2 Chemical Plant Explosions in France in July

24 08 2015

French police investigate chemical plant explosions

The incident occurred near a military base where grenades and explosives were stolen last week.

MARSEILLE , France, July 15 (UPI) — An electronic device was found Wednesday near the site of the explosion of two petrochemical tanks in southern France.

The nighttime explosions at the Barre-l’Etang refinery near Marseille airport, owned by the American Lyondellbasell chemical company, caused a fire which burned for hours, and a black cloud of smoke which could be seen for miles. No injuries were reported.


“Police sources said the device, which may have started the fires Tuesday in two large tanks, one filled with oil, the other with the petroleum distillate naphtha, is under investigation. The two tanks are over a quarter-mile apart. The incident was previously described as malicious, and occurred 19 miles from the Mirimas military munitions camp where grenades, detonators and explosives were stolen last week.”

LINK –  http://youtu.be/RS9wDJAeEew

LINK –   http://youtu.be/rO2UuYwXMiI

Breaking – NEW Explosion in China, at Dongfu

22 08 2015

UPI – Explosion rocks China chemical plant 10 days after Tianjin catastrophe

DONGFU, SHANDONG, China, Aug. 22 (UPI) — Less than two weeks after catastrophic explosions leveled an industrial district in Tianjin, China, a chemical plant less than 200 miles away was rocked by its own blast Saturday.

The explosion at the plant, located in Dongfu, Shandong Province, occurred Saturday evening. Authorities said at least nine people were injured, but no one was killed.


BBC story + MAP

LINK –  http://youtu.be/2gy42RTVgLM

LINK –  http://youtu.be/mvJrvmi6K-I

LINK – http://youtu.be/tJzrEjtUKq8

LINK – http://youtu.be/q1fdTzw0Hls



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Fukushima is ON FIRE!

21 08 2015

Right now –


It flared way up over the past 2 hours, caught on the live cams.



21 08 2015

N./S. Korea Tension Escalates

BIG DEADLINE  (scroll down)

Aug. 20 –

DPRK: “Foolhardy provocation deserves harsh punishment.”

Aug. 20 –

Risk of escalation between North and South Korea will rise following shelling incident: IHS

Aug. 21 –

North Korea orders military to be ready for war, says report

Aug. 21 –

DPRK – “The joint military drills are little short of an open declaration of a war against the DPRK as they are an unprecedented military provocation in light of their scale, nature and program.”
” . . . . Owing to the action of the U.S. and the puppet military hooligans, the outbreak of a nuclear war has become a matter of time on the peninsula with the nation’s destiny exposed to constant threat.”

Aug. 21 –

Kim Jong-un orders combat-ready forces to missile attack
“Pyongyang plans to carry out strikes on the positions of the South Korea.


Aug. 21 –

North Korea Puts Army on ‘Quasi State of War,’ Sets Loudspeaker Deadline
stop the broadcasts by 5 p.m. Saturday (4:30 a.m. ET) or face military action.


Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills

• Aug. 17 – South Korea, US launch massive military exercise, amid North’s ire

Such large-scale joint military exercises… are little short of a declaration of a war,” read a Thursday statement by the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea

• Aug. 18 – South Korea, US Start Joint Military Ulchi Freedom Guardian Drill
“Some 50,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 American military will take part in the 12-day drill, according to the agency.
North Korea has slammed the drill as a rehearsal for invasion.”

• 2014 UFG drill –
US Army – “UFG is really an exercise designed to help at the four-star level,” said Maj. Gen. William M. Buckler, Jr., commanding general of the 412th Theater Engineer Command. “The Combined Forces Commander, Gen. James Thurman, and all of the four-star commands that the ROK Army has, including their Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Jeong Seung-jo, UFG is designed to help them map and figure out how we interact and how we all will work together should it be necessary if we come in armed conflict with North Korea again.”

Aug. 21 (DEADLINE DAY) –




Gray Smoke Engulfs Fukushima

2 08 2015

On the Live Cams now –



Traffic cam   JNN/TBS cam

LINK – http://youtu.be/-rxj8xu1_Ck

The ENE-News discussion forum on the live cams has been hacked and so has the alternate thread cam watchers have been using.

Gamma-Spectroscopy Results of Colorado Radioactive Freak Rain: Fukushima’s Fissioning Mini-Sun on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL

7 07 2015

Not All Alleged Is Apparent…


There was an atmospheric jet stream pattern on June 14, 2015, with a local slow-down condition, which I suspected would make it possible to test my hypothesis right here where I am in Southern Colorado:  that the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is still having actual nuclear fission reactions.  If that were the case, then that jet stream would likely deliver at least a few fission-tell-tale traces of radioisotopes, I reasoned.  So I had rainwater, sampled at that specific moment, analyzed in a professional lab.  The detected amounts are what’s technically called “non-detect” (below the Minimum Detectable Amount), but the mixture of isotopes identified to be present in that sample is beyond disturbing:

The raw data of gamma spectroscopy of this June 14, 2015 Colorado rainwater sample show clearly that specific radioactive decay energies were detected, indicating the presence of Americium-241, Cerium-144, Cesium-134/137, Cobalt-60, Europium-152/154/155, Iodine-131, Manganese-54, Niobium-94/95, Ruthenium-106, Zink-65 and various other troubling synthetic radionuclides.   

MORE: http://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/gamma-spectroscopy-colorado-radioactive-rain-june-14-2015-fukushima/

9 Quakes Leaping Down the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2 07 2015

From  RSOE map


Older quakes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


#9:  USGS – 5.7M Quake on Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge