2019

LINK –  https://youtu.be/4SCqShdFE2g

Think of the desperate, super-powerful people who would benefit from not being revealed as the monsters they are.

NRC and US Media Lap Dogs Derelict on Telling Danger from Nuke Plants Hit by Hurricane Florence

19 09 2018






. . . ALL in the hurricane hit area of the SE.

LINK –  https://youtu.be/X__Q1hfu0lo

We were looking for (evidently banned) drone footage showing Brunswick nuke plant flooding and came across this comment on another video –


This gag order on news reporters has to END!

It isn’t fooling anyone. All these shut downs and re-starts need full explanation by officials. 

Towns in harms way need their elected officials to start asking serious questions about safety or start looking for another job!


No Wonder we cannot find any news – GOOGLE is BLOCKING searches for “Florence”!!!!

Strange Sounds Website Blocked After Posting Article on Free Access to Science Articles of Relevance to the Eruption of the Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

25 05 2018

Free Access to Science Articles of Relevance to the Eruption of the Kilauea Volcano Hawaii


Sounds like a great article.  Here is a cache version with the links – https://tinyurl.com/y8myyzop

ALT LINK –  https://tinyurl.com/yayhvb9k

If this blog goes down you will know why!

SCROLL DOWN  for more articles on the volcano (updates are in the comments)



Highly Suspicious – John Podesta Wiped His Email the Same Day Madeleine McCann Disappeared

8 03 2018

John Podesta Wiped His Email the Same Day Madeleine Went Missing


Download the image before it too disappears – F.C.




ENE-News CENSORED. They are missing from the web.

6 03 2018

Missing in action:  http://enenews.com/

It is part of the mass purge on the web of any anti-nuke, anti-globalist, anti-pedo bloggers and video makers. 

More here later if we find out anything.