Plastic core of the cladding used on Grenfell Tower burned as quickly as petrol

19 07 2017

The Daily Mail Plastic core of the cladding used on Grenfell Tower burned as quickly as petrol

‘Grenfell’ fire deaths in Hawaii

18 07 2017

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Hawaii says about itself:

Marco Polo building fire kills three in Honolulu, no sprinkler system inside high-rise – TomoNews

16 July 2017

HONOLULU — Fire officials in Honolulu were still trying to determine the cause of a fire that ripped through an apartment building on Friday that killed at least three people.

The fire broke out in a unit on the 26th floor of the Marco Polo Tower on Friday afternoon. The building is next to the Ala Wai Canal and Ala Wai Community Park, near the famous Waikiki neighborhood in Honolulu.

There are 36 floors and 586 units in the building, which was built in 1971 before sprinkler systems became mandatory in high-rises in the city.

The fire only spread to the units next to it and immediately above it on the 27th and 28th floors due to its vast wave shape, CBS News reported.


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4 Weeks After Grenfell Tower Fire Kensington Council STILL INVISIBLE. Victims Not Helped by Gov’t.

16 07 2017

UK government, gentry has ABANDONED the mass murder survivors in Kensington.



That’s why they are in hiding!

Footdragging on Justice for Grenfell & Authoriies Refuse to Answer Questions About Cladding Tests

8 07 2017




Reuters – Silence over whether Grenfell Tower materials passed safety test

Three weeks after the June 14 fire, neither the two companies involved in the cladding on the Grenfell Tower nor the local authority which enforces the building codes have addressed questions from Reuters about whether that test was ever conducted and its outcome.

The test is required to show whether both materials when used together were sufficiently resistant to combustion.

Without proof that it had been carried out, the cladding system would not have met building regulations.

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#SEVENGATE Crime ring and the Grenfell Fire

29 06 2017

– a human sacrifice for ultra rich crazies

This sounds like bad science fiction but the evidence in plain sight everyday points to insane greed-monsters calling the shots and controlling governments.  They are so brazen they think they can get away with burning hundreds of people alive at Grenfell Towers  on worldwide tv.

Seven alleges on March 28 they tried to burn down a different tower block but failed (at 1:50 min. mark on this video – #GRENFELL FIRE PART 1- PLANNED BY A EVIL SATANIC TERRORIST DEATH CULT. The video description lists “FIRES IN TOWER BLOCKS SINCE GRENFELL” — and if you watch UK news you can see many post-Grenfell fires in headlines.
Is this a mass psy-op to terrorize the entire public??



The background on #sevengate is in this series of videos.



Many Famous Entertainment Industry Bosses involved in the international crime syndicate are behind the creation & funding of the terror group ISIS, and using the profits from famous stolen TV shows to fund global terror. Trillions have been stolen globally by decades of Organized Mafia Crimes & worldwide-racketeering


So many roads lead to Buckingham Palace ….



The Grenfell Tower Fire – 500 Dead – The Result of Govt Negligence and Class War

27 06 2017

AND . . .
Queen’s income rises to £82m to cover cost of Buckingham Palace works

“The Queen is in line for a near-doubling of her income to more than £82m due to a government decision to increase her funding to cover “essential works” to Buckingham Palace.”
Will that include decorative cladding to make her haunted house castle more appealing? We know where she can get some cheap!

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

An excellent 5 minute exposé of the rot that has set into a once caring humankind. A must watch in my opinion.

Published on Jun 20, 2017

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Alcoa (now called Arconic) supplied the ignito-cladding for Grenfell Towers knowing it was fire hazard

24 06 2017

Reuters – Arconic knowingly supplied flammable panels for use in London tower: emails

By Tom Bergin – LONDON

“Six emails sent by and to an Arconic Inc (ARNC.N) sales manager raise questions about why the company supplied combustible cladding to a distributor for use at Grenfell Tower, despite publicly warning such panels were a fire risk for tall buildings.

The emails, dating from 2014 and seen by Reuters, were between Deborah French, Arconic’s UK sales manager, and executives at the contractors involved in the bidding process for the refurbishment contract at Grenfell Tower in London, where 79 people died in a blaze last week.

When asked about the emails, Arconic said in a statement that it had known the panels would be used at Grenfell Tower but that it was not its role to decide what was or was not compliant with local building regulations.” . . . .”

” . . . The [2016 Arconic] brochure also issued a blunt warning that cladding can be a fire risk.

“When conceiving a building, it is crucial to choose the adapted products in order to avoid the fire to spread to the whole building. Especially when it comes to facades and roofs, the fire can spread extremely rapidly,” the brochure said.

As soon as the building is higher than the fire fighters’ladders, it has to be conceived with an incombustible material. . . . ” (more)

“Harley [of Harley Facades Ltd., the company which installed the panels ] said last week it was “not aware of any link between the fire and the exterior cladding to the tower”.”

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