The Ongoing Saga at WIPP

22 04 2014


All about WIPP

and the sub-contractors working for them …

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

URS – WIPP: Know Your Contractors and Be Worried, Be Very, Very Worried

We need to stop talking about WIPP or Hanford or Sellafield, etc. and start talking contractors and subcontractors and “consortium” members who are at various sites and which ones have, or have not, messed up repeatedly and dangerously; which ones harass and fire safety workers, etc.

URS claims to be the consortium lead at both WIPP and Sellafield. Majority French govt. owned Areva is also at both of these sites. Areva was recently awarded a clean-up subcontract at Hanford (See: “Areva wins $19M conract for work on Hanford spill, The Tri-City Herald, Jan. 17, 2014″ ) Areva appears to have failed…

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Big Quakes Shake E. Caribbean Today

19 04 2014

They were not where the constant quake swarm has been all year between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. These were east of the US Virgin Is..  The events are shown as twin events on the map but the time for these 2 is the same so must be same origin (2).


RSOE map


How it feels to be in nuke lab accident

18 04 2014

First hand account from Idaho National Lab -

Half-Life: How an Accident at the Idaho National Laboratory Changed a Family 

Years after he was exposed to radiation, a man fights to tell his story

[snip] . . .  Braase was nervous about going forward with the work. He wiped the outside of the clamshell with a piece of paper and fed the swab into a radiation detector, but found no trace of contamination.

Wearing two pairs of gloves and standing behind a plate of lead shielding, Stanton took the clamshell into his hood. Several filters lined the back wall of the hood, but a few months before, Stanton had noticed three of the four exhaust fans weren’t working. He didn’t like that, and had brought it up to his supervisors, but they hadn’t been fixed yet. He didn’t push it.

He opened the clamshell to reveal the plutonium plate wrapped in several layers of plastic and duct tape. It had sat in the vault like that for more than 30 years. Braase again swabbed for contamination and, again, found none.

Stanton sawed through the first layer with a box cutter. He turned over the plate and cut off the next. He flipped it over three or four times, getting closer to the stainless steel that separated him from the plutonium.

Braase said he heard fellow nuclear facility operator Brian Simmons, who has refused to comment to the press pending mediation in a court case, say, “I seen something fall out.” As the workers gathered around, Braase heard him say it again. “Yeah, I seen something fall out. We’ve got powder.”

Stanton said this is where he “puckered.” He looked at Simmons, thinking, “Man, I hope that’s not what we think it is, or we’re hosed.”

Stanton feared the contamination was alpha radiation. While alpha radiation isn’t strong enough to penetrate someone’s skin or clothes, it can be extremely poisonous if inhaled.

Braase grabbed a sample of the powder and threw a wet towel over it to keep it from going airborne. He reached for a handheld alpha radiation detector. Normally, the detector has to be a quarter inch away from the subject to pick up radiation. As far as three inches from the swab, the needle bounced into the red.

“Stop the work,” Braase said. Based on the distance from the sample and the reading on his monitor, he knew his colleagues were being dosed with far more radiation than they could safely–or legally–be exposed to.

“We’ve got to get Ralphie out of there,” he said.

But Braase couldn’t let Stanton out of the hood until he was checked for contamination. Running a detector over his Stanton’s body, Braase was shocked to find alpha radiation on his shoulder.

“No, Ralph, you can’t come out,” Braase said. What he thought was, “Oh shit.”

Apartheid abuse cases against Ford, IBM go ahead

18 04 2014

Times of India -

NEW YORK: A federal judge in New York has given new life to lawsuits that seek to hold IBM and Ford liable for apartheid abuses carried out by South Africa’s government. . . .
The lawsuits seek to hold IBM and Ford responsible for race-based injustices including murder. . .  (more)


18 04 2014


England – shame, shame, shame on you!

Originally posted on Radiation Free Lakeland:

Sellafield Sacrifice - We are the Deer - The Deer are Us

Sellafield Sacrifice – We are the Deer – The Deer are Us


Radiation Free Lakeland have just learned that one of the options for the Sellafield Deer trapped within the newly enlarged security fences is to
retain the deer on site as:

“excellent bio-indicators and sentinels of environmental contamination.
Because of their extremely rapid and efficient deposition of minerals in
bone, they are recognised as important sources of data in respect of heavy
metal and radioactive isotope accumulation. Given the nature of the
industrial work at Sellafield, the regular sampling of deer bone and liver
tissue might be an attractive prospect for those responsible for
environmental monitoring at the site.”

We suspect this was Sellafield’s intention all along to use the deer as an experiment. But then who needs deer as “sentinels” inside the fences when
children are encouraged to play on beaches just outside the…

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Mike Ruppert – The Truth And Lies Of 911

17 04 2014


No translation needed:




Proof US was Behind the Genocide in Rwanda

16 04 2014

Twenty Years Ago, The US was Behind the Genocide: Rwanda, Installing a US Proxy State in Central Africa

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

The ultimate objective was to displace France from Central Africa. It is worth noting that that a similar situation is unfolding in the Central African republic which historically has been an area of French influence. Ethnic divisions between Christians and Muslims are being fomented the ultimate objective is to establish a US proxy states in the Central African republic.”

“. . . A similar process of financing military expenditure from the external debt had occurred in Rwanda under the Habyarimana government. In a cruel irony, both sides in the civil war were financed by the same donors institutions with the World Bank acting as a Watchdog.”

” . . .  A detailed investigation of government files, accounts and correspondence conducted in Rwanda in 1996-97 by the author –together with Belgian economist Pierre Galand– confirmed that many of the arms purchases had been negotiated outside the framework of government to government military aid agreements through various intermediaries and private arms dealers. These transactions –recorded as bona fide government expenditures– had nonetheless been included in the State budget which was under the supervision of the World Bank. Large quantities of machetes and other items used in the 1994 ethnic massacres –routinely classified as “civilian commodities” — had been imported through regular trading channels.”