5 04 2018

Lots of rain in California recently – –

LINK – https://youtu.be/rDAwHEP1Uxc


LINK – https://youtu.be/izBz9nQqjLY

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Springtime in California

25 03 2018

The Watchers –
Record-breaking rain hits California, worst yet to come

Maven’s Notebook – The ‘nightmare’ California flood more dangerous than a huge earthquake; Sierra snowpack water content more than triples in one month; Experts fault SF water agency in scare at Moccasin Reservoir; and more …

Igeeks Magz – Storm drops record-breaking rain in parts of California – has map

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Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway problems, landslides

16 03 2018

From Susan Wolding

LINK – https://youtu.be/Lr_VLaUrdbc

Oh,and we have new stuff on the lab under the dam

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Oroville Dam – How’s that snow melt in the Sierras?

4 07 2017

We don’t know how the dam is doing since the Live Data page has been konked out for days. <<< UPDATE (7-12) It is back on line ….

They look busy on the LIVE CAM but with all the tearing up it looks like they won’t be able to handle a big out-rush of water.


This dam, south of Sacramento is releasing water full blast –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/ov0_RDoCu10

Susan Wolding – Dams of California are they ready? July 2017 Shocking!!! NEW!!!

LINK –  https://youtu.be/pwrp73MtRtY


LINK –  https://youtu.be/BCjuDTbMDtA

10th annual Orange County Water Summit

LINK –  https://youtu.be/PZv_IB_XpYU

We still want to know where all the snow melt in the High Sierras is going to go.

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Watching Sierra Snow Melt (Oroville Dam Threat) – Weird Cold Snap

12 06 2017

The Watchers Rare, winter-like June storm hits Northern California

A rare, winter-like June storm hit Northern California early Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2017, bringing sharp temperatures drop, heavy rain, hail, frequent lightning, and even snow in some higher elevations. The weather is expected to clear up by Monday morning, but overnight low temperatures in Sierra could stay below freezing for as many as 2 to 3 more nights, NWS said. . . (more)

And over the weekend there was a mysterious drop on water inflow at the dam –


Stay Tuned …

Oroville Dam ALERT! Here Comes the Snow Melt! 9X More IN than OUT

28 05 2017

graphics soon….

INFLOW NOW 121.5k cfs  OUT: 13.5k cfs

outflow numbers

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Are California newspapers covering this up??? The only Sacramento Bee headline today about the snow melt focuses on insect problem. Almost no headlines after Friday. Is it because they don’t want to dent tourism for Memorial Day?

Rapid snowmelt will continue around Lake Tahoe; flood advisory in effect in central Sierra Nevada

Highway 41 To Yosemite Road Closure Extended

Lake Oroville expects busiest weekend of the year

Road conditions/closures may give a clue. Butte County (Oroville dam) is in Area 3 on the CalTrans map.

UPDATE Sunday afternoon (EST)

??  ??

INFLOW went from 121½ thousand cfs down to thousand cfs – – (!!!)WHERE DID ALL THE WATER GO???




Oroville Nuke Lab Connection

20 05 2017

Yeah, it’s astrophysics, but a nuke lab is a nuke lab is a nuke lab –

LINK  –  https://youtu.be/Iu9z6Xtl7GE

What the hell is under the Oroville dam?

We found the info about LBNL/Oroville … but we’re still looking for the second Oroville (possibly closed by now) facility in an old mine.

The easy-to-find facility was inside the electric plant. But we’re looking for more info on this –

"UCSB-UCB-Saclay silicon experiment in the Oroville mine"

The problem is there’s a bunch of mines all around there.