US: 35% facing debt collectors

29 07 2014

Seattle Times - More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute.

These consumers fall behind on credit cards or hospital bills. Their mortgages, auto loans or student debt pile up, unpaid. Even past-due gym membership fees or cellphone contracts can end up with a collection agency. . . .

At Gaza: Israel Used Directed Energy Weapons & Tactical Nukes – Dana

27 07 2014

Proof -


G00gle News hides  headlines like these -


Uncontrolled Chain Reaction at Fukushima Caught on Camera

26 07 2014

From the Fukushima Hounds’ forum:

Uncontrolled  Visible Nuclear Chain Reactions

We have been seeing some strange anomalies at the Fuku plant lately that have had me obsessed with trying to figure out what exactly is occurring.
[ has video]


Fukushima Stack Appears to be Listing

25 07 2014

Looking at the LIVE CAM at Fukushima it appears the big stack is tilting to the right.

To check we did a screen grab and put grid marks on the image using Paint.

Red box is computer-squared so it has no error in straightness. The up and down line on the right half of the image is next to a tall wall to demonstrate if the camera is tilted or not. The camera does not seem to be askew. The blow-up image is at the bottom – click on it for full size.



Another view using 2 overlaid photos, before and after.

LIVE CAM view Saturday afternoon -

The pink and purple isn’t from a beautiful sunset.



‘Tokyo Should No Longer Be Inhabited,’ Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation

24 07 2014


3 years of foot dragging!

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

TokyoBy David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) In an essay addressed to his colleagues, Japanese doctor Shigeru Mita has explained why he recently moved away from Tokyo to restart his practice in western Japan: He believes that Tokyo is no longer safe to inhabit due to radioactive contamination caused by the March 11, 2011, meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The essay, titled “Why did I leave Tokyo?” was published in the newsletter of the Association of Doctors in Kodaira, metropolitan Tokyo.

Soil tests prove contamination

Dr. Mita opens his essay by contextualizing his decision to leave, noting that he had a long history as a doctor in Tokyo.

“I closed the clinic in March 2014, which had served the community of Kodaira for more than 50 years, since my father’s generation, and I have started a new Mita clinic in Okayama-city on April 21,” he wrote.

Dr. Mita notes…

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Passing the Buk by William Bowles

23 07 2014


Looks like it is sadly true …. another cock up!

Originally posted on Dandelion Salad:

by William Bowles
Writer, Dandelion Salad
July 22, 2014

Well, aside from a few comments I’ve posted on Moon of Alabama, I’ve spent most of the time reading (when I’ve not been compiling) just about everything I could on the subject of the downing of Malaysian Airlines #MH17 and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Russians have been fitted up for this horrendous crime by the Kiev authorities (and possibly others) and, it must be said, they did a pretty bad job of it! If it wasn’t for the craven and complicit corporate/state media in the West simply not reporting on the actual events of the 17 July as they have been revealed, the reality of the frame would be obvious to everyone.

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Palestine Flags Fly at Tour De France

20 07 2014

Stage 15 -


Video < 23 second mark

At the exciting duel at the last kilometer of today’s stage spectators waved Palestine flags. The broadcast was seen worldwide by millions.

Perhaps they had waved them at this huge rally in Paris.