21 08 2015

N./S. Korea Tension Escalates

BIG DEADLINE  (scroll down)

Aug. 20 –

DPRK: “Foolhardy provocation deserves harsh punishment.”

Aug. 20 –

Risk of escalation between North and South Korea will rise following shelling incident: IHS

Aug. 21 –

North Korea orders military to be ready for war, says report

Aug. 21 –

DPRK – “The joint military drills are little short of an open declaration of a war against the DPRK as they are an unprecedented military provocation in light of their scale, nature and program.”
” . . . . Owing to the action of the U.S. and the puppet military hooligans, the outbreak of a nuclear war has become a matter of time on the peninsula with the nation’s destiny exposed to constant threat.”

Aug. 21 –

Kim Jong-un orders combat-ready forces to missile attack
“Pyongyang plans to carry out strikes on the positions of the South Korea.


Aug. 21 –

North Korea Puts Army on ‘Quasi State of War,’ Sets Loudspeaker Deadline
stop the broadcasts by 5 p.m. Saturday (4:30 a.m. ET) or face military action.


Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills

• Aug. 17 – South Korea, US launch massive military exercise, amid North’s ire

Such large-scale joint military exercises… are little short of a declaration of a war,” read a Thursday statement by the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea

• Aug. 18 – South Korea, US Start Joint Military Ulchi Freedom Guardian Drill
“Some 50,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 American military will take part in the 12-day drill, according to the agency.
North Korea has slammed the drill as a rehearsal for invasion.”

• 2014 UFG drill –
US Army – “UFG is really an exercise designed to help at the four-star level,” said Maj. Gen. William M. Buckler, Jr., commanding general of the 412th Theater Engineer Command. “The Combined Forces Commander, Gen. James Thurman, and all of the four-star commands that the ROK Army has, including their Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Jeong Seung-jo, UFG is designed to help them map and figure out how we interact and how we all will work together should it be necessary if we come in armed conflict with North Korea again.”

Aug. 21 (DEADLINE DAY) –




Pivot to WW3




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21 08 2015


FROM The Telegraph
US troops mobilise in South Korea as Kim Jong-un declares ‘quasi-state of war’: live

[countdown clock (in EST) is on the upper right sidebar]

21 08 2015

DPRK news site –

DPRK FM on Situation That Reached Brink of War (2015.08.21) –
The situation which has reached the brink of war is now hardly controllable.
We have exercised our self-restraint for decades.
Now no one’s talk about self-restraint is helpful to putting the situation under control.”

Briefing on Prevailing Situation in DPRK (2015.08.21)
” The reckless provocation by the enemies deserves severe punishment, he* said, and went on:
The army and people of the DPRK are closely watching the ceaselessly and recklessly confrontational hysteria of the provocateurs.
The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces should behave themselves, squarely seeing the reality.

*Army General Kim Yong Chol, vice-chief of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army and director of its General Reconnaissance Bureau

21 08 2015

PHOTOS of Kim Jong Un issuing orders –

“At the emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, Kim Jong Un issued an order of the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army that the frontline large combined units of the KPA should enter a wartime state to be fully battle ready to launch surprise operations and the area along the front be put in a semi-war state from 17:00 on Friday.

Commanders were appointed and dispatched to the relevant sectors of the front to command military actions in the areas to destroy means for psychological warfare unless the enemies stop the psychological broadcasting within 48 hours and put down their possible counter-actions.

The meeting discussed the measures to convert the party and power bodies, working people’s organizations, state security, people’s security and judicial and prosecution organs, factories, enterprises, cooperative farms and other units in the relevant areas into the semi-war system as the semi-war state has been declared in the area along the front.”

21 08 2015

BBC – North Korea orders troops on war footing after exchanging fire with South

21 08 2015

Pravda – Kim Jong-un orders combat-ready forces to missile attack


22 08 2015

South Korea Blinks

South Korea will hold talks with North Korea

South Korea will hold talks with North Korea at the countries’ border on Saturday, according to media reports.

The report from the Associated Press comes just hours before a 5 p.m. local time (4:30 a.m. ET) deadline set by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “

22 08 2015

North, South Korea officials meet at DMZ in bid to ease tension
[ has a good summary ]

“South Korean Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo said on Friday Seoul expected North Korea to fire at some of the 11 sites where it has set up loudspeakers.

The United States, which has 28,500 soldiers based in South Korea, said on Friday it had resumed its annual joint military exercises there after a temporary halt to coordinate with Seoul over the shelling from North Korea.”

So US and S.K. both blinked!

23 08 2015

US Army: The Soldiers from the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade completed the exercise, ‘Furious Talon’, on August 21 at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex in South Korea. The event saw all four rotary-winged aircraft belonging to the 2nd CAB in use along with ground forces from the 2-1 CAV.

23 08 2015

South Korea, US Agree to Launch Retaliatory Attacks on North Korea

“US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and his South Korean counterpart Adm. Choi Yoon-hee have agreed to respond to any further provocations by North Korea with counterattacks, the Yonhap News Agency reports.”

22 08 2015

S. Koreans Demand Stop to Ulji Freedom Guardian (2015.08.22)
“Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) — Civic organizations in South Kyongsang Province, south Korea held a press conference outside the provincial office on August 17.
They demanded a stop to the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills increasing the danger of a nuclear war.


22 08 2015

back to the table Sunday …..
North, South Korea officials adjourn meeting, resuming Sunday

22 08 2015

North and South Korea meet in bid to end military standoff
SEOUL—Senior officials from the two Koreas were locked in talks past midnight local time on Saturday at a border outpost, as they sought a route out of a military standoff.

North Korea had threatened to attack loudspeakers on the South Korean side that broadcast anti-Pyongyang regime propaganda over the border unless Seoul turned them off by 5 p.m. on Saturday. South Korea refused and warned of strong retaliation to any attack.

Both sides kept their militaries on alert as the talks continued.


23 08 2015

not related, but strange news –
USAF adopts cyber-security logo featuring a Chinese dragon (!)

“adopt” is their word, not ours….. FC

23 08 2015

North Korea conducting missile launch preparations – Yonhap News
Preparations likely intended to add to tensions, missiles could be launched for show

23 08 2015

23 08 2015

North Korean Submarines Leave Ports as Talks With South Restart

More than two thirds of North Korea’s submarines have left their ports as Kim Jong Un’s top military aide resumes talks with South Korea over tensions across their heavily fortified border.”

23 08 2015

North and South Korea start second day of talks

“No media organisations are present at the talks, which took place inside the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) which divides the two Koreas.”
…US and South Korean fighter jets have been flying in formation near the border.

23 08 2015

Seoul Claims Pyongyang Doubles Artillery Near South Korea


TOKYO (Sputnik) — South Korean military officials said that North Korean (DPRK) army had doubled artillery near the demilitarized zone and de facto border between the rival Koreas, the Yonhap news agency reported Sunday.

23 08 2015

S. Korea slams North over submarine, artillery deployments

“[AFP] SEOUL – North Korea has mobilised dozens of submarines and doubled its artillery units along the border, South Korea said Sunday, accusing Pyongyang of undermining top-level talks aimed at averting a military confrontation.

A defense ministry spokesman said 70 percent of the North’s total submarine fleet — or around 50 vessels — had left their bases and disappeared from Seoul’s military radar.

The movement of such a large number of submarines was “unprecedented,” the spokesman said, adding that Seoul and Washington were beefing up their military surveillance in response.

“The number is nearly 10 times the normal level… we take the situation very seriously,” he said.

23 08 2015

The Daily Mail – Armageddon is postponed: Marathon talks between North and South Korea continue past deadline for all-out war
Both nations continue to ready forces, waiting for conclusion of the talks

23 08 2015

New York Times – With Force Deployments, North Korea Raises Stakes of Talks With South

Sky News – ‘A Million North Koreans Volunteer’ To Fight
Talks are continuing to de-escalate tensions as South Korea reports it is detecting unusual troop movements in the North.

Hastings Trib. – The Latest on Koreas: S. Korea reports North army movements
“Even as North and South Korea resumed talks Sunday, South Korea’s military is reporting that it detected unusual troop and submarine movements in North Korea that indicated Pyongyang was strengthening its capacity for a possible strike.”

23 08 2015

Aug. 18 – Why Did the United States Remove Patriots from Turkey?

“The United States said this weekend they would withdraw Patriot air defense systems from Turkey, supposedly because the batteries are needed elsewhere to defend against threats from Iran and North Korea.

This official explanation, as reported by The New York Times on Monday, is difficult to believe, especially when a statement from the United States Embassy in Ankara said the missiles were sent back for “critical modernization upgrades.”

Which is it? Are the systems in need of an upgrade or are they needed elsewhere?”

23 08 2015

Playing with toys: North Korea’s odd looking air force drill
The Korean People’s Air Force drill criticized by South Korea, but could be useful for visualization

“North Korean air force training videos sparked ridicule and disbelief in the South Korean media in late January when footage emerged of DPRK pilots holding toy planes, walking around a large map painted on the ground, in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”

24 08 2015

Pyongyang deploys 20 amphibious landing vehicles

“…. In response to the North’s saber-rattling, Seoul and Washington are considering deploying the U.S. strategic military assets, including B-52 and B-2 bombers and a nuclear submarine as part of the joint efforts to deter provocations from the reclusive country.”

23 08 2015

Minju Joson Exposes True Colors of Park Geun Hye as Confrontational Maniac (2015.08.23)

“The provocateur pushing the north-south relations to an uncontrollable catastrophe is the Park Geun Hye group busying itself with inventing a pretext for igniting a war against the DPRK together with the U.S.
By origin, Park is a rare confrontational maniac more heinous than traitor Lee Myung Bak who cooked up the Cheonan warship sinking case, the hideous conspiratorial charade, and took the “May 24 step” on that pretext, totally bedeviling the north-south relations.”

23 08 2015

North, South Korea in marathon talks in effort to ease tension

Top negotiators from North and South Korea talked through a second consecutive night and into Monday morning in a marathon bid to defuse tensions that have brought the peninsula to the brink of armed conflict.

23 08 2015

No end to marathon Korean crisis talks
“Following a 10-hour marathon on Saturday night, the talks passed the 15-hour mark in a second session in the border truce village of Panmunjom, where the 1950-53 Korean War ceasefire was signed.”

Bloomberg – Koreans Talk as Kim Ups the Ante

23 08 2015

As talks enter third day, N. Korea forward deploys landing crafts, special forces
Meanwhile, South Korea continues anti-North Korea propaganda broadcasts

“As marathon inter-Korean talks entered their third day, North Korea deployed amphibious landing crafts carrying special forces towards the frontline, military sources said on Monday.

Approximately ten “air cushioned landing crafts” left their base in Cholsan and sailed forward to a naval base some 60km north of the Northern Limit Line. . . . “

24 08 2015

North Korea Accused of ‘Unusual’ Military Activity Amid Talks With South

” On the third day of talks to resolve the issue, South Korean President Park Geun-hye [ AKA that rare confrontational maniac] told her staff during a meeting Monday there was “no room to back down” and demanded an apology for the injured soldiers, according to government officials.

North Korea denies both planting the mines and firing on the South’s propaganda speakers last week.

On Sunday, a South Korean defense official reported “unusual” military activity, saying North Korean submarines had left their bases, and the country had “doubled artillery power along the border.”

The North has also deployed around 20 hovercraft and “ratcheted up its combat readiness,” military sources in Seoul told the country’s Yonhap news agency Monday. ”

On those mines, DPRK differs:
“People were stunned to see soldiers of the south Korean puppet army acting clumsily under a certain scenario. What contradicts most is that the video of the “mine explosion” was recorded even though those who are on the round the clock watch duty by depending on dense ultra-modern monitoring network claimed they failed to “observe” the planting of the “mine” because of a few trees.”

– S. Korean Puppet Forces’ Politically-Motivated Military Provocation Can Never Be Pardoned: KCNA Commentary (2015.08.22)

24 08 2015

LA Times – South Korea* to continue propaganda broadcasts unless North apologizes

* AKA puppet military hooligans

24 08 2015

DPRK notices –
Frontline Areas Pervaded with Spirit of Annihilating Enemies (2015.08.24)

“….The aged and schoolchildren have called on KPA soldiers to mow down the military provokers without mercy, expressing their resolve to fight in the same trench shoulder to shoulder with the servicepersons.
Meanwhile, the hatred against the enemies aroused all the workers and peasants of the province to a campaign for increased production.

ALSO on the site –
Frontline Areas Pervaded with Spirit of Annihilating Enemies (2015.08.24)

24 08 2015


Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA )The recent shelling on military posts of the DPRK by the south Korean puppet military gangsters vexed all its people, including the officials and employees of the Kangdong Area Coal-mining Complex.
Enraged at such reckless provocation, 2 140 coal miners of the Complex had volunteered to serve in the army until 17:00 of August 21 and the number of volunteers increased to more than 3 500 until 11:00 of next day.
Meanwhile, all its officials and employees turned out in a drive to radically raise the coal output under the slogan of “Display loyalty to the Party with increased coal production!”
In a day after the emergency enlarged meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea held to cope with the prevailing grave situation, coal mines of the Complex carried out their daily quota at 150 percent in the spirit of wiping out the provokers.

24 08 2015

AND – they say (US probably) sending war supplies to South Korea in an airlift …
” The south Korean puppet defense agency was busy with a drill for urgently delivering war supplies from abroad by use of transport planes of the air force under the simulated conditions of war….”

KCNA (DPRK news)
–   U.S. and S. Korean War Maniacs Hell-bent on DPRK-targeted War Drills (2015.08.24)

24 08 2015

S. Korea to halt loudspeaker broadcasts after N. Korea expresses regret over mine blast


North and South Korea reach agreement to end current tensions


No details yet – “South Korea’s presidential Blue House said the talks ended at 12:55 a.m. (1555 GMT) and that the chief of the South Korean president’s national security office would make a statement when he returns…”

24 08 2015

[Breaking] North Korea regrets over land mine attack

North Korea expressed regret over two South Korean border guards injured by a land mine blast and promised to make efforts to prevent a similar incident from happening again, according to South Korea’s National Security Office Chief Kim Kwan-jin. The North also decided to withdraw its declaration of “quasi-state of war” against Seoul, he said.

In return, South Korea will turn off its frontline loudspeakers blaring anti-North messages from Tuesday noon on the condition that the North will not make any “abnormal” behavior.

The two Koreas also agreed to host the reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War in late September.

24 08 2015

The US Department of Defense has reviewed its strategy on defending South Korea following the military buildup in North Korea, media reported on Monday.

“The satellite images reveal North Korea has activated some air defense radars, deployed additional artillery near the demilitarized zone with South Korea, and deployed up to one-third of coastal fleet, media reported.

South Korean media reported on Monday evening that Seoul and Pyongyang reached an agreement to defuse tensions in the current border standoff.”

This’ll defuse it ….
The United States is preparing to deploy B-52 strategic bombers and a nuclear-powered submarine in South Korea amid strained tensions on the peninsula, media reported Monday.

25 08 2015

North, South Korea defuse crisis after marathon talks

[ Singapore newspaper, it has a more truthful account than the American “press”]
“SEOUL: North and South Korea stepped back from the brink Tuesday, with an agreement that ended a dangerous military stand-off but left a host of perennial tension-raising irritants unresolved.

Under the terms outlined in a joint communique, the South undertook to switch off loudspeakers blasting propaganda messages across the border, after the North expressed “regret” at the maiming of two South Korean soldiers in mine blasts earlier this month…..”

“The talks had played out against a background of rising military tensions, with South Korean and US fighter jets flying simulated bombing sorties and North Korea reportedly deploying dozens of submarines and doubling artillery units at the border.

The final wording of the communique fell short of the complete apology South Korea had sought for the mine blasts, and there was no explicit acceptance of responsibility by Pyongyang, which has repeatedly denied any role in the incident.

FC – Note earlier observation by DPRK that with all of their guard towers and surveillance, S. Korea is unable to produce film footage of this so-called mine-planting by the north that hurt their soldiers.
Maybe they were hurt crossing the DMZ or blew up a device they were planting themselves. (opinion)

25 08 2015

Senior North Korean official to attend China WW2 parade next week
“BEIJING: A senior North Korean official will visit China next week to attend a military parade in Beijing marking 70 years since the end of World War II, a top Chinese diplomat said on Tuesday.

Choe Ryong Hae, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, will attend the Sept 3 parade, Chinese deputy foreign minister Zhang Ming told a news briefing.

Other foreign leaders attending include Russian President Vladimir Putin (pix), Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Zhang said.”

[Note – Japan news is on the WW3 thread.
Japan’s PM and China-hater not attending will be a big thing.

25 08 2015

DPRK summary of the ending of talks –

KCNA (DPRK news)
Songun Policy Ensures Peace in Korean Peninsula (2015.08.25)

“On the military might of the DPRK and its strong will, media of Western European countries stressed that the DPRK is the only military power who is ready to fight an overall war with the U.S.

28 08 2015

Kim Jong Un dismisses top officials after standoff with South Korea eases

“. . . . South Korea switched off its loudspeakers Tuesday after North Korea expressed “regret” that the South Korean soldiers were injured by the mine explosion. It was considered as a carefully crafted, though vague, wording, with Pyongyang still denying it laid the mines while South Korea describing the term “regret” as an apology.”

28 08 2015

The After Report

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un flexes military muscle insisting his nuke arsenal has prevented all-out war

“North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un says his nuclear weapons stash is responsible for stopping war with his neighbours.

The 32-year old had previously threatened “mercilessly wipe-out” every last person in the South Korean Government.”

US: “harumph! harumph!”
US, South Korea Hold Joint Military Drill

The U.S. and South Korea have held their largest-ever joint military drill.
The live-fire drill was held Friday near the border town of Pocheon.

Jets, guns and 3,000 troops: South Korea’s fiery military show is a message for the North < PHOTOS

Weapons used are listed in this report – “ROK, US military show off combat readiness”
    FC – Do they have readiness for thermonuclear war? Really?

KCNA (DPRK news) –   North, South Should Improve Relations on Basis of Results of Urgent Contact: Kim Yang Gon (2015.08.27)

” It was very fortunate that the recent contact helped defuse the danger of the touch-and-go situation that may plunge not only the Korean peninsula but the whole of Northeast Asia into the whirlpool of an upheaval and offered an opportunity of a dramatic turn in achieving peace, stability, reconciliation and cooperation between the north and the south.
We are pleased over the fact that the north and the south sat face to face, sympathized with the danger of the situation and had an exhaustive discussion to reach an agreement on issues of common concern, thus opening up an epochal phase for turning misfortune into blessings in the north-south relations.”

” . . . Both sides should wipe out mistrust and confrontation and opt for mending the bilateral relations from a bold stand through dialogue and negotiations.”

” . . . Consistent is the stand of the DPRK to bring about a great change and surge in the north-south relations and open up a wide avenue to independent reunification this significant year of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation.”

30 08 2015

Aug. 29 – Beijing denies sending tanks to North Korean border

“[spokesperson of China’s defense ministry, Yang Yujun] said, however, that PLA units stationed near the North Korean border carried out a routine training drill at that time.”

2 09 2015

North Korea tells South not to crow about deal that ended standoff

“Nothing is more shallow and cowardly than describing the joint statement agreed by North and South together as a victory for one side,”

6 09 2015

2 Koreas Start Talks to Prepare for Family Reunions

” North and South Korea started talks at a border village Monday on resuming the reunions of families separated by the Korean War in the early 1950s, Seoul officials said.

The talks among the rivals’ Red Cross officials at Panmunjom were made possible after they struck a deal earlier this month that eased animosity that saw them threatening war. “

8 09 2015
16 09 2015

North Koreans Arrested For Viewing Chinese Military Parade Broadcast

“Authorities in North Korea have arrested a number of people who were found to have removed jamming devices on their televisions in order to watch coverage of a massive military parade in China last week, according to sources inside the reclusive state.

Television sets produced in North Korea have included equipment to prevent access of foreign broadcasts since the early 1990s, but sources told RFA’s Korean Service that as word spread of the parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, many residents of provinces along the country’s northern border with China had the jamming devices removed in order to view the Sept. 3 event live.”

15 09 2015

DPRK Nukes Up

North Korea Says It Is Bolstering Its Nuclear Arsenal

“SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said on Tuesday that it was improving its nuclear arsenal in both “quality and quantity,” reaffirming that the country’s main nuclear complex, including its only disclosed uranium-enrichment plant, was in full operation.

North Korean scientists and engineers have made innovations “to guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent in every way by steadily improving the levels of nuclear weapons with various missions in quality and quantity,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency quoted the director of the North’s Atomic Energy Institute as saying.”

North Korea Plans Rocket Launch That Could Lead to Missile

North Korea’s warning: Nuclear plants revamped, restarted to make bombs

“…The statement, coming just a day after it said it is ready to conduct more rocket launches any time it sees fit, has heightened concerns the North may soon either conduct a launch — which Washington and its allies see as a pretext for testing missile technology — or hold another test of nuclear weapons that it could conceivably place on such a rocket.”

KCNA (DPRK news)
–   Director of Atomic Energy Institute of DPRK on Its Nuclear Activities (2015.09.15)
[entire press release]
“Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) — The director of the Atomic Energy Institute of the DPRK gave the following answer to question put by KCNA Tuesday as regards the public opinion being built up over the DPRK’s nuclear activities:
Of late, institutions specializing in nuclear activities and media of the Western world including the U.S. have become vociferous about nuclear activities in the DPRK, saying satellite data made them capture fresh activity in a nuclear establishment in Nyongbyon and they are concerned about it.
As known by the world, the DPRK’s access to the nuclear weapons is an outcome of the U.S. hostile policy towards it.
Explicitly speaking, the DPRK took the measure for self-defense in the face of the U.S. extreme hostile policy and nuclear threats towards it.
As was clarified by a spokesman for the then General Department of Atomic Energy of the DPRK in April 2013, all the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon including the uranium enrichment plant and 5 MW graphite-moderated reactor were rearranged, changed or readjusted and they started normal operation, pursuant to the line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the building of a nuclear force advanced at the historic plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
In the meantime, the U.S. anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK that forced it to have access to the nuclear weapons has remained utterly unchanged and instead it has become all the more undisguised and vicious with the adoption of means openly seeking the downfall of the latter’s social system.
Scientists, technicians and workers in the field of atomic energy of the DPRK have made innovations day by day in their research and production to guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent in every way by steadily improving the levels of nuclear weapons with various missions in quality and quantity as required by the prevailing situation.
If the U.S. and other hostile forces persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the DPRK and behave mischievously, the DPRK is fully ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons any time.

North Korea says it has restarted all its nuclear bomb fuel plants

25 09 2015
9 10 2015

The Astonishing Revelations of Wayne Madsen on the Mystery Explosions in China and Japan

” . . . North Korea and the Chinese snub.
One very interesting thing that Madsen noticed that everyone else seems to have missed is that North Korea was severely snubbed in the Chinese celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.
Whilst the distant leader Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was welcomed, the Chinese only invited the Foreign Minister of North Korea Kim Jong un the “Supreme Leader” and third generation of the Kim dynasty was not invited.

One of the really interesting things about Kim Jong un is that his Godfather is an extremely notorious Chinese Secret Police Chiefn named Zhou Yongkang who is part of the faction that is currently being purged by the Xi faction.
So an extremely complex picture seems to emerge of a multi-layered factional war inside China, Japan and the US with elements in Japan China and North Korea in a dark and covert alliance against the current ruling faction in China who appear themselves to be capable of high deception and ruthless violence.”

10 10 2015

Looks like Xi won’t go to DPRK’s anniversary parade – they sent
senior Chinese Communist Party official” Liu Yunshan. Sounds like he is not at the tippy-top of the food chain…
“Liu is the fifth-ranked member on China’s ruling Communist Party’s elite Politburo Standing Committee.”

10 10 2015

NY Times – N. Korea Parade for Party Anniversary Delayed

“The military parade that will kick off celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of North Korea’s ruling party has been delayed.

The parade was expected to be held Saturday morning, but was pushed back until the afternoon, apparently due to heavy rain Friday night. Even by late morning, as a light rain fell, officials had not distributed a final schedule — which is unusual even in North Korea….”

10 10 2015

Isolated North Korea says ready for war with U.S. as it marks anniversary

“On Wednesday, a high-level U.S. military official said Washington believed North Korea had the capability to launch a nuclear weapon against the U.S. mainland and stood ready to defend against any such attacks.”

10 10 2015

U.S. soldier: meet your DPRK counterpart – – –
KCTV – Anti-Japanese sentiment of the Korean Young Pioneers

10 10 2015


More parade vids –

10 10 2015

This news report says Russia not attending (snub 2) …

10 12 2015
28 12 2015

N. Korea capable of making one nuke weapon with less than 6kg of plutonium?
‘Has North Korea improved its ability to produce nuclear weapons?
That seems to be the case as multiple government sources said Friday the nuclear state has reached a level where it could produce one nuclear weapon with less than six kilograms of plutonium.”

6 01 2016

North Korea says it successfully conducts hydrogen bomb test


11 02 2016

North Korea Orders South Out of Kaesong Border Factory, Seizes Assets

N Korea restarts reactor to make plutonium bomb: US spy chief

Russia warns US over deployment of missile defense system to S. Korea

Feb 8 – South Korean navy fires warning shots at North Korean patrol boat

USS North Carolina Submarine Will Stop By South Korea Next Week

12 02 2016

4 03 2016

N.Korea leader tells military to be ready to use nuclear weapons

Note – the DPRK official web page is being blocked today …
http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm — F.C.

8 03 2016

North Korea’s Kim says country has miniaturised nuclear warhead

3 03 2017

[ lots of news recently ]
China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday said it had expressed concern about a large-scale joint military exercise between South Korean and U.S. troops that began this week.

The exercise, called Foal Eagle, comes amid heightened tension following the latest test launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea on Feb. 12. Previous such exercises have prompted threats by Pyongyang to launch military action in retaliation….

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