World’s Worst Water Management System Key to Massive China Floods

27 07 2021

Idiotic system explained – why they won’t manage reservoirs in the public interest:






Intermission – Land of Hope and Glory

7 07 2021

It’s been 30 55 years ….

England 2 Denmark 1










Intermission – Sort of – Idiot Spectator at Tour de France 🚲

30 06 2021

This year the Tour de France started off with a massive crash caused by an idiot.


NY Times A Spectator’s Sign Felled Dozens of Tour de France Racers
The French authorities were searching for a woman who they said left the scene after a German cyclist crashed into her sign, setting off a pileup during the first stage of the race.

There is was a massive APB out to catch the idiot who has evidently fled the country.
We will follow the worldwide man-hunt.

Police in Brittany arrest a local woman over the Tour de France’s worst-ever crash after scouring fans’ camera footage during the four-day search






Leak at China Nuke Plant ☢

15 06 2021

At Taishan nuclear power plant –


EDF examines gas build-up at Chinese nuclear plant






Microsoft Appeases CCP by scrubbing Tiananmen Square Massacre

5 06 2021

‘Tank Man’ Image Search Showed No Results on Bing Due to Human Error, Microsoft Says


Stories – Microsoft Scrubs Tank Man from the web on Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary

6.8M Quake off Japan, North from Fukushima Ruins

30 04 2021


No tsunami warning

Hawaii buoy cam images

Sputnik – Watch Strong Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Strike Off Northeast Japan

BREAKING: Syrian Strike Near Israeli Nuclear Reactor

21 04 2021