Is Paris Burning?

3 12 2018


No need to understand French –



Today was ambulance drivers’ protest day.


Big Explosion In Chinese Host City For 2022 Olympics

28 11 2018

We are watching Chinese explosions

Zero Hedge – Explosion Rips Through Chemical Plant In Chinese Host City For 2022 Olympics – has PHOTOS

“A massive overnight explosion at a chemical plant rocked the northeastern Chinese city of Zhangjiakou on Wednesday, which is one of the sites to play host to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

The blast occurred just after midnight at a loading dock area at a plant owned by the Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and claimed at least 23 lives while destroying dozens of vehicles. “




6.3M quake hits the Iraq – Iran border just miles from the Arak heavy water reactor production plant << UPDATED

26 11 2018

The Big Wobble When will they learn? A powerful magnitude 6.3 quake hits the Iraq Iran border just miles from the Arak heavy water reactor production plant

” . . . Sunday’s quake in the western part of Iran struck close to the Arak heavy water reactor production plant leading to the question when will one of these nuclear sites receive a direct hit?
The powerful quake was 6 miles deep, the US Geological Survey said.”


About the nuke fuel factory – Arak Complex

“If operating optimally, the IR-40 would produce about 9 kilograms of plutonium annually or enough for about two nuclear weapons each year. “



From Leuren Moret – H.A.A.R.P.:High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

[CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE]“Tesla was experimenting from 1900 to about 1915 – then the Rockefellers got Teslas papers and killed him. They were testing the earthquake machine until BAE took over the patents in 1995.” – Leuren Moret

She says, “It [Iran quake] was a “HAARP gift” from the US. If an earthquake has a depth of 10km label it as a HAARP earthquake. I have a USGS graph of large earthquakes going back to 1898. You can see in the graph that Tesla earthquake technology “experiments” were happening even in the 20’s and earlier. It is very clear from the graph that earthquake “experiments” occurred from early 1920’s and have continued to today. Iran has been targeted with HAARP a lot because Iran is in a very active tectonic zone and so it’s easy to trigger earthquakes almost anywhere in Iran. This earthquake near the Arak heavy water reactor production plant is a threatening message to Iran. Trump is tearing up yet another nuclear treaty or agreement that he will discuss with Putin this week at the G20 meeting in S. America. Putin will try to talk Trump out of dumping the treaty.”




6.7M Quake near Fiji

18 11 2018

USGS Report  MAP

hard to find tsunami status, but it was very deep . . . 


6.2M Quake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

12 11 2018

Straight out  east from Honduras –  a little west of the Ridge…


and a 4.4 on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north up by Greenland.

Talking Nuke Poison, Bikini Bomb Tests and More

4 11 2018

The US Tested Bombs on the Marshall Islands. Now, Victims Are Seeking Justice.

This stuff is at least as dangerous as PFAS.

There’s a plume heading to Ann Arbor and look who holds the patent-again, Bill Schuette’s Dow Family…

John Grebe, from Dow was at the dropping of an atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll. His nephew in law, Bill Schuette is running for Mich.’s governor.

The Poison Papers or How the EPA Lets Toxic Products Kill You

Big Canadian Study –  Le Vann study

“…a Canadian medical study by Dr. LeVann, on the rad impact in Alberta Province from the biggest hydrogen bomb test ever – in the Arctic by the Soviets. It exposed everyone in north America to the equivalent of a chest x-ray. This study also proves that polio was a made up disease to hide the neurological and neuromuscular damage from exposure to nuclear bomb tests. Very telling. “- from Dr. Leuren Moret

Japan’s 2020 Olympics Radiated Pipe Dream

2 11 2018

2013 – Olympic?
TEPCO Executives live in foreign countries with their families secretly.

2017 – from destroyed ENE-NewsReport: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead — Gov’t issues emergency order along US West Coast — Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death — All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific . . . gee I wonder why they were wrecked before the 2020 games.

Mainstream media just found out the oceans are dead:

More here later –