Dana Durnford Arrested For Speaking His Mind. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute AND A University Get Him Arrested –

7 11 2015

From Nuke Pro

We have long known that Woods Hole OI is a mouthpiece for the nuclear cartel.
I mean how blatant can they be, naming their website “Our Radioactive Ocean“.

And Dana is a character, I mean a little rough around the edges. But who else devoted their life to documenting the damage done to our environment?

He is trying to raise awareness regarding the not overstated death of the Pacific—-Which is detailed in this 61 page diatribe of just links to Pacific Ocean evidence of ongoing damage.

The evilness of this action has far reaching ramifications. It is crushing free speech. It is scaring people into being complacent sheep, afraid to speak up. Even as I write this, I wonder if it is even “OK” to call them Woods Whore. Yep grant whores they are, so I said it before and will say it again.

Woods Hole conspired with University of Vancouver to simultaneously make a request for arrest, and they amazingly pulled it off. They hate the truth, they are paid to cover up the truth. . . . (MORE)



whiteRADyelBlack UPDATE, Nov. 8

Nuke ProDana Durnford — Anti-Nuclear Activist Can Get 10 Years in Jail, Charged Under the “Stalking” Law




11 responses

7 11 2015

8 11 2015

I love this guy and the whole premise of survived another week. He is too nice to Buessler though. I don’t think Buessler is following the scientific method.

8 11 2015

I love him too … he deserves wider audience ….

9 11 2015

take a look – Mt. St. Helens may be ready to blow again!

10 11 2015

Alleged Chinese curse – may you live in interesting times… Which will go first, it or Missouri?

10 11 2015

Mt. St. Helens/Yellowstone/New Madrid all neck and neck as they round the turn!

9 11 2015
9 11 2015

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