Gamma-Spectroscopy Results of Colorado Radioactive Freak Rain: Fukushima’s Fissioning Mini-Sun on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL

7 07 2015

Not All Alleged Is Apparent…


There was an atmospheric jet stream pattern on June 14, 2015, with a local slow-down condition, which I suspected would make it possible to test my hypothesis right here where I am in Southern Colorado:  that the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is still having actual nuclear fission reactions.  If that were the case, then that jet stream would likely deliver at least a few fission-tell-tale traces of radioisotopes, I reasoned.  So I had rainwater, sampled at that specific moment, analyzed in a professional lab.  The detected amounts are what’s technically called “non-detect” (below the Minimum Detectable Amount), but the mixture of isotopes identified to be present in that sample is beyond disturbing:

The raw data of gamma spectroscopy of this June 14, 2015 Colorado rainwater sample show clearly that specific radioactive decay energies were detected, indicating the presence of Americium-241, Cerium-144, Cesium-134/137, Cobalt-60, Europium-152/154/155, Iodine-131, Manganese-54, Niobium-94/95, Ruthenium-106, Zink-65 and various other troubling synthetic radionuclides.   


9 Quakes Leaping Down the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2 07 2015

From  RSOE map


Older quakes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


#9:  USGS – 5.7M Quake on Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge



Wrecked Nuke Plant at Fukushima Blowing Itself Up

1 07 2015

See it LIVE

Some screen capture video from today – it looks like it is making its own earthquakes, plus falling apart, plus smoking, plus super bright fires, burning areas(???).

This ENE-News reader says it is a uranium fire coming up from the ground.



The heavy white smoke is blowing thick and heavy, then quitting and dissipating for a bit then starting up again.


LINK –   < more similar videos on this channel


UPDATE, July 3

Smoke event is starting again. See monitoring of it on p.10 in the forum at ENE-News. Yellow haze is seen.



Flying Cuttlefish screen shots of this event are all archived here.

More pictures and links in the comments on this post.

Large Quakes Again in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

17 06 2015

USGS Report – M7.0 – Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

RSOE has 3 big quakes in the area –



1, 2, 3

No tsunami is expected

July 24 – 7 Large Quakes Rock the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

7 Large Quakes Rock the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

24 05 2015

RSOE map

Many large earthquakes are around the world today including new activity in Nepal. But these 7 large quakes from 4.9 to 6.3M out in the Atlantic, between Brazil and Angola, are alarming.


Other quakes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

About the April 28 Fire at Chernobyl – Still Raging

3 05 2015

A large forest fire approaches the radioactive ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Lots on new info and documents –

Dr. Leuren Moret has been reporting on it on her site.



Powerpoint: images for Fetzer  interview (May 1, 2015) on Chernobyl fire: Leuren Moret Power Point  <– many photos and graphics

NOTE: If you need a utility to see a Power Point presentation get the free viewer from Microsoft.


BREAKING: 16 MILE iceberg snaps off Antarctica < Updated

30 04 2015

16 MILE iceberg snaps off Antarctica: NASA warn of MAJOR threat to oceans and weather

The iceberg, known as B-34, broke from the Getz Ice Shelf and headed out to sea earlier in the year.
The potential environmental catastrophe was captured by NASA satellite cameras over head.
The massive moving island now poses a major and immediate threat to shipping.
However scientists believe the real threat will be when the iceberg melts – unloading thousands of millions of gallons of ice-cold fresh water into the saline ocean.
The extra-cold fresh water is known to impact ocean currents, which in turn play havoc with the earth’s weather patterns.

ALSO – Warming Climate May Release Massive Carbon Storehouse from Arctic Soils

 ” . . . permafrost had not been a threat to our climate. That’s because it was frozen year-round, and didn’t undergo decomposition by bacteria the way organic material does in a warmer climate. Just like food in a home freezer, it had been safe from the bacteria that would otherwise cause it to decay and be converted to CO2.”

UPDATE, May 23

Antarctica region once thought stable suddenly ‘thawing fast’

” . . . The ice loss in the region is so large that it causes small changes in the gravity field of the Earth, which can be detected by another satellite mission, the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE).”