Intermission: Lionel Messi – The MOVIE

19 12 2022










18 11 2022

World Cup abruptly bans beer with millions of Budweisers already in Qatar

“DOHA, Qatar — The sale of all beer with alcohol at the eight World Cup stadiums was banned Friday, only two days before the soccer tournament is set to start.

And taking to Twitter, Budweiser’s official account posted a hilarious reaction to the news.
They wrote: “Well, this is awkward…”




We can all go back to saying “Kay-Tar” instead of “cutter”.


No fans at the FanZone  for the opening ceremony …

Disgraced Morgan Freeman kicks off World Cup opening ceremony in front of the Qatari royal family and rows of empty seats – after weeks of criticism of the country’s human rights record and hypocritical stars who overlook it






Breaking – DPRK Fires Suspected ICBM Over Japan 🚀

2 11 2022

DPRK Fires Suspected Long-Range Ballistic Missile Over Japan, South Korean Military Says

“…. Since the US and South Korea began major military drills in August, which rehearsed strikes on the DPRK, the socialist state has staged an unprecedented number of missile tests and artillery firing drills, including a variety of different weapons….”

NHK – N.Korea has likely launched one long-range, two short-range missiles


Earlier stories on the tit-for-tat military drills is on the Koreageddon post.





Reckoning at Valdai

29 10 2022

Putin takes the west to the woodshed –


The Speech


Full text

RT ‘No one can sit out the coming storm’: Putin’s milestone Valdai speech
Western hegemony should be replaced with an actual order respectful of all, the Russian leader said

Putin’s Valdai Club speech: The highlights






US loses status, kicked out of Davos confab

17 10 2022

Worst of all it was MBS who kicked Biden out …

MBS head to head with Biden, US officials not invited to ‘Davos





Discussing impacts of the Crimea bridge bombing

8 10 2022





We added a map showing the bridge (on the east side of Crimea) to the Nukenado Maps page – FC




7.7M Quake Near Papua New Guinea

10 09 2022

No tsunami expected – report

NOAA has it at 7.7 – USGS has 7.6



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