Gareth Williams and Gudrun Loftus Murdered to Prevent them from Becoming More Russian Spies

13 04 2019

Assange Afghanistan docs leak story tied into this.

flying cuttlefish picayune

by Trowbridge H. Ford

In the so-called war on terror, securing secrets obtained is just as important for intelligence services as obtaining them in the first place, though the Western powers, especially the United States, have been quite slow in realizing this, thanks to its beliefs that its technology is too complicated to be seriously broken, and its agents are completely trustworthy. Of course, traditionally counter-intelligence – protecting what one already has, and making sure that it is not stolen in the future – has been as important as obtaining or stealing them in the first place. But the end of the Cold War – where organized systems of the combatants faced off against one another, has greatly blunted the process – leading individual states and alliances to believe that they only need worry about hackers, thieves of specific expertise, and criminal organizations. Current intelligence agencies have been until quite…

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Scientists’ Group Calls On EU To Follow Brussels In Halting 5G Projects Due To Health Risk

12 04 2019

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch


EU countries and cities should follow the example of Belgium and Brussels and halt projects related to 5G high-speed internet development because of potential health risks, Advisors to the International Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Scientist Appeal, an international advocacy group uniting specialists in the field, told Sputnik

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 04th April, 2019) EU countries and cities should follow the example of Belgium and Brussels and halt projects related to 5G high-speed internet development because of potential health risks, Advisors to the International Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Scientist Appeal, an international advocacy group uniting specialists in the field, told Sputnik.

On Monday, The Brussels Times reported that plans for a pilot project to provide 5G wireless internet in the Belgian capital had been halted because of health risk concerns. Environment minister said that such technology could not be welcomed if it did not meet radiation standards, which…

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Our Poor, Poisoned, Nuked Earth

7 04 2019



The Big WobbleNASA dumped trimethyl aluminium (TMA) and a barium/strontium mixture into the magnetosphere Friday (don’t worry it’s perfectly safe!)


Nuke Expert Dana Durnford on Three Mile Island 40 Year Cover-up Anniversary


Qatar makes CNN, Red Cross etc. cover up beheadings

5 04 2019

at 7:10 min. mark


 This sick, lunatic country wants to host the soccer world cup –


Japan’s Death-lympics ☠

5 04 2019


Deadly Dust – Depleted Uranium

3 04 2019

Deadly Dust: US Spreading Radiation and No One Wants to Raise the Issue – Author

” . . . After its use depleted uranium, which, as I have already said, is a source of alpha radiation (that is, a radioactive and very toxic substance), burns down to nano-particles that are a hundred times smaller than a red blood cell.

This way, I would say, a sort of metallic gas forms that people can inhale, and which is released in the atmosphere and can be carried anywhere by wind. People who inhale it are at risk for developing cancer. . . “



Cruise Ship Horror off Norway – It is Dead in the Water in Heavy Seas

23 03 2019

1,300 passengers in peril – cruise ship dead in the water in high seas near rocky coast –

No ability of rescue ships to get passengers off due to high waves –

Reuters Photo”

15-22 capacity choppers getting passengers off  1-by-1 with the basket thing –

Helicopter evacuation of cruise ship in Norway over fears it could run aground

A ship without engine power is in danger of roll-over – FC



They have 1 engine working – allowing passengers to tweet, evidently. Fewer than 175 rescued so far. The fishing vessels etc. are helping to keep the ship away from the rocky shore it seems. 

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