THUD! More Hilllary e-mail released by Judicial Watch

10 08 2016

BreakingJudicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide Alerted On Email Inquiry

“State Department Alerted Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills of CREW’s ‘Significant FOIA’ Request for Clinton Email Accounts – IG Later Found ‘No Records Response’ Inaccurate and Incomplete”
(the docs)

The latest Huma and Mills (Hillary gal pals) grilling by feds docs –
(2016 Judidial Watch archives)

The whole enchilada
(all Judicial Watch docs)

Clinton’s Top Aide Cheryl Mills Answers More Questions Under Oath; Reveal She and Pagliano Were Concerned that Guccifer Hack of Blumenthal’s Emails Could Compromise Clinton’s Unsecured Email System

“Cheryl Mills’ conversation with Bryan Pagliano expressing concern that the impact of Guccifer’s hack of Sidney Blumenthal’s email account confirms that there was high anxiety among Clinton’s inner circle about the vulnerabilities of Clinton’s email system,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is notable that Hillary Clinton and her lawyers, rather than face a motion to compel in federal court, backed away from their obstructionist privilege claims to finally provide more answers from Cheryl Mills about Clinton’s email scheme under oath.”

♦ The Guccifer docs are linked in this blog post – FC

Judicial Watch Investigation Ties Clinton, De Blasio, Billionaire Developer Ratner to ‘New Tammany Hall’ Scandal

(Washington, DC) – An incisive new expose published today in Judicial Watch’s Investigative Bulletin charges that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, real estate developer Bruce Ratner, and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are key players in a “new Tammany Hall” that manipulates billions of dollars of public funds into vast private profits.

(the entire report)

” . . . Ratner has close ties to de Blasio and Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters is in a Ratner building in Brooklyn. Ratner and de Blasio lobbied hard to bring this year’s Democratic National Convention to the Barclays Center. De Blasio was an important early supporter of Ratner’s Atlantic Yards bid. A longtime donor to Democrats, Ratner backed de Blasio’s mayoral campaign. Ratner figured in the 1996 Bill Clinton campaign finance scandal as a guest in the Lincoln Bedroom and at a White House “coffee” event. Harold Ickes—the powerful Clinton adviser and lobbyist identified by federal prosecutors as “the Svengali” behind the campaign-finance scandal—is an influential mentor to de Blasio.”




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10 08 2016
THUD! More Hilllary e-mail released by Judicial Watch | flying cuttlefish picayune | AGR Daily News Service

[…] via THUD! More Hilllary e-mail released by Judicial Watch | flying cuttlefish picayune […]

10 08 2016

I added more just now — summary of Mills’ grilling….

10 08 2016

If you skip the Huma (most recent) e-mails and go to Mills’ e-mails there’s more material of interest.

10 08 2016

*** mistake *** those Huma mails have the payola scandal…. Clinton Foundation donor given consideration for cushy job at state …

10 08 2016

10 08 2016

from H.A. Goodman (above comment)
Newly Released Emails Highlight Clinton Foundation’s Ties to State Department
Aide to Bill Clinton asked Mrs. Clinton’s assistants to set up meeting between State, foundation donor
New Emails Raise Questions About Ties Between Clinton Foundation and State Dept.

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