Fear of Flying

25 12 2016

The Wigner Effect is about the degradation of some metals after exposure to radiation. whiteRAD_yellRedSince Fukushima the Wigner Effect has been much discussed in aviation circles. Now it seems obvious there’s something very wrong with passenger jets, planes and flying in general.

Leuren Moret – Fear of Flying (The Wigner Effect)

Airplane Oddities – Radiation Caused?




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26 12 2016
Keith C. Mandeville

Here are some videos to get you started. Just look through the videos attached at the bottom of each Youtube video below that you watch to see more videos on reasons not to fly. You can also search “Rad Chick Wigner Effect” or “Leuren Moret Wigner Effect” on Youtube.
Watch “Are Pilots passing out from Rad Levels in Flight?” on YouTube

Rad Chick: “FLYING THRU FALLOUT: Celebrities, pilots, etc”
Watch “Kim Kardashian & baby get Nuked (Case #1)” on YouTube

Watch “Fukushima, Radioactive Waste, & The Wigner Effect” on YouTube

Watch “Wigner8: Ex-Navy Engineer – Aircraft Engines are Rad Magnets” on YouTube

Watch “Did Radiation cause Lil Wayne’s seizures? (Case #2)” on YouTube

Watch “Kelly Osbourne & “Unexplained Seizures” in frequent flyers (Case #3)” on YouTube

Watch “Brooke Burke’s Thyroid Cancer & Fukushima (Case #4)” on YouTube

Watch “UK Celebs showing signs of Rad Sickness (Case # 6,8,9)” on YouTube

Watch “Justin Bieber: Brain Damage & Rad Exposure (Case #10)” on YouTube

Watch “NUKED IN THE SKIES: Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne” on YouTube

26 12 2016
Keith C. Mandeville

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26 12 2016

it’s not in spam bin at FC or the Bugle.
Try again.
I think they are fooling with my blog.

26 12 2016

other topic –
space weather modification (after 5 minutes of chit chat at the beginning)

26 12 2016

I found it — WP redirected it to ‘Trash’ and I found a bunch of ther good post there, some old ones too, that I just restored.
I did not trash them.
WP is doing it.
So I will check the trash and spam bins more often!
Bad, bad, WP!

26 12 2016


30 12 2016
Keith C. Mandeville

Comment and video missing. Let the truth be known! Don’t be misinformed!

31 12 2016

they all show up on my browser …

28 12 2016

passenger dies on flight from Cologne diverted to Bucharest —

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