Newest Haiti Quake a Victory Lap for POTUS?

7 10 2018

Fox News At least 11 dead in Haiti following magnitude-5.9 earthquake that gave ‘rise to panic’

“At least 11 people have been confirmed dead in Haiti following a magnitude-5.9 earthquake that gave “rise to panic in several towns,” officials and reports say.

Police told Reuters that seven were killed and more than 100 were injured in Port-de-Paix, a northern coastal city near the epicenter of the earthquake on Saturday, and that four were left dead in and around Gros-Morne. . . “

Trowbridge H. Ford says, [On the] 5.9 quake in Haiti which Trump had caused to celebrate Kavanaugh’s joining the Supreme Court by teaching those “shithole countries” a lesson?”

22 hours ago – REPORT: Navy Admiral Calling On Trump To Show Force In Face Of New Russian Threat



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and – Wikileaks – How Clinton ‘friends’ cashed in on Haiti earthquake



Dry Storage and Transportation of High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel – Comment Deadline Monday Night 11.59 PM Eastern (There Was Less Than 2 Months For Comments – Request Extension)

23 09 2018

Mining Awareness +

This is a life and death important topic for future generations, as well as our own. And, the US NRC has given less than 2 months to comment on a 129 page document. Only 2 people have commented. Many have not heard. Please comment, spread the word, and ask for an extension to this deadline. We put some related information and the link for comments below. It’s easy and can be anonymous. You can, for instance, read a piece of the document and comment on that, while asking for an extension.

Introduction Loads on Fuel Rods, Billone 2013

HBU is High Burnup Nuclear Fuel.
Dry Storage and Transportation of High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel

This Notice document was issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Action Draft NUREG; request for comment.
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is issuing for public comment a draft NUREG, NUREG-2224, “Dry Storage…

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Super Typhoon Mangkhut To Strike Two China Nuke Plants

15 09 2018

Just dandy …

Two nuclear power plants are in the track of deadly Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which is projected hit mainland China as early as Sunday. has the complete nuke maps.

The Watchers – Super Typhoon “Mangkhut” (Ompong) makes landfall in northern Philippines as one of the strongest on record

Compare weather maps with our nuke map:

Climateviewer’s complete  nuke everything map

US gets its comeuppance in Iraq

1 09 2018

Does everyone recall how the neocon maniacs who engineered the Iraq invasion utilized Iran-friendly Shia Muslims to topple petro-dollar-wavering Saddam Hussein and his loyal Sunni Muslim army?

Well, the tables have turned.

Iran Shia forces, so beloved by US invaders  secreted a bunch of ICBMs into Iraq to take out big US sister-cities in Saudi Arabia and/or Israel.

Zero Hedge – Iran Stuns Enemies By Moving Ballistic Missiles To Iraq – Within Easy Striking Distance of Tel Aviv

“. . . However, the case of Iraq is clearly a more delicate situation, as the pro-Shia government in Baghdad is propped up by the United States, and Baghdad in turn facilitates the operation of Tehran-aligned militias who act in concert with Iraqi military forces. Of course, in an irony that won’t be lost on future historians, it was the United States and its allies that installed a Shia government in Baghdad in the first place by toppling Saddam Hussein in its 2003 invasion, which Netanyahu had given loud and consistent support for.

One Western source cited by Reuters says the missile transfer is clearly intended as a “warning” to both the US and Israel. “It seems Iran has been turning Iraq into its forward missile base,”

US poised to poke the bear one too many times in Syria?

28 08 2018

Is Washington on the brink of a major attack on Syria?

World War 3: Russia To Deploy Nuclear Weapons To Syria

President Bashar al-Assad: “Syria Is Fighting Terrorists, Who Are the Army of the Turkish, USA, and Saudi Regimes…” [transcript]

Syrian Air Defenses on Alert Ahead of Possible US Attack



Shakin’ and Quakin’ Continues – 7.1 Quake just hit Peru

24 08 2018



RSOE live data map

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The Strife in Venezuala is from US Illegal Sanctions – and Nobody Knows …

18 08 2018