Go, Snowden, Go!

23 06 2013

PRISM Targets Hong Kong As Financial Center

By Yoichi Shimatsu

HONG KONG ­ –  NSA cyber-espionage against this tiny territory has zero value in terms of military or anti-terrorism intelligence since Hong Kong hosts only a miniscule Chinese garrison and lacks strategic assets such as nuclear stockpiles, missile bases or even an air-defense system, and also because its port inspection program has been jointly run with the U.S. since soon after 9.11.

Why then did the National Security Agency focus its PRISM computer-hacking system on this little island, as exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowdon? The more tempting target than imaginary terrorists or phantasmagoric nuclear smugglers is Hong Kong’s role as a global financial center and conduit for international funds from mainland China interests. . . .




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