How Many in U.S. are Disaster-Homeless Since Sept. 2018?

4 12 2018

Hurricane Michael, then Florence then the California fire swarm in November – where are all these adrift, displaced people now? 

We got this link from the US Census office –

Is FEMA Non-Response to N. Florida Hurricane so Cabal can Reap Casino & Real Estate Profits?

31 10 2018

Thomas Williams says that’s the reason there is no help for survivors in the smaller/poorer towns in north Florida hit hard by hurricane Michael and its high surge.

 64 min. mark of his show – Truth, Honor & Integrity show 10/25/18

It certainly looks like organized neglect.
We added newer articles on the poor or non-existent “rescue” efforts in the comments on these 2 posts:

More from Thomas Williams 

Terrific Ground Water Pollution in SC Made Worse by 2018 Hurricanes – Entire Southeast Probably the Same

27 10 2018

In looking at flooding conditions and nuke plants threatened by hurricanes Florence and Michael we came across this 2004 Westinghouse SC nuke plant document on the environment around the plant.


The amount of contamination all around from fecal waste, zinc and other toxic chemicals and pesticides from farms is shown in the 14 year old survey. Those problems are probably much worse before the storms hit. The report was filed with the NRC  in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

With this amount of industrial and farm waste how could South Carolina, or the affected southeast states handle massive new contamination from flooded refineries, chemical plants, nuke “processing facilities”, hog farms (some of the biggest factory farms in the country) untreated sewage, poultry farms and pesticide stockpiles?

Imagine the health effects waiting down the road for the inhabitants who are drinking this stuff and who waded through it and let their children play in it. 

A look at the environmental report shows they had studied hurricane risk and storm flooding and the state and federal government took no action. Had this report been read by just about anybody they could see the contamination situation would be unimaginable if there was widespread flooding from deluge storms or hurricanes.


Almost 9 MILLION hogs in NC in the path of mega-hurricane!


Columbia Fuel Operations gets a lengthy letter after uranium mess was minimized (lied about) and poor interim V.P. had to endure reading it.




Drying out from Hurricane Florence US South East Braces for Tropical Storm Rains

8 10 2018


NHC Report – Hurricane Matthew set to make landfall in mid-week. Any delay in that increases the storm strength as it picks up more Gulf water.

The Charlotte ObserverTropical Storm Michael expected to become a hurricane, may aim for Carolinas, experts say

“The track as of 5 p.m. Sunday reflected more of an eastward turn, to include areas still recovering from devastating flooding from Hurricane Florence. It shows Michael becoming a hurricane in the Gulf by 1 a.m. Tuesday, reaching Florida about 1 p.m. Wednesday and moving across Georgia and into the Carolinas by 1 p.m. Thursday.

The flooding across the Carolinas is ending . . .

. . . but the ground and farms have to be pretty soggy. Mosquito reports indicate there’s probably lots of ponding still around too.

The Charlotte ObserverEvacuated and evicted, many of Hurricane Florence’s victims have nowhere to go

Shelters are giving washed-out homeless people the boot now. So how can they offer “help” in the event of new floods? How can useless FEMA direct an evacuation (to where?) in the event one of the many nuke plants in the storm path suffers flooding or nuclear accident from loss of power?

NC DOT road outage map



When Brunswick nuke plant town, Southport, got cut off by flooding on roads and bridges FEMA should have announced their Plan B for emergency evacuation. They didn’t announce it because THEY DON’T HAVE IT.


Bungling Gov. Agencies Respond to Hurricane Florence – UPDATED

27 09 2018

The EPA Region 4 website has NO UPDATES since Sept. 11 – before the storm hit

The NC Dept. of Environmental Quality has no information whatsoever about the disabled Brunswick nuke plant.

The NC Dept. of Environmental Quality has access to drones but won’t use them to look at conditions at the ailing nuke plant on the coast or other ones in the state.

Should the Carolinas residents fear drinking water polluted with “Gen X”?
“Cape Fear River of GenX and two other fluorinated compounds” are nothing to worry about says NC DEQ.

. . . . N E W . . . .

Delawareans near NJ nuke plants got potassium iodide tablets handed out.
“News outlets report that the Delaware Emergency Management Agency and Delaware Division of Public Health will distribute the tablets next Thursday. The tablets help protect the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine that might be ingested or inhaled during a radiation emergency.The 10-mile radius around the Salem Nuclear Plant and Hope Creek Generating Station is referred to as the emergency planning zone.”

So why didn’t North and South Carolina residents living near jeopardized Brunswick nuke plant get potassium iodide tablets?
They are stranded with many cut off from roadway exits by all the flooding.

We are sure there’s lots of other gremlins lurking under the surface of the animal-waste-contaminated waters around NC.  One thing we can be sure of – industry-friendly government agencies will not be part of the solution. 

more enviro news here in comments later . . . .    

Hurricane Florence – We are watching FEMA head, Brock Long

26 09 2018

Reuters –  FEMA chief Brock Long omitted from wreck

WASHINGTON/HICKORY, N.C. (Reuters) – The chief of the U.S. disaster response agency FEMA was riding in a government vehicle last year when it was involved in a collision, but his name was excluded from an official report on the crash, according to people familiar with the matter.

The omission of the name of the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, Brock Long, was examined by the internal watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees FEMA, as part of a wider probe of Long’s travel habits.

According to sources, the probe examined Long’s use of government vehicles without authorization, including large SUVs, to commute for months on the weekends between Washington, D.C., and his family home in Hickory, North Carolina, at a cost to the government of about $151,000. . . . (more)

“The report also lays out evidence in which Long and his family were transported in government cars without authorization, including during a trip to Hawaii that was not for official business.

Hurricane Florence, Flooding LIVE DATA and useful links

19 09 2018

With Hurricane Florence making flood waters top over rivers the many nuclear plants in the area may be threatened. The river we follow is the Cape Fear River that affects Brunswick nuke plant.

ALL FC POSTS for Sept. – mostly on the hurricane and the nuke plant.

Weather Service main page for Wilmington, NC

Weather Service US water levels map –

NC live stream height data – main page
– – – interactive river gauge map – 
– – – – – –

NC DOT – road closures (MAP + status)


USGS Hurricane Florence page – has zoomable map

Stream Maps (US) –

Cape Fear River Map

NC County Map

Digital Globe pre-hurricane image … not very zoomable

Google image:

– pre-hurricane


USGS Hurricane Florence data

We often use data from this location NE from Wilmington and Brunswick nuke plant:

Burgaw river gauge – Live Data

Wilmington river gauge – Live Data

Hwy 74, N. Wilmington – Live Data

Lock 1, north of Wilminton – Live Data

Most recent flow and stage for NC
(Stations highlighted in red are currently above flood stage)

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

International Radiation Monitoring Stations

NRC Status of Reactors (Brunswick is in Region 2)

NRC – reactor location page   |  alphabetical list with status



Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program

The Mass Evacuation Incident Annex to the National Response Framework

This paper has a chart showing who to blame when sh*t hits the fan (page 17) –

Assessment of Offsite Emergency Preparedness
Infrastructure and Capabilities Following an Incident in
the Vicinity of a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Licensed-Nuclear Power Plant
August 17, 2018

Here’s the NRC organizational chart –

And here’s names to take down if a plant blows up near you –


[CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE]  OK to copy and use – FC






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All the posts on Brunswick and/or Hurricane Florence –