The Dali Lama Dimension to PizzaGate

3 12 2016

This item was sent in- relating to Monica Peterson in Haiti –

Am I missing something on the Dali Lama? Monica’s supervisor who is formerly of US Atty Office DC and is on an education board for Northcom military (plus some other things like ties to Fred Pardee who worked for RAND) was installed by Dali Lama as priest AND the spirit cooking woman [Marina Abramovic] mentions Tibetan Buddhism.

Shadow of the Dali Lama –


We found out from the video (above) that FRANK GIUSTRA is connected to the Dali Lama!

The Dalai Lama Honours Radcliffe Founder Frank Giustra

His Holiness presented awards to three men who in their vision and leadership have exemplified a humanitarian spirit that has changed lives. They were Frank Giustra, John Volken and Djavad Mowafaghian. Each expressed their acceptance modestly with Mr Mowafaghian voicing a wish to see His Holiness living freely again in Tibet.






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3 12 2016

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “The Dali Lama is CIA, that explains his position on military org. The buddhism that is part of the satanic groups is not real buddhism. It is a perverted satanic form to create group thinking and control of individuals. This started under Nicci Rin buddhism in 1930 when Sokka Gokai was created. Fidel Castro set it up in California and it is now being promoted heavily with the Sikkh religion from India that has also been perverted.
UC Santa Cruz is where the heaviest promotion of both is happening, and is an experimental campus in terms of using those two religions to control students. Sokka Gokai was exposed in the early 1970’s and cleaned completely out of the Nicci Rin Buddhist movement.”

4 12 2016
4 12 2016


She [Abramovic] travels to India annually.
Link to latest interview with FT:

Seems like they gave her an interview to soften the blow.

7 12 2016

VT trying to cover up pizzagate

VeteransToday Brands Pizzagate Fake News In Their Rapidly Escalating March Toward Irrelevance

7 12 2016

I think these entities are getting a sudden infusion of money with a shut-up clause attached.
The Intercept (Greenwald) just made a deal with the devil with a ton of money from the e-Bay guy.

9 12 2016

dubmick – you have to sign up to and weigh in on the many threads you can contribute to.

21 12 2016

and on The Large Binocular Telescope, atop the Mount Graham International Observatory in southeastern Arizona, being located next to a coven –

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