Nuke Pro: Chinese Contingent Bought Dominion Voting Systems 1 Month Before the Election

10 06 2021

Chinese Contingent Bought Dominion Voting Systems 1 Month Before the Election — Desperation Move When Landslide Was Obvioius!

“Staple Street Capital, a private-equity firm, purchased Dominion on July 16, 2018 for approximately $265 million. William Kennard, the Chairman at Staple Street Capital was previously the Ambassador to the EU under Obama and the FCC Chief under Clinton.

UBS Securities LLC invested $400 million into Staple Street Capital on Oct. 8, 2020. There are two UBS Securities; one in New York (LLC) & one in Beijing (Co. Ltd.). The three board members of UBS NY are; Luo Qiang, Ye Xiang, & Mu Lina.” . . .  (more)





Nuke Pro – No Excess Deaths in the USA

8 12 2020

There are No Excess Deaths (From All Causes, Including Those “with COVID”) in the USA. Data Matches 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

In 2015, a total of 2,712,630 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

In 2016, a total of 2,744,248 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

In 2017, a total of 2,813,503 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

2019, January – December month ending number of deaths, 2,855,000:

2020 number of deaths (all causes) through 11/28/2020, 2,654,825:

Troubling signs of fifth column at work hiding behind protesters

2 06 2020

We began a small collection of posts about police provocateurs caught on camera and posted them in comments in this post (scroll down to this  banner to read them).

We are not the only ones noticing. Here are some prominent stories about this effort to exploit public outrage over police brutality and class struggle.

Zero Hedge Shocking Evidence Suggests Coordinated Effort To Orchestrate An Uprising Inside The United States

More Bricks Appear In Advance Of Monday Demonstrations In Baltimore, Texas

Nuke Pro
Proof — These Protests Are Funded By Soros’ Son — Our Enemies Call Themselves Friends of Democracy


Topical: Nuke Pro’s theory on the Sun causing quakes and volcanoes

29 01 2020

Nuke Pro’s theory on the Sun causing quakes and volcanoes might be verified this month.

He says –

“The first “real” sunspot with penumbra passed through earth effective zone yesterday [Jan. 27, 2020] and is heading to the eastern limb. No flares or other dramatic stuff.

Here is how it works, and we continue EQ Alert, this non standard location does little to think that stress has been relieved on the main Ring of Fire. Also expect more vulcanism.

The Quiet Sun (low sunspots) affects the Earth measured Kp index, a measure of the Earth’s magnetic field / shield. Low Kp (and it has been amazingly low since late last fall) means that much more Cosmic Rays get into the atmosphere and start their cascade of effects.

Some of these high energy particles penetrate the ground, to say 2 miles. This adds energy to dissolved gasses in Magma, and some of those gases “nucleate” and start rising up, and like a balloon going high in the sky and less pressure, they get bigger and rise faster.

So much of the worlds Magma chambers are “primed” ready to pop. Now comes the sunspots, and they launch electromagnetic sheets and cones that connect via the Sun /Earth connection that is always there, now the Magnetic Shield takes a jolt, and this too can set off EQ.”

The Big Wobble - (Jan. 29) The Mexican monster Popocatépetl Volcano, whose name is the Aztec word for smoking mountain erupts again for the second time this month!

(Jan. 28) 7.7 Quake Between Jamaica and Cuba

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle - (Jan. 26) New Mud Volcanoes Appearing in Trinidad



Nuke Pro – Prior to Fukushima, “they” knew something big was underway, for up to 8 days

29 10 2019

Earthquake Knowledge Is Huge — Fukushima Was Predicatable — There Was a Market “Tell” — Yet They Will Never Warn The Little People


Fukushima Fueling Mega-Hurricanes

7 09 2019

They weren’t around before the multiple nuclear melt-downs in Japan.


It seems nuke apologist and no-radiation-in-the-Pacific-propagandist, Jay Cullen feels harried by social media disseminating other views. Perhaps he doesn’t want anyone to know his financial incentives to protect his poisoner nuke-puke pals –

Nuke Pro on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit -3

Dana Durnford’s Crime: Telling the TRUTH about Nukes

Woods Hole Sh*ts in Pants — Scrubs Data on Pacific Radiation

Who is checking the NE Pacific for Fukushima radiation and who is not

Woods Hole Erases Fukushima Pacific Contamination Data

Mack is Back!! Nuke-Pro Restored to the web!

6 07 2019