Richard Koshimizu on Fukushima: The truth of 311 seismic terror

26 06 2012


Richard Koshimizu may be an eccentric, a right winger etc. but he is making valid points in this speech and showing scientific sources (not just his opinion) – F.C.



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29 06 2012

Very interesting, I love Japan but I question the way their media covered the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima meltdown. From what I saw there, I don’t think I’d eat the food coming from there. I wrote an article while I was there last summer about what was going on around me.



4 07 2012
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current news…

[…]Richard Koshimizu on Fukushima: The truth of 311 seismic terror « flying cuttlefish picayune[…]…


20 02 2013
20 02 2013

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old but good . . . a scientist talks about Fukushima disaster tsunami event being man-made…


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