“Anonymous” attack disrupting Ferguson city government + MO Uprising Updates

13 08 2014

KPLR News – FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – Protests in the streets have not been the only disruption in the city of Ferguson since the shooting of Michael Brown by police. A cyber attack by the hacker group “Anonymous” has done more damage than any bottle or brick.

The threats from “Anonymous” came shortly after the protests surrounding Brown’s death started. In a video released on YouTube, the group was specific about what it intended to do.

“We will take every web based asset of your departments and governments offline,” the robotic voice said over video associated with the Brown case. “That is not a threat, it is a promise. Attacking the protestors will result in the release of personal information on every single member of the Ferguson Police Department. . . . (more)


LINK –  http://youtu.be/fidFtMZHGiE

Ferguson Cams

Anonymous: Audio Tapes (St. Louis Dispatch)

LINK –   http://youtu.be/zta9FyoA7TU

UPDATE, Aug. 14

LINK –  http://youtu.be/zApzDwjxfgs

RT report: Ferguson’s mall militarised as police build fortress < VIDEO

LINK –  http://youtu.be/E5ILVzhC4es

LINK –  http://youtu.be/WjVeWLc6zwQ

LINK –  http://youtu.be/zApzDwjxfgs

LIVE updates from Reddit thread (until they block it!)

Twitter: #OpFerguson (says they have shooter’s name)

Desperate move to stop press coverage by helicopter -
FAA Bans Flights Over Ferguson as Tensions Flare Between Police, Residents

Philadelphia Inquirer
There’s a police coup going on right now in Ferguson, Mo.

KMOX radio stream (CBS) from St. Louis … they give sparse headlines then chatter about sports.

NOTE: You Tube is removing common search terms for this story. AOL and other web services are removing news stories about it. Try different phrasings when looking up the news about the Ferguson uprising. Get familiar with “the Miami Model” – super (exportable) police state response to the FTAA agreements.

UPDATE, Aug. 18

VICE has been posting long live coverage videos from Ferguson -

LINK –  http://youtu.be/6Q0wA4OmCd4  < at the 19 min. mark an overhead drone is discussed … you can hear its motor …

The New YorkerA Movement Grows in Ferguson

MOVE ON petition:  Expand Investigation into Ferguson, Missouri’s Police Department

St. Louis Post Dispatch -

The main St. Louis County website, http://www.stlouisco.com, which was attacked from external sources and shut down last week, is once again up for public access.
Most service had been restored Monday.
Six related sites still are out and are being repaired.
The server went down at 4:48 p.m. Wednesday due to what officials called a “denial of service attack.”  … (more)


Judge denies ACLU motion for an order to stop police tactics

UPDATE, Aug. 20

Slate – Why the Media Is Siding With the Protesters

How for-profit policing led to racial disparities in Ferguson

The Only Video of Michael Brown Released by Eyewitness < has video

Apocolapse Creep

11 08 2014

US pokes China with another pin -
U.S. May [sic]  Boost Military Presence in Northern Australia
Broader Talks Include Proposals for Larger Missile Defense Shield

DARWIN, Australia—The U.S. is considering rotating more fighter jets and bombers through northern Australia as part of steps to deepen its defense ties with Asia-Pacific allies.

According to briefing notes reviewed by The Wall Street Journal ahead of a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the plan is for more aircraft rotations at an Australian military air base near Darwin. . . .


Threat of Nuclear War Back-Paul Craig Roberts


Fukushima Radiation: 200 kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Devoid of All Life

10 08 2014

LINK –  http://youtu.be/povMvljRLcc

Alarm bells sound louder over danger of financial collapse – WSWS

9 08 2014

World Socialist Website:

“Warnings are mounting internationally that the global financial system is heading for another disaster as a result of the flood of virtually free cash to the banks and speculators from the US Federal Reserve and other central banks.

On Tuesday, the British daily Telegraph published an article entitled “Global economy one shock away from another crisis.” It cited comments from the financial firm Fathom Consulting, run by former Bank of England economists, to the effect that the present calm in the markets is masking the build-up of risks in the global financial system. . . .  “


Zero Hedge:

How The Destruction Of The Dollar Threatens The Global Economy

“The failure to understand money is shared by all nations and transcends politics and parties. The destructive monetary expansion undertaken during the Democratic administration of Barack Obama by then Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke began in a Republican administration under Bernanke’s predecessor, Alan Greenspan. Republican Richard Nixon’s historic ending of the gold standard was a response to forces set in motion by the weak dollar policy of Democrat Lyndon Johnson.

For more than 40 years, one policy mistake has followed the next.  Each one has made things worse. The most glaring recent example is the early 2000s, when the Fed’s loose money policies led to the momentous worldwide panic and global recession that began in 2008. The remedy for that disaster? Quantitative easing—the large monetary expansion in history.…”


The US May Regret Libya and Iraq Assassinations

7 08 2014

Watching events unfold across the oil rich nations of the middle east we should remember men like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi had no tolerance for religious zealots running around in their countries. It seems Washington D.C. is awash with religious zealots these days.

They have brought ruin on the continent of Africa.

These come to mind -


Terrifying Fukushima Fire Footage from May 20

6 08 2014

LINK –  http://youtu.be/35odR7scvbI

NSA Spying in the Caribbean

6 08 2014

The Intercept: Data Pirates of the Caribbean: The NSA Is Recording Every Cell Phone Call in the Bahamas

Picture of a military (probably Dutch) ship in Pointe Blanche Bay, St. Maarten – view toward St. Barth.



It is back and forth the whole south side of the island.
There are undersea telco cables from St. Maarten connecting it to the world, as well as large satellite dishes.