Corrupt Canada’s Cigar Lake Uranium Mine

31 01 2016

CKOM – (sept. 24, 2015) Cigar Lake mine starts production after finding one of world’s richest uranium deposits in 1981whiteRAD_yellRed

“On a stretch of land in Northern Saskatchewan a cluster of buildings mark the entrance to the Cigar Lake uranium mine. After being discovered in 1981, Cameco and AREVA officially marked the start of production Wednesday [Sept. 23, 2015] with a ribbon cutting and underground tour.”

” . . . Discovered in the Athabasca Basin, it is one of the richest uranium deposits ever found.”

Item: CBC News (Mar. 23, 2014) – Cameco now mining ore at Cigar Lake

Cameco is now mining and shipping uranium at its long-delayed Cigar Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon-based company said Thursday that ore production has begun at the site, which has been slow getting off the ground after a catastrophic flood in 2006.

Ore is being transported to the McClean Lake mill, located 70 kilometres to the northeast, which is operated by AREVA Resources Canada Inc., a minority owner of the mine.”

“. . . . The uranium deposit at Cigar Lake is expected to be one of the richest in the world, but getting to this point hasn’t been cheap — as of late last year, the capital costs were around $2.6 billion.”

Cameco (CCO) CCJ, announced today that production from the Cigar Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan has surpassed 10 million pounds of uranium concentrate (Cameco’s share 5 million pounds).

The Cigar Lake mine is owned by Cameco (50.025%), AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (37.1%), Idemitsu Canada Resources Ltd. (7.875%) and TEPCO Resources Inc. (5.0%) and is operated by Cameco.

First Shipment of Canadian Uranium Reaches India

“On December 3, the first consignment of Canadian uranium Cameco has ever sold to India reached the Port of Mumbai. This delivery is part of an agreement for Cameco to deliver 7.1 million pounds of uranium concentrate to India through 2020.”

MarketWatch – (Apr 24, 2015) – The uranium trade is about to go nuclear

The market for uranium is showing signs of life just over four years since Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami caused the worst nuclear disaster in a quarter century.

Japan has plans to restart some nuclear reactors this year, the first since all of them in the country were eventually shut down in the wake of the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster.

“As a relatively cheap and clean source of energy, the demand for nuclear energy has been growing for fundamental reasons that even the Fukushima accident couldn’t derail,” said Brien Lundin, publisher of Gold Newsletter [ sounds like persistent internet troll, Silver & Gold man – F.C. ], which covers the entire metals and natural-resource sector.

(Dec 14, 2015) – Cigar Lake Achieves Production Milestone

“Cameco (CCO) CCJ,  announced today that production from the Cigar Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan has surpassed 10 million pounds of uranium concentrate (Cameco’s share 5 million pounds).

The Cigar Lake mine is owned by Cameco (50.025%), AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (37.1%), Idemitsu Canada Resources Ltd. (7.875%) and TEPCO Resources Inc. (5.0%) and is operated by Cameco .”

Cameco stock = CA:CCO

The area – info



CANADA / JAPAN – Partners in Crime!

TEPCO Press Release – Dec 22,2004Cigar Lake Uranium Mine Project, Canada to Begin Construction:- One of the World’s Largest, High-Grade Uranium Mine Project Goes Ahead

The Joint Venture consists of 4 partners: TEPCO Resources Inc. (Canada),
TEPCO's wholly-owned subsidiary, CAMECO (Canada), COGEMA (France), and a
subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Canada).  TEPCO Resources Inc.
owns 5% interest of Cigar Lake uranium mine project. 

The project has so far devoted itself to prepare for the construction,
including licensing and detailed engineering.  The decision to proceed
with the construction was officially resolved among the Joint Venture
partners at the Joint Venture Management Committee meeting held in
Saskatchewan on December 21, 2004 (Japan time) and Canadian Nuclear Safety
Commission approved the construction license on the same day. 

URANIUM: Cigar Lake mine and McClean Lake mill outputs to rise

“SASKATCHEWAN – Saskatoon-based Cameco Corp. says it plans to boost the production rate at the Cigar Lake uranium mine to 16 million packaged lb of uranium concentrate. The company’s share will be 8 million lb, with the balance shared by its partners Areva Resources Canada (37%), Idemitsu Canada Resources (8%), and Tepco Resources (5%).

Ore from the Cigar Lake mine is treated at the McClean Lake uranium mill operated by Areva. With the increase in Cigar Lake ore, the throughput of the mill must be raised to 16 million lb U3O8 per year from the current rate of 13 million lb. Operator Areva will apply to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for permission to increase production. . . . “

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. (JOGMEC) did the deal!

Finance for the Cigar Lake Project

Outline of the Cigar Lake Uranium Mine [PDF]

Cameco’s Cigar Lake info page

Idemitsu Kosan company history

MAP  (Click on image for Full Size) –


Who owns what:
50.025%   |   CAMECO (Operator, Canada)
37.100%   |   COGEMA (Canadian subsidiary, aka COGEMA Resources Inc.)
 7.875%   |   Idemitsu Kosan (Canadian subsidiary, aka Idemitsu Uranium Exploration Canada Ltd.)
 5 %          |   TEPCO (Canadian subsidiary, aka TEPCO Resources Inc.)

2011 – Yoichi Shimatsu writes about TEPCO’s Hidden Connections Tepco “Compensation” For Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Is A Political Fraud

“These secret overseas funds are difficult to track down since funds can be routed through any of Tepco’s 258 affiliated companies.”

“Its long-term business relationship with Toshiba and Hitachi are hidden in Japan’s opaque system of cross-holdings of shares between related companies



whiteRAD+redBlkMining AwarenessNo Free Speech in Canada: Professor with Nuclear-Uranium Mining-Govt Ties Has Disabled Man Arrested and Put in Jail

Radionuclides in Sediment vs. Seawater and in Plankton-Marine Invertebrates (e.g. Sea Stars)

“Early US Atomic Energy Commission-WHOI [Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.] research is found below, indicating that Ken Buessler (WHOI) and Jay Cullen’s testing is not thorough enough. Their research is clearly inadequate to evaluate the impact of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster on life in the Pacific. Given their funding-ties to the nuclear-military industrial complex, should one be surprised? They are getting a lot of governmental funding, and in the case of WHOI, foreign partnerships-funding, including the University of Tokyo!
Of course, Jay Cullen’s funding source frequently “partners” with Cameco, which co-owns a major, newly opened, uranium mine with TEPCO at Cigar Lake.”




whiteRAD+redBlkA Green Road Blog Open Letter To All Marine Biologists, Nuclear Industry Whistle Blower Dana Durnford Arrested, Documenting The Mass Die Off And Sterilization Of West Coast, Death Of Pacific Ocean

whiteRAD+redBlkYoichi Shimatsu – In Defense of Dana Durnford

whiteRAD+redBlkCanada’s Vested Interest in the Protection of the Nuclear Industry Via Continued Lies About Fukushima

“Jay Cullen, for example, is employed by the University of Victoria on the British Columbia, Canada coast.

The University of Victoria is funded by the Canadian federal government.

Canada is the number two exporter of uranium worldwide and a major exporter of nuclear reactors, just like the ones that have been melting down non-stop, 24/7, for four-and-a-half years now at Fukushima, Japan.”

“. . . . northern Saskatchewan – my home province – is the second largest producer of uranium in the world. This is where the uranium is mined – mainly from McArthur River, the largest uranium mine in the world.

We’re doing what we can to get back to number one, too. Uranium production in Saskatchewan is on the upswing after the opening of a new mine at Cigar Lake in March 2014.”

whiteRAD+redBlkFukushima’s Political Fallout Puts Anti-nuke Researcher On Trial

whiteRAD+redBlkNuclear Proctologist – Fukushima Radioactive Fallout in Canada has wrecked the ocean and coast lines

whiteRAD+redBlkHow to Spot Pro Nuclear Pr Firms and Other Boot-licking Mass Murdering Crazy Nuclear Lapdogs

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “About 7 years ago I was invited to campaign against uranium mining in Canada (during a big election) at the request of MP Atamanenko representing the Cootenays (Mtn. range west of the Rockies) in British Columbia/Alberta area. I spent a lot of time and research learning about uranium and other deposits of minerals in Canada, including Cigar Lake.

QEII owns all of the mineral rights to the entire Commonwealth including Canada and she owns all the people too. Queen_E  The uranium deposits are very interesting including the geology of Canada and the United Plates of America (tectonic plates). I also learned a lot about the impact on the environment from the uranium mining activities – and public health.

Vancouver is a big big, big center of metals and mining speculation and stocks in Canada – and its all very corrupt and crooked. I was writing so much and doing interviews about 5 years ago online that my information started showing up on big mining investors websites. It was pretty exciting, but I also learned how dirty and fraudulent most of the non-existing mining companies really are where people get conned into investing into mining companies that are just a front for stealing money.”


RoyalHands  Queen’s University is Uranium U. too!

2009 – Cigar Lake Uranium Deposit Orientation Survey

Uravan is a Calgary; Alberta based R&D mineral exploration company specializing in uranium exploration….
in 2008 Uravan entered into a multi-year collaborative research agreement with QFIR at Queen’s University [!!!].  varsitySMQFIR was established in 1997 under the direction of Dr. Kurt Kyser. Research interests at QFIR include stable isotope geochemistry, evolution of fluids in basins, low-temperature geochemistry, geochronology and fluid-rock interactions. The focus of the Uravan-QFIR collaborative work is the study of uranium deposit geology...”







Chaos in the Control Room at Fukushima During 3-11 Disaster Revealed by Stronium Milks

24 01 2016

Japan U Still Here? Says NRC Secret Docs Fukushima Much Worse SFP #4 Gone!


Not Allowed to Say Worst Case Scenarios as Fukushima blew up! Inside NRC Ready Room


Fukushima Complete Station Blackout NRC Afraid to Embarrass Japan by Helping


Fukushima Plume Direction Top Secret Infant Dose Rate 10 Times Over NRC Limit


US Sailors Caught Spying – Nabbed by Iran

13 01 2016

Sputnik – Iran Has US Navy GPS Equipment, Will Prove ‘American Ships Were Snooping’

Iran’s semiofficial Fars new agency reported the two US Navy boats detained in the Persian Gulf had illegally traveled more than a mile into Iran’s territorial waters, and that GPS equipment confiscated by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Navy forces would “prove that the American ships were ‘snooping’ around in Iranian waters.” . . . (more)

Dana Calls Out Evil Globe & Mail

5 01 2016

Fukushima & How Globe And Mail Hoodwinked Uranium Stockholders




Pervert U.N. Troops Exploit African Kids

29 12 2015

Before It’s NewsUN Peacekeepers Demanded Oral Sex From Hungry Refugee Children

This doesn’t mention U.N. troops, but can we imagine what is going on with their hatred of children?
Organ Harvesting In Ukraine Goes Unreported

U.S.’ Syria Narrative is a Transparent Sham

24 12 2015

Some items from Syria Free Press –

Syria, the Real Story, CIA & Mossad Death Squads Exposed


Russian Defence Ministry responds to Amnesty International’s pro-NATO, anti-Syria propaganda

Daesh perverts reportedly conducts slave trade via office in Turkey

SputnikRussia Gives France Information on Turkey’s Role in Financing Daesh

US Reportedly Continues to Supply Weapons to al-Qaeda Through Syria’s FSA



And the U.S. invasion of Ukraine is just as awfulOn the 19th Day of Christmas… by Dmitry Orlov

Emergency at Old Nuke Plant in Russia & Poland Hit by (Fukushima?) Radiation

21 12 2015


A steam pipe has cracked at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in Russia and is venting radioactive steam into the atmosphere. The radiation is blowing toward southeast Finland.

RSOE Report

“After there was a release of radiation on Friday and one of the turbines was stopped, people began to take money from their bank cards, seek to buy iodine and even leave the area ( Social networks spread the alarm, something officials were unable to calm with all their assurances that radioactive levels near the plant were at “normal” levels, because as RFE/RL reported “people are more ready to believe ecologists who presented special reports” than in officials who usually don’t provide any information to the public.”

ENE-News – Mass panic as radioactive cloud pours from nuclear plant — Radiation levels reportedly spike near reactor after emergency shutdown — Traffic jams as people evacuate area — “Everyone got very worried and rushed to get iodine” (PHOTOS)


Not All Alleged is ApparentALPHA & BETA Radiation Data Graphed for Mikolajki, Poland (EURDEP, 2007-2015) + other radiation observations…