Tianjin Crater Gives Nuke Weapon Clues

29 08 2015


Dr. Leuren Moret writes about nuclear weapons issues in the Currents section of her website.

Compare the Tianjin crater to the crater in Donetsk, Ukraine where they had a mini-nuke dropped on them.

See – article by Dr. Leuren Moret on the NUCLEAR BALLISTIC MISSILE ATTACK ON DONETSK

(article has sources).

She says, ” … the Ukraine govt troops hit the main city with on Feb. 8 with a Donetsk Toch-U 10 kt nuclear missile. I took information from the nuke bible –  Glasstone on Nuclear Weapons [ PDF] – it’s even on Chinese military sites.
This has a section on the parameters of a nuclear weapon from Glasstone, I used that to estimate from the reports on shock wave, seismic fingerprint, fallout, distance felt/heard, frames from security cam tapes confirming all indications of a nuke event etc. “.

In that attack:
“The TOCHKA-U short-range Soviet era missile can be armed with a conventional warhead (crater on left), nuclear warhead (crater on right), or biological warhead. The width of the nuclear crater is about 5 times wider than for conventional warhead, and depth of crater from a nuclear warhead is about twice as deep.”

On measuring radiation from countries outside China after the Tianjin blasts she says,

The countries measuring it (nearly all of them) will not report it.
The US will pressure them not to. Also the prompt appearance of the IAEA within a day of the explosion is a very imporant indicator that it was a nuclear event. They will be mum too.

If we could get some scientists to compare the rad levels right after the explosion to the rad levels now, we could tell if it was a fission event or a neutron event. The fission event produces nearly 2000 different isotopes and that have a long lingering effect (neutrons in a chemical explosion destabilize the nucleus causing the core material – U or PU – to fragnent to tear apart producing the fission products). The neutron event causes neutron activation products to form that become radioactive from electrons in the shells jumping to higher shells then release the extra energy from the explosion and they fall back to original shell and lose the radioactivity. And the neutron bombs have a pulsing after a fissioning event – Fukushima kept blowing up, neutron pulse, blowing up, neutron pulse.

To gauge the magnitude of the detonation checking the size of the crater can indicate the kt equiv. of the bomb. But the soil or rock type has to be considered. Also a surface or mid-air burst has a different yield than a buried one. The burial depth makes a HUGE difference in the bang for you buck. A bomb that detonates at about 6′-8′ feet deep releases 10X more energy than an air or surface because of the coupling with ground waves. Below 6-8′ the yield decreases and the bomb cannot penetrate more than 32′.”

[ check this post later for more – FC ]


Clarification on nukes vs mini-nukes:

A nuclear weapon kt equivalent, that is subject to international laws and treaties governing.restricting their use/banning, is anything over 5 kt equivalent TNT yield

All nuclear weapons that are 5 kt and under are defined as “mini-nucs” that went into full development and use in about 2002 and earlier – I went to the Regents meetings of the Univ. of Calif. and watched it all happen.  Mini-nucs do not release a mushroom cloud – but a smoke column instead – so they are not identifiable by the characteristic mushroom cloud of larger nucs.  They are also exempt from all international treaties and agreements restricting the use of nuclear weapons.  For that reason their use on the battlefield is controlled by the military commanders who have no higher oversight or accountability.

They are also the most efficient form of nuclear warfare because all of the rad is restricted and concentrated in a small area, unlike larger nukes.  So they are launching them from howitzers that were quietly modified in the 1990’s to launch mini-nukes.  The military is firing them directly into residential areas of cities in Iraq etc.  Some of them are fission devices, and some are neutron warheads. It is the worst kind of nuclear warfare possible, and now from Fukushima, we see that nuclear power plants are weaponized and used as nuclear attacks when they have “accidents”.
– From Leuren Moret


Glasstone and Dolen, eds: Effects of Nuclear Weapons, 3rd ed.,
U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Energy, Washington, DC., 1977
Alt. link to download and read the doc. – http://www.scribd.com/book/206627078


We found this document with crater descriptions,
The Effects of Nuclear War, May 1979.
(“crater” is discussed on p. 24, 33 and 41 in the document – FC)
Nuclear Bomb Effects Computerhttp://www.fourmilab.ch/bombcalc/.




Pivot to WW3




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29 08 2015

SEE ALSO other related content in this comment on the original Tianjin post –

It has a link to the popular post (first run in Veteran’s Today) looking at the damage to the cars and the characteristics of the different car materials and how they burned or didn’t burn.

29 08 2015

Breaking: Ishchenko: Russia May Soon Use Airforce on Ukrainian Armed Forces-6 Russian Fighter Jets Spotted Near Ukraine Positions-Ukraine Resumes Massive Shelling-Chinese Conduct Live Fire Drills In The East China Sea Amid Tension With Tokyo


29 08 2015

yi-i-i-kes! I think China knows Japan’s military “might” is a lot of bluster. They were unable to shoot down any of those N. Korea rockets before….

30 08 2015

Many are looking at this crater!

This image on reddit.com is getting a lot of views.

30 08 2015

The top photo on this page is interesting.
It shows the crater and at 11 o’clock from the main crater is an unusual ‘donut’ shaped mini-crater filled with water.

31 08 2015

That blog post was a re-post of this Veterans’ Today item –
Aug. 25 Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked

Aug. 26 – a follow-up article with frame-by-frame analysis of the blast:

31 08 2015
31 08 2015

China Explosion Scene Looks Eerily Similar To 911

2 09 2015

Many good photos and more crater info –
Thoughts on the Tianjin Explosion

Aug. 16 – “I have been riveted by the events of the gigantic explosion that took place in Tianjn, China 4 days ago. The footage of the explosion has truly shocked me and the last time I felt this affected was during the 9/11 attack.

Have you even seen the video footage of the explosion … that was visible from space it was so big?! How does it not shake you to your core? How does it not raise questions in your head about what really happened? I bet if this explosion took place on US soil, all hell would have broken lose – and a new war immediately declared on somebody and everybody would be talking about it all day long.”

2 09 2015
4 11 2015

France 24 has a lot of good news reports with ground-level footage of the disaster area – –

[ more examples will appear in the sidebar when you view one ]

2 09 2015

This blog has idea about fuel air explosive, a thermobaric weapon –
Tianjin Explosion and China’s Yuan Devaluation

6 09 2015

7 09 2015

See Impact Craters On Earth From Space [ scroll down to photos]

11 09 2015

Joseph P. Farrell blogged about Tianjin event –


“Now, while I continue to have major doubts that this was anything more than an accidental explosion, the timeline, plus President Obama’s warning, recalls the similar events of Fukushima almost to a “t”: first a new Japanese government came to power. That government clearly indicated it wanted to improve relations with China, and also requested the USA close down and remove its Okinawa base. Then-US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates then issued a warning to Japan that was scarecly more than a disguised threat. Then came the earthquake, the tsunami, and the Fukushima disaster, ongoing to this day. And, for those not aware of it, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, has made similar observations about the Indonesian tsunami: first there were inexplicable sell-offs of Indonesian sovereign securities on the markets, followed a week later by a tsunami. One could go on and on (like those earthquakes that hit the Soviet Union (Georgia, home to then Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shervednadze) during the events running up to the German reunification), but I suspect one gets the basic idea: “accidents” in the context major economic and geopolitical events, such as the Chinese yuan devaluation, should be looked at carefully….”

13 09 2015

(9-12) Global Supply Chain Risk Management and the Recent China Disaster

“…The infrastructure damage is extensive. In addition to all of the immediate damage near the explosion, and the 10-mile radius where windows were shattered, there has been road damage, trains shut down and, perhaps most critically, IT system damage. The latter part is critical to processing the necessary paperwork and documentation to clear the port – if not required by the Chinese authorities, then definitely required by the receiving countries’ customs authorities. Nothing can be processed without Internet connectivity, so early Chinese claims that “the terminals can handle the processing” is not likely to work.”

[ blast impact details in this article ]

14 09 2015

14 09 2015

Related (???)
Aug. 14 – Subway construction collapses into giant sinkhole in China.

9 10 2015

The Astonishing Revelations of Wayne Madsen on the Mystery Explosions in China and Japan


August 21-23, 2015 — Tianjin explosion appears to be state-sponsored industrial sabotage – Wayne Madsen Report

August 25-26, 2015 — Chinese asymmetric warfare: sabotage operations at forefront of strategy – Wayne Madsen Report

September 8-10, 2015 — China: plant explosion number four – Wayne Madsen Report

October 1-2, 2015 — Explosions in China are no longer reported as “accidents” but as sabotage – Wayne Madsen Report.
(article has a summary of reports + more)

11 10 2015

— youtu.be/95tqW_uOnmk

27 10 2015

NEW! Drone video of crater!

Tianjin factory explosion: Drone vision shows dramatic aftermath of China blasts

WATCH: Utter devastation – Drone footage reveals massive crater where factory once stood

27 10 2015

MORE videos + drone fly-over videos on this channel:

Tianjin Blast Destruction in 4K – Drone reveals cars burnt to the ground

Clean Up –

27 10 2015

(opinion) Looks like a space weapon to me!

7 12 2015

China May Be Reverse-Engineering MAHEM, the Pentagon’s Handheld Railgun

A research paper we unearthed suggests Chinese scientists are figuring out the details of MAHEM, the small deadly railgun that DARPA has been building in secret since 2008.

26 01 2016

6 07 2018

NEW! Lots of old footage of nuclear tests just released ….

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