Story Breaking in the UK – Years of Abuse by Pedos in Top Teams’ Football Camps

2 12 2016

BBC – Chelsea FC ‘paid me £50,000 over abuse’

  • Ex-Southampton footballers describe abuse at club
  • Ex-Newcastle player David Eatock speaks out
  • Football abuse hotline receives ‘staggering surge’ in calls

The Mirror [has video] After 40 years of torment, Gary Johnson hoped he would get justice for the abuse he says he suffered as a Chelsea FC youth player.

Yet the ex-forward, who said he was sexually assaulted by chief scout Eddie Heath hundreds of times in three years, said he had no success with the police and that the Professional Footballers Association did not return his calls.

” . . . . This week Chelsea waived the clause in Gary’s settlement banning him from speaking about abuse after details of his claim were leaked to the media.”


Opinion: More will be coming out in the UK press we’re sure. Since US pro soccer is just starting to take off with US television deals it probably won’t get much coverage ‘across the pond’.


ALERT! Dana Durnford – Did we Just Lose Reactor 3 in Fukushima?

22 11 2016



NOV. 22 radiation maps from Safe Cast






Nuke Pro –

Huge Earthquake Right In Front of the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 8.3 in US Scale

Scroll down to yesterday’s news for MORE on the Japan earthquake swarm.


ALERT!! After Twin 7.3 Quakes COOLING has STOPPED at Fukushima Daini !!!!

21 11 2016

“Authorities have confirmed to local media that the cooling system water cooling system at the city’s Daini plant is no longer functioning.”   whiteRADred90

from The Mirror LIVE UPDATES (23:04)


Fukushima nuclear cooling system back online


Giant Quake Swarm Off Fukushima Nuke Ruins – Two 7.3M Quakes, Many Others <<< TSUNAMI ALERTS!!!

21 11 2016

It is still happening.
RSOE MAPwhiteRAD_yellRed

7.3 shallow in depth

NY TimesQuake Off Fukushima, Japan, Triggers Tsunami Alerts

LIVE UPDATE S  – from The Mirror [UK]





Monica Petersen Memorial Service Livestreaming at 11 am Friday Colorado Time – Assistant Director Human Trafficking Center Died in Haiti

18 11 2016

[ Mention of this story on FC is in the second half of this recent post. Her line of inquiry may have touched on the Clinton Foundation, CGI and Bill Clinton in Haiti. – F.C.]

Mining Awareness +

Human Trafficking is a long-standing problem in Haiti, as have been assassinations and death squads. Anyone who stands up for the poor and disenfranchised is always at risk. Our blog was initially started in loving memory of an assassinated Haitian who had been targetted as an Aristide supporter.

A Memorial Service for Monica has been set for Friday, November 18th at 12:30pm. It will be held in Maglione Hall, 5th floor of the Sié International Complex, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, 2201 S. Gaylord St., Denver, Colorado.

The Human Trafficking Center has established an annual “Monica Petersen Memorial Lecture.” In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations may be sent to the University of Denver with the designation “In memory of Monica Petersen.” The address is University of Denver, P.O. Box 910585, Denver, CO 80291-0585.
Parking will be…

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7.8 New Zealand Quake – has tsunami warning

13 11 2016

New Zealand: 7.8-magnitude quake rocks south, triggers tsunami

Terrific amount of aftershocks – on the list on RSOE front page.
Cheviot quake: Tsunamis hit, warning of 3 – 5m waves

PHOTOS ⇒ Sky News – Tsunami hits after powerful quake strikes New Zealand

WATCH: South California … been acting up all week.

NOV. 14

Aftershocks won’t quit.

They are very large and the small ones aren’t on this map but the RSOE map has pop-up alerts every few seconds showing magnitude 2 to 4s.



WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand is planning to send in military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue about 1,000 tourists and hundreds of residents who remain stranded in the coastal town of Kaikoura after a powerful earthquake on Monday cut off train and vehicle access.


Map of quakes in the past week – USGS

The World Shrugs at Spoiled Americans’ Vote Disappoinment

12 11 2016

Al-JazeeraSpoiled Americans now want to flee what they created
The reactions of many Americans to the Trump victory is a symptom of their political immaturity.

” . . . These reactions make one pause and wonder how long these same people would last under the Arab and African dictatorships and occupiers the US has propped up and maintained positive ties with over the years.”