6.0 Quake Off Vanuatu

30 04 2016

The Watchers
Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits near the coast of Vanuatu – report has map


Quakes Leaping Up the Mid Atlantic Ridge in April

30 04 2016

Just trying to type this post another big quake happened on the Mid Atlantic Ridge! A 5.1 quake.
USGS Report with map.
Here is a picture –



Now, back to what we wanted to say ….
There are a lot of quakes, fairly big, going up the Mid Atlantic Ridge these past 2 weeks.
This info is from IRIS.


In the bottom of this map there’s a slew of quakes!  arrowDOWNblue

MidAtlRid_43016b—-   MidAtlRid_43016c

LIST of the quakes at the bottom of the map.

We will update this post later if there are more.


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6.9 Quake Off Mexico – Pacific Side – No Tsunami

28 04 2016

USGS Report (they call it 6.8) – with MAP

Tsunami Report (no threat) says it is 6.9M

RSOE Lists 3 quakes!

LIVE Tsunami Map – from NOAA

Nuke Pro – Nuke Meltdown In Europe

28 04 2016

whiteRAD_yelBlackApril 26, 2016 A Nuclear Meltdown In Europe Is Being Covered Up As We Type

Tellurium-132 detected in Germany ….

7.0 Quake Off Fiji – Tsunami Maybe Not Happening – Was it 7.8M???

28 04 2016

Possible tsunami after 7.0 earthquake near Fiji


Tsunami report says the threat window has passed.

This morning the NOAA Tsunami page had nothing recent listed while this should have been listed.  Also the USGS quake map page was down –

WAS IT A 7.8?

SEE ART in this news story:  Vanuatu tsunami threat cancelled after 7.3 strong quake hits islands

Meanwhile in Japan . . .

1,000 quakes recorded in two Kyushu prefectures in two weeks since initial jolt

Cold War Reprise – Bought by Billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky

23 04 2016

Fort Russ

Exposed: Khodorkovsky paid $385,000 for Congress to adopt the Magnitsky Act

The myths surrounding the adoption of the Magnitsky Act feverishly formulated by the head of moneyTossHermitage Capital as well as those they hired for informational assistance to spread this story inside Russia among various opposition figures, including Alexey Navally, imply the existence of an honest and heartfelt sense of pity for Russia on the part of American congressmen.  
However, an examination stopping at Mr. Browder’s lobbyist schemes would be simply unforgivable, especially from the point of view of the interests of Russian society which deserves to know who exactly stands behind the anti-Russian hysteria in the West. Therefore, today we present to the court of the respected public the second part of the investigation on the secret springs behind the US Congress’ “Magnitsky Act.” And the main character in our investigation is played by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. . . (more)

1%’s pal, WaPoThe man behind the Magnitsky Act explains why now is the time to go after the Russian elite’s assets

China Explosion – in Jingjiang Chemical Warehouse

22 04 2016

RSOE Report

A fire broke out in a chemical and fuel warehouse, Jiangsu Deqiao Storage, in China’s Jingjiang region, leading to a huge explosion on Friday. Local media and the Jingjiang city government reportedly said that the blaze was under control and there were no casualties…”


LINK –  http://youtu.be/U2hPgWI08EE


LINK – http://youtu.be/qYATF6o0MIo