M6.7 Quake Mid-Atlantic Ridge

6 12 2017

The Big WobbleMagnitude 6.7 – Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the 17th major quake of a busy November

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Surprise, Surprise! North Korea Struck by a Earthquake – Bomb Test

3 09 2017

North Korea Struck By 5.6-Magnitude Earthquake


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Evil Tasks Performed by Sub Named After Jimmy Carter

UPDATEIt might be a nuke bomb text and not a quake ….

The Daily MailBREAKING NEWS – Fears North Korea has conducted its SIXTH nuclear test: 5.6 ‘artificial’ earthquake is detected near test site, after regime boasted it had loaded a hydrogen bomb onto an ICBM


South Texas Nuclear – Is It Really Watertight? If The Dam Fails Can They Shut The Doors Quickly Enough?

2 09 2017

 More on the flood-threatened Texas nuke plants at The Bugle


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August 31st NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen, using data from the Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) Zoom in of image shows the huge main cooling reservoir-dam at the South Texas Nuclear Power Station site – green spot top center of image – apparently still intact as of August 31st, though the nearby waterways continue(d) to rise.

The STP site has mainly flat topography with few gentle slopes. Elevations across the site range from 15ft (4.6 m) NGVD29 to 30ft (9.1 m) NGVD29 with plant grade of 28ft (8.53 m) NGVD29.https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1425/ML14259A195.pdf

If you read, or even just glance, through the US NRC’s flooding walkdown summary, below, then you will quickly get ideas as to to what the “one thing after another” that Raihan Kondker was “working tirelessly to manage” at South Texas Nuclear Power Station, according to the article…

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Saudi king spends $100 million on a month-long Moroccan holiday as Texas drowns.

2 09 2017

Saudi royal finally returns home after splashing $100million on a month-long Moroccan holiday

“The King was welcomed home at Jeddah airport on Wednesday by his son, Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman, as well as Prince Khaled al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Mecca, upon his return.
He had spent a month at his favourite holiday spot, Tangier, in the north west of Morocco, along with an entourage of more than 1,000, who were booked into luxury hotels.”

Meanwhile, President Trump Seeks Nearly $8 Billion in Harvey Aid Ahead of Visit to Texas, Louisiana.

But why is he asking Congress?

Why doesn’t he hit up Hillary’s pal, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud?

He funded Hillary’s laggard presidential campaign and Trump was kind enough to look the other way over her debate cheating, secrets give-away, and nomination theft etc. –

Trump has lots in the favor-bank from Hillary!

Hillary Clinton Campaign Funded by Saudi Government, Saudi Official


Erga Palace

AP / Carolyn Kaster

No windows – the slaves might escape!


Scott Olson/Getty Images


Is the US having a secret war with China (and losing)? On the latest destroyer destroyed – USS McCain

21 08 2017

All the news, updated is HERE

And the geopolitical info on where it happened, at the Strait Of Malacca (with maps).

We ask – is China using an EMP weapon on the US Navy in the South China Sea?

Did the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John McCain go ‘dead in the water’ at the time of the “collision”?

sunflower and khibini are electronic weapons systems that neutralize the US every time – nothing like stopping them dead in the water”

See Khibiny: Terror of the destroyers

LINK –  https://youtu.be/8s4sKAMgYsU

Russia Claims Its Sunflower Radar is Capable of Detecting F-35 Jets

“Russia’s armed forces are increasing the number of over-the-horizon radar, which systematically set on sea borders of the country. In 2017, the “Sunflower” radar will be deployed in the Arctic. No less important will be the launch in the same year a few more “Sunflowers” in the southern and western borders.This was announced in an interview to “Interfax” the head of the group RTI Sergey Boev.”

On the USS Fitzgerald maybe getting hit by EMP or similar secret weapon – https://voat.co/v/PivottoAsia/1969541

Dr. Leuren Moret on the 21st Century Silk Road

Maybe Russia is giving China a hand in the South China Sea.


NASA Television-Online Coverage for Today’s Solar Eclipse

21 08 2017

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Aug. 11, 2017
NASA Announces Television Coverage for Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse
On Monday, Aug. 21, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the Sun, and NASA Television will carry it live from coast to coast from unique vantage points on the ground and from aircraft and spacecraft, including the International Space Station. Coverage will be featured during the live four-hour broadcast Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA.

Programming begins at noon EDT with a preview show hosted from Charleston, South Carolina. The main show begins at 1 p.m. and will cover the path of totality the eclipse will take across the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina. The program will feature views from NASA research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially-modified telescopes. It also will include live reports from Charleston, as well as from Salem, Oregon; Idaho Falls…

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The US wants Venezuela’s oil reserves and will do anything to get them

31 07 2017

“At stake are the largest oil reserves in the world sited in Venezuela. For the US it is crucial to have control of the world’s oil reserves. Any country, no matter how democratic, keeping such strategic resource and not making it accessible to oil multinationals (mainly American), exposes itself to imperial intervention. The threat to national security mentioned by the presidents of the US has not so much to do with access to oil, but rather to the fact that world oil trade is denominated in dollars, the true core of power of the US, since no other country has the privilege of minting notes at its pleasure without affecting their monetary value. This is the reason why Iraq was invaded and the Middle East and Libya devastated (in the latter case, with the active complicity of Sarkozy’s France). For the same reason, there was interference, well documented today, in the Brazilian crisis, since the exploitation of pre-sal oil was in Brazilian hands. For the same reason, Iran is once again endangered. For the same reason, the Bolivarian Revolution must fall down without the opportunity of correcting democratically the serious mistakes its leaders made during the last few years. Without foreign interference, I am convinced, Venezuela would know how to reach a democratic and non-violent solution. Unfortunately, what is actually happening is turning the poor against Chavismo, the poor being the social basis of the Bolivarian Revolution and those that most benefited from it. . . “

In Defense of Venezuela
– – – – By Boaventura de Sousa Santos

On pre-sal oil in Brazil