Monica Petersen Memorial Service Livestreaming at 11 am Friday Colorado Time – Assistant Director Human Trafficking Center Died in Haiti

18 11 2016

[ Mention of this story on FC is in the second half of this recent post. Her line of inquiry may have touched on the Clinton Foundation, CGI and Bill Clinton in Haiti. – F.C.]

Mining Awareness +

Human Trafficking is a long-standing problem in Haiti, as have been assassinations and death squads. Anyone who stands up for the poor and disenfranchised is always at risk. Our blog was initially started in loving memory of an assassinated Haitian who had been targetted as an Aristide supporter.

A Memorial Service for Monica has been set for Friday, November 18th at 12:30pm. It will be held in Maglione Hall, 5th floor of the Sié International Complex, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, 2201 S. Gaylord St., Denver, Colorado.

The Human Trafficking Center has established an annual “Monica Petersen Memorial Lecture.” In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations may be sent to the University of Denver with the designation “In memory of Monica Petersen.” The address is University of Denver, P.O. Box 910585, Denver, CO 80291-0585.
Parking will be…

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19 11 2016

Clinton Underground Child Sex Scandal PART 1

28 11 2016

lots more at 45 min. mark on this vid —
has about Carlos Slim

28 11 2016

New York Times’ Top Shareholder Is a Clinton Foundation Donor
A rundown of the many connections between the Times and the Clintons

” ….Times’ top shareholder, Carlos Slim…..

Slim, a Mexican telecom tycoon whose net worth of nearly $80 billion makes him the second richest man in the world, became the top shareholder of the New York Times earlier this year after he doubled his shares to take control of 16.8 percent of the company.

Not only has Slim contributed between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation, but his company Telmex has contributed an additional grant between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 through its foundation. Slim has also pledged $100 million to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, a collaboration between the Clinton Foundation and Canadian mining tycoon Frank Giustra.”

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