Erased from History – Bio-Weapon Anthrax Attacks After 9-11 . . . so very familiar to today . . .

15 03 2020

So many clues lead straight to the US military and secret, illegal, bio-weapons projects.

“Hatfill was welcomed into the bioweapons cabal in the late 90’s upon his return to the U.S. from South Africa. He became a protege to Bill Patrick, considered by many to be America’s leading bioweaponeer and the holder of several secret patents for the anthrax weaponization process. Hatfill was involved in numerous Pentagon “black” projects through his role as a consultant for Science Applications International, and the Pentagon appears to have been pleased with his work. The Pentagon seems to have been largely unaware of Hatfill’s growing problems at work — including his loss of a security clearance after a failed polygraph in the summer of 2001. Again, we see a case of one government agency not knowing — or pressing to find out — about the security concerns surfacing in another federal agency.”

Fort Detrick Scientist “Commits Suicide” as Anthrax investigation closes in


And now we find almost NO interest in tracing the origins of the election year surprise virus from bio-lab-connected Wuhan and no interest in Harvard’s “special” interest in China.

Besides happening right during the primary cycle of the US election, the virus outbreak occurs when world headlines are exposing the biggest deepest-state pedophile ring in the world with connections to royal houses and top science labs and heads of state. Now the only headlines around the world involve the corona virus.
Think about that.