Nuke-Crazy Japan wants to “recycle” radioactive soil into parks

15 01 2019




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16 01 2019

Added your article to this article…..Mahalo!


16 01 2019


“What is larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, which stood for 43 Centuries as the tallest building in the world?
The answer is the bagged nuclear waste of Japan / Fukushima”


17 01 2019
Jack Schick

You know, as a west coast child, primarily,
we always had the ha-ha anecdotal teasing about
“Harry Carry” with the ritual plunging of the sword
into the abdomen– Hara-Kiri suicide in the Japanese
Hollywood tradition.
Kids acting out black-n-white war movies.
This is suicide, it would seem.
Or Murder, performed upon a severely-mis-educated people!
They say all the Nippon corporate bigwigs live out of the Country,
while the Japanese Nation radioactively dies.
And all you Foolish enough to come for the “Olympics”,
you will be irradiated, nuke-exposed, poisoned, sickened,
some will die of the Cesium Heart.
Hard-Breathing, sweating athletes, Frying their Bodies with Rads.


17 01 2019

can you imagine the food they will be serving up at the Olympics? All those Fuku farm products …. in little box lunches.
I wonder is some reporters are going to pass on the trip ….


18 01 2019
18 01 2019

very intriguing … it must be why BBC was touting this on the front page this morning –


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