A problem at the Oroville dam wall (leak) + UPDATES

16 04 2017

Perth Observer –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/F29TDVCGyik

LINK – http://youtu.be/h2XVj-_mvPM


NASA – Sierra Snowpack Bigger Than Last Four Years Combined

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Zero Hour at Oroville – Water RISING at the Lake! Outflow not keeping pace!

14 04 2017

At 9 A.M. this morning (PST) they opened the rush-repaired spillway to get some water out of the filled up lake at the dam. The snow in the mountains is melting and sending more water than the dam can handle.


LINK –   http://youtu.be/zC9PC8jug2s



Some fly-over footage from KCRA

We will add more here later …. the headline may change too.

Jesuit Jerry Brown Blocks More Oroville Dam Records from Public Review

13 04 2017

LINK –  http://youtu.be/EyN5WGKCPE0

April 11 – Sacramento Bee – Jerry Brown’s administration blocks public review of Oroville Dam records

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration is using federal security regulations written to thwart terrorism to deny public access to records that experts say could guide repairs to the Oroville Dam and provide insight into what led to the near catastrophic failure of its emergency spillway. . . .

So, Jerry, who’s the terrurist? Would that be you and your Jesuit cabal running California into the ground and leaving the bits left to the police state?


Sacramento Bee Discovers Big Orovile Dam Cover-Up

1 04 2017

[So much for us tapering off to weekly dam updates]

Sacramento BeeOroville Dam documents kept secret by state, federal officials

Great reporting by Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler

“Citing potential security risks, state and federal officials are blocking the public’s ability to review documents that could shed light on repair plans and safety issues at crippled Oroville Dam.”
– – –  – – – They are hiding behind terrur threat to keep documents from being seen.

Trumpet News Channel –

LINK – http://youtu.be/m_DTO74pqV0

Also from Sacramento Bee Why Oroville Dam’s woes could cut into California water supplies

” . . . Dam operators are expected to run Lake Oroville, the state’s second largest reservoir, at lower-than-usual water levels this summer as they wrestle with the complicated and lengthy task of fixing the dam’s broken spillway. Despite one of the rainiest winters on record, that will mean less water held in storage – and less available for delivery later this year to Southern California, Silicon Valley and portions of the San Joaquin Valley.

“If they can’t continue to fill the reservoir and they have to hold it down while they’re in the process of making repairs to the spillway … they’ll have less water available to release for export . . . ”

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Oroville Dam Status

30 03 2017

Checking out what happened after government authorities opened that spillway last week…

March 26 report from Leak Project (who shoot video in person at the site)
Breaking News & Exclusive Footage, Oroville Spillway, Near Catastrophic Failure.

LINK – http://youtu.be/Yhor5-AP9OQ

29 March New DWR Spillway Footage

LINK –  http://youtu.be/55S3RfTRD24

The Mercury NewsLake Oroville rises slowly as spillway flows halted

” . . . As of Tuesday afternoon, Lake Oroville’s surface elevation was just above 837 feet, which is about 64 feet below the lip of the emergency spillway.

Inflow into the lake peaked at nearly 22,000 cfs Tuesday afternoon. With inflows higher than outflows, the lake had risen a little more than a foot in the 24 hours after the spillway was shut off.

The main spillway will be used again once the lake level rises to about 860 feet, officials have said.”

ChicoER News Lake Oroville turbine, out of order since 2015, inoperable for rest of year

During the Oroville Dam spillway crisis, the state Department of Water Resources has frequently said the Hyatt Powerplant was releasing flows at maximum capacity, but technically, that’s impossible.

Inside the hydroelectric plant are six turbines, machines that produce power by water flowing through a wheel or motor. And one of those turbines has been out of commission since August 2015.”

Napa Valley RegisterUnheeded warnings, past and future – and their big consequences

” . . . During the heavy rains of February, when a crisis caused by a poorly-built spillway at the Oroville Dam drew worldwide headlines, the San Jose neighborhood and areas around it suffered at least $50 million of avoidable damage to private property and about $23 million in public property damage. Some estimates of the total toll come to more than $100 million.

That’s in addition to $22 million in emergency fixes the city and the Santa Clara Valley Water District now propose.”

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Oroville Dam WEEK 3 – The Water Level Rising

7 03 2017

Tuesday A.M. – the reservoir water level is at 857 ft. – UP 2 feet from when they tried to LOWER the water level by getting the hydro plant to limp along.

LIVE water level data (select “Latest” on the lower left)

Sunday and Monday water level reports here.

Oroville Dam Has Stopped Reducing Water Level

4 03 2017



Pretty decent numbers tonight –

IN: 13.5k   OUT: 17.3k

MARCH 5 –  KRCR:Lake Oroville rising 2.6 feet in the past 24-hours. The lake remains 39 feet below the top of the emergency spillway.

California requests $440 mn [from state] for flood control after dam crisis
[Brown] asked the state legislature to approve 387 million for use from a water infrastructure fund in addition to 50 million from a state general fund. . . “
“. . . .President Donald Trump cleared the path to release federal aid for the dam after a request from Brown, who had already declared a state of emergency to mobilize local resources. “
– – – Why doesn’t he just ask Nestle?




The Outflow is MORE than the Inflow – The water height stays at 855 feet without dramatic rise.

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– – – – earlier – – –

This doesn’t look good!


LINK –  http://youtu.be/_wFQX21ufYE

SEE the CHART at 9:10 min. mark –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/LHqFA_rHRfU


Friday they got the power plant working and got some water to drain through it …. (chart)


UPDATE: An explanation for the outflow shut-off

Sacramento BeeState officials temporarily shut down power plant at Lake Oroville

” . . . Officials turned off the plant at 10 a.m. Saturday and began efforts to deepen the channel at the base of the plant, which will allow for increased releases. They expect the shutdown to last one to two days.”

Rainfall Projections Will Overtop Emergency Spillway By 13 Feet

LINK –  http://youtu.be/eVaSg5Idgms

Californians – recall in Hurricane Rita the gas pumps didn’t work (gasoline ran out + power outages and no pumps working) so at least get all the gas you need in advance if you are sticking around for the traffic jam too-late-evacuation.

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